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UPON THE Following Subjects,

VI 2. The Dignity and Humiliation of the Son of God. The Resurrection of Christ. The Exaltation of Chrift; and the Descent of the Holy Ghost. The Certainty of a future Judgment. The Goodness of God Almighty. The Triumphs of a true Christian Faith. The Neceffity of Christian Practice in order to Happiness, and the Certainty of Happiness upon Chriftian Practice. The Worship of God in the Beauty of Holinels explain'd and enfore'de' The Duty of mutual Love explain'd and enforc'd. The happy Consequences of Amictions to sincere Christians. The Treatment which Persons in Distress meet with from their Acquaintance and Enemies consider'd and dissuaded from.

To which is fubjoin'd, A Brief EN QUIRY into the Causes

why the Word Preach'd doth not Profit; together with a Confideration of the Folly and Danger of being influenc'd by 'em,

By the late Rev. STEPHEN CLARKE, M. A.

Restor of Burythorp, in Yorkshire !!

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Malton: Printed by Joshua Nickson.

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May it pleafa your Grati, A s the Ability of requiting Favours

A administers an exceeding Satisfaction to a grateful Mind, so, where thar Abia lity is wanting, every Opportunity of acknowledging Favours, affords no small De light to him that is possessed with a due Sense of them.

I Cannot therefore but be glad, my Lord, of this Occasion of Addressing my

feíf, self to your Lordship, and humbly desiring your Acceptancee of the following Dircourses; as a true, cho a small Token of that great Esteem and Affection I ought always to bear you.

Your Lordship's Kindnefs to me upon your first Knowledge of me, the frequent signal Repetitions ofic presently after, and the continuatice of it hitherto, have for ever endear'd your Lordlhip to me, and shall never be forgotten by ine. At the same Time, I cannot but look upon, and value this Leave, to meñtion your LordThip's Favours as a great Enhancement of them all.

And should I enlarge upon your Lordship's hearty Love for your Country, your Zeal for the Protestant Interest, your Affection for the glorious Defender of it, and his Royal Progeny, together with the rest of those Accomplishments which ats tend, illustrate, and adorn every Relacion of Life you sustain, 'cwould be no more than what is justly due to your Lordship.

But since Those who best deserve Praise, are least desirous of it, and most apt to be disgusted with it, therefore for fear of offending where I am particularly ambitious of pleasing, I mult deny myself the Satisfation of taking any farther


DE DIC AIIO N. Notice, in chis Place, of chose amiable Virtues and Qualities, which gain your Lordlhip a great Esteem and Respect among all good Men in general, as well as inore especially oblige me to be with all suitable Deference and Gracicude,

My Lord,
Your Lordship's
most dutiful and

obedient Servant,


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