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have received so much Good, is not only Disobedience, but Ingratitude. Now In: gratitude is one of the vilett, blackest Ceimes that we can be guilcy of, even in reference to Man; but with regard to God, it is infinitely worse: For all the Kindnesses which our Earthly Friends Chow to us, come originally from kimi He is the Source and Fountain of them, They are but his Instruments of Conveyancé. It is God that gave us our Beings and Well-beings: It is He that made us, and not we ourselves : It is he that spreads our Tables, and fills our Cups: In bim we live, move, and have our Being. He hath plentifully provided for our Happinefs on Earth now, and hath prepared for us a Kingdom-in Heaven, which we fiiall most certainly Inberit hereafter; if we don't sell the Reverfion of it for the Pleasures of Sin. In Nort, 'cis imposible to reckon up all the Mercies and Biellings which God hatb conferred, and doth confer upon the Sons of Men; they are as the Stars of the Sky in Multitude; and as the Sand which is by the Sea-shore innumerable. What monstrous ingratitude must ic then be, to fly in the Face of lo gracious a God? Torebel against fo bounciful a Benefactor? And yet every ove dork this, and conlequently is thus monstrously Ungrateful; who lives not in a constant, Tincere Obedience, to all his Commands. A Consideracion this sufficient, if we had any ingenuity, to makc us forsake all Sin, and be boly in all manner of Conversation.

But if we are so far lost to all Sense of Shamc and Gracicude, as not to be moved from hence; it must be farther reinembred, chat infinite Justice is an Attribute belonging to God, as well as infinite Goldncís; and as This will pardon all true Penitents, so That will punish all obftinate, unrepenting Sinners. And being the Sins of these Wretches are so much the greater, because commitced against a God who is infinitely Good; therefore the Punishment of them, will be so much the greater too, because inflicted by a God who is also infinitely. Just, and will render to every one according to his Works.

Let those consider this, who when convincingly reproyed for their wicked Lives, will answer, that God is Good; or God iş Merciful: Alas! this will but

aggravate their Guilt, and encrease their Damna-. tion. Such Persons who continue in Sin, because God's Goodness abounds ; trample the fame under their Feet ; and do despite to the Spirit of Grace. They despise the

Riches of his Goodness, and Forbearance, and Long-fuffering not knowing that the Goodness of God Thould lead them to Repentance: But after their Hardness, and impenitent Hearts

; they treasure up to themselves Wrath against the Day of Wrath,

Thirdly, and Lastly, From the forego ing Discourse we may infer, that 'tis out Duty co love and praise God above all Things. The principal and natural At eractives of Love and Praise, are the irrefpective Goodness, or Excellency of any Being; and its relative Goodness; or Kindnefs to us. But now it appeats; thaethele are infinitely more in God, than in any other Being; and therefore out Returns ought to be proporcionably greater. If they are not, we must be the most unbatúral of all Creatures. To love them that love us, 'is à Duty búr of a low At tainment, the Publicans and Sinners do the Fame; nay, the very Beasts will do ie; the Ox (as the Prophet says) knows bis Owner, and the Ass bis Master's Crib. We must act contrary to human Reason, if we don't praise and love God for his Excel lencirs; but if we are not induced thereto by the Consideration of his Kindness

, we must

must be more stupid and fenseless chama abo. Beasts that perish. 3 yo... bob: Then let us not fait of perforining ticle sour bounden and indispensable Duties: But let us manifest our Love to God, by duly valuing the Excellencies of his Nature; by making him the only proper Object of our Happiness, and preferring him to any Thing that may happen to be his Rival

, Let us imicate the glorious and happy Spirits, which are Attendants on God's Throne ; and continually give him most humble and hearty Thanks and Praise, for all his Goodness. and loving Kindness to us. When the World was Created, tboje Sons of God poouted for yoy: And when our Saviour came to Redeem the World, a Multitudo of them appeared, praising God, and faying, Glory to God in the Highest. And 71ow the Angels; and Archangels; the Cherubim and Seraphim; and the rest of che heavenly Company, are singing Hallelujah's; never-ceasing Hymns ; and eternal Anthems; to the Glory of the ecernal God, the Almighty Father of Men, and Angels. Let us then joyn in with this cælestial Quire ; and as long as we have Tongues to speak, set forth bis noble Praise. Neither let os let it forth wich


caur Lips only, but allo in our Lives by giving up ourselves to his Service, and by-walking before him in Holiness, and Rightcoulacss all our Days: Which that we may all do, God of his infinite Mercy grant, for. JESUS CHRIST his Sake. Amen.



1 John v. 4. This is the Vi&tory that overcometh the

World, even our Faith.
VER since the Transgression of our

first Parents, the Purity of Human Nature hath been miserably fained; irs Faculties have been sadly depraved; and its Affections very liable to be deluded, to be influenced, to be overcome by the World. And the Reason of this is obvi. ous enough: For che Temptations which proceed from the World Itrongly affeating our external Senses, are therein exa&ly suited to the corrupt Morions of our dea generate Constitution; which unhappily employs it self, buc yet is extremely weit


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