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Genesis, ch. 1-11.

The title.

1. The end and object of revelation.

1. 1. The original creation. The 2. The wonders of creation and

first, second, and third day. redemption.

1. 14. The creation of lights in the 3. The invisible things of God

firmament, and of living creatures. may be known from his works.

1. 26. Man created, and pronoun-

4. That it is well for men to be

ced to be very good.

multiplied upon the earth.

2. 1. The creation finished. The 5. Further assurance that the uni-

seventh day sanctified.

verse is the work of God.

2. 8. God placeth man in Eden, and 6. Some particulars of the state of

giveth him a commandment. man in paradise.

2. 18. Woman created. Marriage 7. Thespiritual marriage and union


between Christ and his saints.

3. 1. The fall of man.

8. How we must behave when

convinced of sin.

3. 14. God sentenceth the serpent, 9. The judgments of God tem-

the woman, and the man.

pered with mercy.

4. 1. Cain slayeth Abel ; is sen- 10. Our warnings and assurances

tenced by the Lord.

aggravate our sins.

4. 13. The family of Cain, and that 11. How ready God is to forgive.

of Seth.

5. 1. The book of the generations 12. The honour of being related to

of Adam.


6. 1. The wickedness of mankind 13. How much we ought to feel

provoketh God's wrath.

concerned at sin.

6. 12. God instructs Noah to build 14. God has established a covenant

the ark.

7. 1. Noah goeth into the ark. 15. The disobedience of the faith-


7. 13. The waters prevail. All things 16. That Christ is an ark of safety

living die.

to all them that believe.

8. 1. The waters assuage. Noah 17. Whilst we wait for heaven, we

sendeth forth the raven and the must enquire and pray.


8. 13. Noah goeth forth out of the 18. How we ought to offer thanks-

ark ; offereth sacrifice to the Lord. giving to God.

9. 1. God blesseth Noah ; and es- 19. We ought to value the tokens

tablisheth his covenant.

of the new covenant in Christ.

9. 18. Noah prophesieth of his sons; 20. The fulfilment of Noah's pro-



10. 1. The generations of the sons 21. The sovereignty of God among

of Noah.

the nations.

11. 1. The confusion of tongues at 22. The advantage of unity.


GENESIS, ch. 11–24.

LECTURE 23—46.

11. 10. The generations of Shem. 23. That we ought to be content

The birth of Abraham.

with our usual term of life.

12. 1. Abraham departeth from 24. The call of God, and his pro-

Haran, cometh to Canaan.

mises to us; our duties.

12. 10. Abraham deceiveth Pha- 25. The advantages of chastise-



13. 1. Abraham and Lot are sepa- 26. How to choose our dwelling



14. 1. The war of the four kings 27. The result of choosing plenty

with the five.

with the wicked.

14. 13. Abraham rescueth Lot; 28. Melchizedek an eminent type

giveth tithes to Melchizedek. of Christ.

15. 1. God maketh a covenant with 29. The Christian assured of his

Abraham by sacrifice.

salvation by covenant.

16. 1. Sarah giveth Hagar to A- 30. That we must wait patiently for

braham to be his wife.

the fulfilment of God's promises.

17. 1, God calleth Abram, Abra- 31. How highly we value baptism,

ham ; ordaineth circumcision. which is Christian circumcision.

17. 15. Isaac promised ; Abraham 32. That we ought to fulfil the

and his household circumcised. commands of God, without delay.

18. 1. Abraham entertaineth an- 33. Christian hospitality.


18. 16. Abraham intercedeth for 34. The duty of praying for each



19. 1. Two angels visit Lot in 35. That we must hasten to escape


the wrath to come.

19. 15. Lot escapeth. The Lord 36. The union of judgment and

overthroweth those cities.

mercy in God.

19. 30. The daughters of Lot are 37. Though the righteous fall he is

with child by their father.

forgiven if he repent.

20. 1. Abraham misleadeth Abi- 38. The responsibility of living in


Christian light.

21. 1. Isaac is born, named, and 39. The promises and command-


ments of God.

21. 8. Abraham sendeth


Ha- 40. The covenant of works must

and Ishmael.

give way to that of grace.

21. 22. Abraham and Abimelech 41. How much we stand in need of

make a covenant at Beer-sheba. reproofs from God.

22. 1. Abraham offereth Isaac on 42. That we must be ready to make

the altar.

any sacrifice to God.

22. 11. Isaac is spared, Abraham 43. The harmony of faith, and

blessed, Rebekah born.

works, fear, and love.

23. 1. Sarah dieth, Abraham pur- 44. How we ought to act in buying

chaseth a burying place.

and selling

24. 1. Abraham sendeth his ser- 45. The right ground of choice in

vant to take a wife unto Isaac. wife or servant.

24. 15. Abraham's servant meeteth 46. Prayer and thanksgiving uni-

with Rebekah.


Genesis, ch. 24–33.

LECTURE 47–68.

24. 32. Abraham's servant asketh 47. How this Scripture teaches us

Rebekah for Isaac.

to conduct proposals of marriage.

24. 50. Rebekah consenteth to go. 48. The marriage of Christ and his

Isaac marrieth her.

spouse the Church.

25. 1. Abraham is gathered to his 49. Death is the reunion of just

people ; and likewise Ishmael. men made perfect.

25. 19. Esau and Jacob are born. 50. God overrules the wills of sin-

The birthright sold.

ful men.

26. 1. Isaac dwelleth in Gerar; 51. Troubles attend on the posses-

denieth his wife.

sion of worldly goods.

26. 18. Isaac diggeth the wells; 52. The duty of searching for, and

maketh peace with the Philis- communicating, the truth.


27. 1. Isaac designing to bless 53. Glory redounding to God even

Esau, Rebekah planneth to thwart from that which is our shame.


27. 18. Jacob, personating Esau, 54. Encouragements to watch, re-

obtaineth the blessing.

pent, and pray.

27. 30. Esau disappointed, intreat- 55. The hopeless condition of those

eth Isaac for a blessing.

whom God condemns.

27. 41. Esau threateneth Jacob. 56. Being God's creatures, we are

Rebekah contriveth for his es- bound to do his work.


28. i. Isaac sendeth Jacob to Pa- 57. That we must consult God



28. 10. Jacob's dream ; his vow at 58. Our redemption, peace, joy,


and thankfulness.

29. 1. Jacob cometh to Haran ; 59. That we must not despond

meeteth Rachel.

when we suffer for our sins.

29. 15. Jacob is married to Leah, 60. The efficacy of love, in things

and to Rachel.


30. 1. The wives and children of 61. Children are a gift from God.


30. 25. Jacob agreeth to stay with 62. That it is the Lord who makes

Laban ; he increaseth exceed- poor, and makes rich.


31. 1. Jacob and his wives resolve 63. How marriage ought to unite

to depart from Laban.

family to family.

31. 17. Jacob is overtaken by La- 64. The whole heart due to God.


31. 36. Jacob chideth with Laban. 65. Some particulars in the Gospel

They make a covenant.


32. 1. Jacob seeth angels; prayeth; 66. The duty and influence of

and sendeth to Esau.


32. 21. Jacob wrestling at Peniel, is 67. God strives with us by his


Spirit, we with Him by prayer.

33. 1. Jacob and Esau meet and 68. The blessedness of brotherly

part friends.


Genesis, ch. 34–46.

LECTURE 69_-93.

34. 1. Shechem and Dinah.

69. Our liability to gross sin.


34. 20. Simeon and Levi slay Ha- 70. Knowledge of duty is the ag-

mor, Shechem, and their people. gravation of sinfulness.

35. 1. Jacob journeyeth to Bethel. 71. How often God repeats his


35. 16. Rachel dieth. The sons of 72. The gain of dying, if we die

Jacob. Isaac dieth.

in the Lord.

36. 1. Esau removeth to mount 73. Instruction for other genera-

Seir. His generations.

tions, as well as for our own.

36. 20. The sons of Seir. The 74. That we must wait God's

dukes of Edom.

time contentedly.

37. 1. The generations of Jacob. 75. Submission to God the

way to

Joseph envied by his brethren.

have peace among ourselves.

37. 19. Joseph is sold to the Ish- 76. The sufferings of Christ, and

meelites. Jacob mourneth.

those of Christians.

38. 1. Judah hath three sons, Er, 77. The certainty of future pu-

Onan, and Shelah.


38. 12. Judah begetteth Pharez 78. God's mercy in forgiving and

and Zarah of Tamar.

justifying sinners.

39. 1. Joseph is promoted by Po- 79. How thankfulness and love

tiphar; refuseth his master's wife. constrain us to obey.

39. 11. Joseph is falsely accused, 80. How anxiously we ought to

and cast into prison.

fly from temptation.

40. 1. Joseph interpreting dreams. 81. The foreknowledge of God.

41. 1. Joseph is sent for, to inter- 82. That we must give God the

pret Pharaoh's dreams.

glory, for our advantages.

41. 17, Joseph interpreteth Pha- 83. How old age becomes prefer-

raoh's dream.

able to youth.

41. 37, Joseph is promoted, and 84. We must resort to the provi-

provideth abundance of corn. sion made for us by Christ.

42. 1. Joseph's ten brethren bow 85. That we ought to be afraid of

themselves before him.

the terrors of the Lord.

42. 21. Joseph's brethren return to 86. The force of a convicted con-

their father.


43. 1. Jacobsendeth Benjamin 87. That we need to feel how en-

with his brethren to Egypt. tirely our sins are forgiven.

43. 19. Joseph receiveth his bre- 88. The pleasure of knowing that

thren kindly ; feasteth them.

have peace with God.

44. 1. The cup of Joseph is found 89. That we must not compass a

in the sack of Benjamin.

good end by deceitfulness.

44. 18. Judah pleadeth for his bre- 90. How much we owe to our



45. 1. Joseph maketh himself 91. The happiness of purposing

known unto his brethren.

to fulfil the will of God.

45. 16. The children of Israel re- 92. The ample provision for our

turn to fetch their father.

journey to heaven.

46. 1. Israel goeth down to Egypt 93. That we must bring infants

with his family.

into covenant with God.


the ag

ats hi

we di


Genesis, ch. 46–50.

LECTURE 94-102.
46. 26. The meeting of Jacob and 94. The use of being hated by

the world.
47. 1. Joseph presenteth his bre- 95. That the end of our pilgrim-

thren and father to Pharaoh. age is joy for evermore.
47. 14. Joseph saveth the Egyp- 96. That we must devote our-

tians; sweareth unto his father. selves and all we have to God.
48. 1. Joseph with his two sons 97. Faith and love are not dimmed
visiteth his dying father.

by approaching death.
48. 13. Israel blesseth Ephraim 98. The source of joyfulness in
and Manasseh.

49. 1. Jacob telleth his sons what 99. Waiting for the salvation of

should befall their descendants. the Lord.
49. 19. Israel concludeth his bless- 100. Against too fond partiality

ings, and giveth up the ghost. for individuals.
50. 1. Joseph and his brethren 101. The mourning of Christians
bury their father.

for their relatives.
50. 14. Joseph comforteth his bre- 102. The elders an example of

thren; dieth, and is embalmed. faithfulness.

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6. 13. The charge given to Moses 114. The manifestations of private
and Aaron ; their genealogy. character in the inspired writers.

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