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it is begun, or not joining in it according to Rule, we break that Decorum, Symmetry, and Proportion, which should be observed by us, and consequently lessen the Beauty of our Worship For bereby the Devotion of of ber Men is disturbedl, and our own is inained. And if we conlider how strictly the Yews were forbid: den to sacrifice any Beall that was blemished, maimed, or any Ways imperfect; and how angry the Prophet Malachy, in {he ist Chapter of his Prophecy, represents God at the bringing of such Obla. tions, 'twill appear reasonable to conclude, chat he will not at all like our Spiritual Sacrifices, unle's we endeavour all we can to offer them whole and entire... Vi

But now if we come early to God's House, watch at bis Gates, and wait at the Poits of bis. Doors ; - if we all begin our Prayers together, and join in every Part of them according as we are directed; this will be highly pleasing to Almighty God, and, make 'our holy Worlhip ex. fremely, beautiful; This will prevent all Discord from arising in our Churches, and fill them with a pleasant and delightful Harmony...75 :.5":" 1:

If we are attentively devout in Silence when the Minister only should) (pcak,

.! , R 3 , iris how

how decent will the Silence be! how awi ful the Attention! (And if we express a becoming Feryoúr when all our Voices should be heard, how lovely will be the Union; how glorious the Symphony!

By tbus behaving, ourselves, we shall 'cause the Worship of Godto be a Delight, and render the Dwellings of the Lord of Hosts exceedingly amiable."

By tbus behaving ourfelves, we Mall throughly conform to the primitive Church, in which all Things were done decently, andin'Order as well as pre cribed fo: In which the united Voices of its Memliars were lifted up with so much Zeal that the Sound of them was compared to the heavenly Thunder. ; : : 91

Nay, by thus behaving ourselves we Thall bear a near Resemblance to the Church which is above; where St. John heard the Voice of the great Multitude, as tbe Voice of many Waters, and as the Voice of mighty Thundrings: Where the Divine Praises are celebrated with the exactest Regularity; and God is worship ed in the most perfect Beauty of Holines. · Thave now done wich the Firf Head of Discourse, which was to show how we are tobehave ourselves in order to worship God in the Beauty of Holinefs. i

From hence I pass on to che Left

Thing Thing proposed, namely, to lay down fome Mocives earnestly to persuade us fo to worship him: That fo we may have a Defire and Longing to enter into the Courts of the Lord, to behold the fair Beauty of the Lord, and to visit his Temple. And because Men are gene--rally swayed in other Matters, by the Prospect of Profit, Honour, and Pleature, and the Neceflity of doing any Thing in order to their Well-being; I shall therefore endeavour to excise to che Practice of this Duty, by briefly showing; -;

First, That it is a Means whereby to get the greatest Profit. ..

Secondly, That it's the way to obtain the highest Honour..."

Thirdly, That it will fill us with the most exquisite Pleasure.

Lastly, That it is Necessary in order to. our Well-being hereafter. And

Firth, To worship God in the Beauty of Holiness, is a Means whereby we may get the greatest Profit. We cannot get Lo great Profit by any Thing, as by that which will procure us all Things that 'be needful for our Bodies and Souls, but this the worshipping God in the Beauty of Holinels, will molt certainly do. For if we 'worship God in the Beauty of Holiness, chat lupposes our Souls to be 'beautified

with universal Holiness: And if our Souls are beautified with universal Holiness, that signifies chat we are adorn'd with all Christian Graces, and Virtues; And if we are adorned with all Christian Graces and Virtues, then we Mall put up our Pecicions to God faithfully, according to his Will; And if we put up our Petition to God faithfully, according to his Will, he will be sure to answer them effectually, to the Relief of our Neceflity, and for the setting forth of his own Glo. ry. Wbere two or three, or a greater Congregation are met to worfip him in this Manner, he will not fail to be in the Midst of them, to hear their Supplications, and to supply their Wants. Those who thus devoutly ask Fayouts, Thall receive them: Those who thus diligently Meek goodly Pearls, shall find them: And those who thus importunately knock at Heayens Gate, Ihall at length haveit opened unto them.

In short; there is no Benefit la great, but we may acquire, no Danger so emmis nent, but we may prevent, by worshipping God in the Bcauty of Holiness. We lbal even out-do the Thundering Legion that is mencioned in Church History, Welhall draw down upon ourselves beavenly Biel...canadian ini.ii fings

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sings, annoy and confound spiritual Enemies.

Since therefore all these Things are to be done by worshipping God in the Beauty of Holiness, 'tis plain that from thence there will accrue to us the greatest Profit.

Secondly, To worship God in the Beauty of Holiness, is che Way to obtain the highest Honour. When we worship God in the Beauty of Holiness, we adore the boundless and immeasurable Excellencies of his Nature: We confess and recognize our eternal Dependance upon him: We praise him for his inestimable Goodness to us ; and declare the Wonders that he hath done, and doth do, for the Children of Men. In thefé Exercises, we ascribe unto him the Glory which he deserves, we give him the Honour which is due unto bis Name. Now nothing can be more certain, than that by doing this, we must obtain the highest Honour ourselves ; beCause God hath expressly said, that those who bonour him, he will bomour. And how high a Degree of Glory must they be arrayed with, who shall be cloathed upon from Heaven: How vast an Honout must they poffefs, whom God will delight to honour 1 · Farthermore, when we worship God

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