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Our bungring and thirsting after: This deferves our uemost Care and Diligence Urtain ico

Be' is therefore our frequent Employ ment to contemplate upon the Holy Religion which we profess. With cool and unprejudiced Minds examine we those convincing Arguments which eftablish its Certainty and Reasonableness

. With close Atcention consider we, Thac Eternity of inconceivable Torment it denounidech ge gainst the Wicked; and the infinite Excellency of that everlafting Reward ic promileth to the Righteous. Wich hearty and constant Prayer implore we the Grace of Almighty God, to co-operate with our Endeavours: And then, accord. ing to the Ricles of bis Glory, He will grant us to be Aréngthened witb Might, by bis Spirit in the inner Man: He wil give us the Shield of Faith, which will empower us to fland Readfast, and over. come in the Hour of Temptation,

Thirdly and Laftly, From the foregoj, ing Discourse, we may oblerye, That if God thould permit the Enemies of ow Religion to have power to perfecute us for it, and to tempt us to renounce or corrupt its Purity; it is our indispensable Duty to resist their Temptations with the

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utmost Abhorence; readily to furrender all Things, which this World counts deat; and die for the Sake of our most Holy * Eaich. Let us therefore put on the webole Armour of God, and fit ourselves for a suffering Condicion: Let us prepare to refijt even unto Blood, Itriding againft Sin; chat fo We may be able to withstand in the evil Day, and having done, ally to Stand... It may not be long before we are brought to the Trial; for our Pure and Apostolick Church, which hath of late been unjuftly and maliciously.infinuated to be in Danger; under the presenc King's Administration doth now.appeaç to be brought into very great Danger ins deed, even by Those who have all along pretended the most burning Zeal for its Safety. It doth now plainly appear to all, whom obstinare Prejudice hath noç blinded, That those Men, whose Persons have been had in bigh Admiration, upon Account of their tham Prerences in Favour of the Cburch of England; have been for a long while endeavouring, and are at this very Juncture endeavouringco ... This Sermon was preached before ihe Univerfity of Oxforu, in the Tinie of the Rebellion, in the Year -1715. The Authwr is willing this Paflige should remain as it was then delivered, as a Monument of his juf AFfection for the bet of Goverhntentsit the worst of Times.

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bring her into Bondage to the Gburcb of Rome, merely for the Advancement of their own worldly Interest; the only Thing which they had ever an bearty Concern for. If the abominable Designs of these Men should succeed, and Popery fhould again be rampant in this Nation, which God forbid; we know whar Tribulation and Distress, what Misery and Torture, we must submit to; or that which is infinicely worse; I mean, the Renunciaacion of our Religion, which is infeparably atrended with the Loss of a good Conscience.

It is high Time then, that we examine ourselves; Whether we be in the Faith, and provide for the worst Accidents that may happen. God hath indeed frequently interposed in Favour of this Church and Nation; He hath ofren rescued us, when we havebeen in the jaws of Ruin'; when we have been upon the very

Brink of Destruction: And by His detecting the croncherous hellish Contrivances of our per jured, false Brethren, we have Reason to hope, that He will now deliver us. Bur if not; Let us make it known to them, and all their Friends and Adherents, Thac We will neither pray to their Saints, nor borship the gilded Imiges which they would

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set up, not comply with any other of their unreasonable, ridiculous, and devilish Inpositions. Whatever Ami&ion we may meet with for Perfevering in our Faith; it will be but lighe, if put in the Ballance against that eternal Misery which will be laid upon us for Rencuncing it: And if we bear that light Affii&tion wbich is but for a Moment, it will work for us a far more exceeding and eternal Weight of Glory. For Affli&tion, there will be Glo gry; for Light AMi&ion, a Weight of Glory; for Light Ali&tion, which is but for a Moment, an exceeding, an Eternal Weight of Glory

To conclude therefore, Let us watch ; stand fast int be Faith; Quit ourfelves like Men, like Christians; and be strong : Always remembring. That it is an infinitely less Evil to burn a few Minutes for a good Conscience, than for ever with a bad one. But that we may neither burn for the One, nor with the other; God of his infinite Mercy grant, for JESUS CHRIST his Sake. Amen.




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John xiii. 17.
If ye know tbefe Things, bappy are ye if

HRISTIANITY is an Institution of

such a generous Nature, so nicely calculated for che Felicity and Advancement of Mankind, that it provides both for our temporal and eternal Interest: As by an hcarty Obedience to its Commands, we are sure to be made Happy in the Life which is to come; so it is ccrrain, that the same Obedience will make us Happy in the Life that now is.

Happiness is the grand Object of every one's Wishes and Délires: 'Tis the goodly Pearl which all Men seck for ; the Trece fure which the whole Race of Adam endeavour to get Poffeffion of. And God Almighey, who knew what an ardent Longing for it was implanted in our Conftitutions, hath been graciously pleased to inform us wbere it is to bc had, and lozi

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