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Love towards us, in that, while we were get Sinners Christ died for us: And ac the soch Verse of the lame Chapter, he observes to us, that while we were Enemies we were reconciled to God? Death of his Son..

Which suggests to us another Conlie deracion that greatly enhances this Love of God towards us. For God so loved the World, that he sent no less a Person than bis own Son, and so well-beloved by him as bis only begotten Son, to accomplism our Redemption : And therefore the heighth of his Love must necessarily be very much encreased, in proportion to the Deepness of that Abasement which is caused a Person of his infinite Dignicy to fumbie unto.

Lastly, The Love of God may well be laid to be manifested cowards us in accomplishing our Redempcion, becaule 'twas a Favour denied to others, who were in like Circumstances with ourselves. The Angels which kept not their frit Estates but left their own abitation, be batb reJerved in everlasting Chains of darknels, unto the Judgment of the Great Day: : How great Love then muit he have for fall’n Man, to be thus mindful of bim, and co ransom him! And for tbe Sons of



Nan, that he should thas graciously visite them! If we enquire inco the Reasons of such a distinguishing Dispensation of Di. vine Grace, a very good one, I conceive is, because the Angels fell of their own Malice, being not deluded by any Temp. tcr ochides themselves; whereas Man was drawn to transgress by their deceiçful Sol licitations. This is ingenioufly taken Nos tice of by an excellent · English Poce; where he introduces the Almighty, declara ing Iris Purpose finally to reject the fallin Angels, and to restore Man to his Favoue. His Words are as follow. The firt fort by their own Suggestion fell Self-temsted, self-depravd: Man jalls i deceiv'd By the Other for fi: Man therefore sicill find Gracey :::...

! The Other nome.

But notwithstanding all this, it must be still acknowledgd owing to God's peces tiär Loves that such a Difference 1hould be made between tes and them: As miay alfo be hinted in the Lines immediately following those that I have quoreit; in which he continues the Almighty's Speech in this inanner: . .

in Milton in his Paradice Loft Book' ..

In Vercy and fuftice barb, : '... Through Heaven and Earth, so jhall my .Glory excel; But Mercy firft and last shall brightest i thine. . . Anjleed, this has the greatest Reason to suppere it; for we find as well as they, and though the Strength of our Temptation might in fome measure ex. tenuate our Crime, and the Punillment ir delerved; yer it could not fully excuse either. And therefore to the Question, Why God should have Picy upon us, and Ruin them forever? The best Answer we can give, is, Grace, Mercy, and Forgivenels; free Grace, inoblig'd Mercy, and undeservd Forgiveness: Without thelewe had been undone for ever too. Thus have we hebeld what manner of Love the Father bath bestowed upon us, in fending bis only-begotten Son-to redeem us. And how furely 'eis but onural; in chic !

Fourth and last Place, That we make the Apostle's Inference: Beloved, if (od lo levéd us, we ought also to love one another. Otlogreat Value were we in his Sight, chat the Blood of his ovly-begorren Son was hoc counted too dear for our Ranforce Shall we členundervalue aud depuse one

another felyes

another? He never doth us any Injury; and shall we mutually bite and devour our Jelves. The Overflowings of bis Lovingkindness are frequencly delcending upon che Wold; and shall we negleit being beneficial to it when we have Opportunity? He delights in pardoning our Offences; and shall we be unsatisfied except we avenge ourselves? No; these are not Effects of Love, but of Hatred, and very ill lecome those who pretend co be Disciples of a Saviour. It is neceflary, ihat we should imicate God's Goodness, by exer. cising such Acts of Love as he doch: This is what his Love deserves; This is what his Love expects.

Be it therefore our constant Care and Concern to shew our Love to one another, in purring forth the genuine Fruits of it: In efteeming each other's Per 'ons: In abfiaining from ofering Injuries: In doing Kindness, and forgiving Wrongs. . , : If we are caretul to love one another in this manner ; -we shall tberein offer to God an acceptable Sacrifice of Thanks giving for his exceedingly great Love to wards us: And whilft we commemorace the Comicg of his only begocren Son in great Humility to be our Saviour; we Thall go a good way in preparing our

felves to męèt him with Joy, when he cometh with great Glory to be our Judge.

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Ads ii. 32. This Jeļus bath Cod' raised up whereof 3 we all are Witnesses. :THE Résurrection of CHRIST

JESUS, as it is a principal Article of our Belief, to 'cis' che Foundation upon which our whole Religion standech ; take away T IS and it all falls to the Ground, For, as St Paul'argues, if* CHRIST be not risen, then is our Preacbing vain, and our Faith is also vain. So that una less this Poine bc crue, che Doctrine of Christianity must nceds be falle; all'ics Proposals must be empty and fetitious; and we by boping in CH IST máy of all Men be molt miserable. Bur, blested be God, the Foundaçion of our Religion is nor lo landy: le renaineth firm and immoveable as a Rock; nothing being


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