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obtain, my pleading nothing for their Publication will not, I hope, render 'em the less useful.

The Cause I have mertion'd, as hindering the Éfficacy of the Word Preach'd, are very common, and within the Reach of almost every one's Observation. I have open'dihem with a juft Freedom and Plainnels; because People are so backward to apply things as they ought, that unless their Pictures are drawn pretty near to the Life, they will not think themselves concern'd; and indeed hardly if they be.

But if after the Reading of what is deliver'd under each Article in the fors mer Part of that Discourse, Perfons would lay their Hands upon their Breasts, and cooly examine whether they don't find their own Cafe to be touch'd; and then refleet upon the Unreasonableness of continuing therein; (in doing which, those Thoughts I have suggested upon every para ticular in the latter Part of the fame Difcourse, may affist them) If, i fay, they would do thus, they might perhaps be brought to a Sight, and Senle of their own Faults; be prevail'd upon to amend their Behaviour; and become more pro


fitable Hearers of the Word Preach'd for the future.

If what is bere offerid to the World, proves instrumental in promoting the Good of others, let God bave their Praises, and me have their Prayers; and then my Trouble will me most amply Rewarded.




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H E Dignity and Humiliation of the
1 Son of God,

Pag. 1.
SERMON 'ii..
The Refurretion of Christ. - P.21:

The Exaltation of Christ, &c. P. 38.55.
: - SERMON. V.
The Certainty of a future Judgment. P.73.

's E M O N vt.
The Goodness of God Almighty. P.97

SERMON VIÍ.. · The Triumphs of a true Christian Faith.

. P. 119 SERMONS VIII. IX. The Necessity of Christian Practice in order to Happiness, and the Certainty of Happiness upon Christian Practice P. 139. 156.


self to your Lordship, and humbly desiring your Acceptancee of the following Dircourses; as a true, cho' a small Token of that great Esteem and Affection I ought always to bear you.

Your Lordship's Kindness to me upon your first Knowledge of me, the frequent signal Repetitions ofic presently after, and the continuare of it hitherto, have for ever endear'd your Lord'hip to me, and shall never be forgotten by ine. At the fame Time, I cannot but look upon, and value this Leave, to mention your Lord. ship's Favours as a great Enhancement of them all.

And should I enlarge upon your LordChip's hearty Love for your Country, your Zeal for the Protestant Interest, your Affection for the glorious Defender of it, and his Royal Progeny, together with the rest of those Accomplishments which at, tend, illustrare, and adorn every Relation of Life you sustain, 'cwould be no more than what is justly due to your Lordship,

But since Those who best deserve Praise, are least desirous of it, and most apt to be disgusted with it, therefore for fear of offending where I am particularly ambitious of, pleasing, I mult deny myself the Satisfaction of taking any farther


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