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felves to meet him with Joy, when he cometh with great Glory to be our judge.



Acts ï. 32. This Jesus bath Cod raised up whereof

we all are Witnesses. ' HE Résurrection of CHRIST Jesus, as it is a principal

. Article of our Belief, to 'cis che Foundation upon which our whole Religion fandech; cake away T : IS and it ali talls to the Ground, For, as St Paul'argues, if CHRIST be not risen, then is our Preacbing vain, and our Faith is also-vain. So hat unless this Poinc bc crue, the Doctrine of Christianity must needs be falle; all its Proposals must be empry and' heitious; and we by boping in CH IST may of all Men be molt miserable. Eur, blested be God, the Foundaçion of our Religion is not lo landy: li reinaineth firm and immoveable as a Rock; nothing being


more rrue, than that cod hath raifed YES Ş from the dead, whereof the Apostles were fufficient Witnesses and this. Proof of bis Resurrection shall be che Subject of my following Discourse. :

But before I cnter upon this, I desire it may be considered, that the point in Hand, being a Marter of Fact, is incapable of receiving such a rigorous Demonstration, as that by which a mache. marical Proposition may be proved And in this Case no more can be required, than that it be arrested by Persons of unqueftionable Knowledge and Fidelity.

This being premised, I shall endeavour with all possible Brevity and Plainnels to fhow,

Firt, That the Resurrection of CHRIST is clearly related in the Scriptures.

Secondly, That those who related this, were Persons of unquestionable Knowledge. And

Thirdly, That they were Persons of unquestionable Fidelity.

These Propositions being made good, the Truth of my Text, I conceive, will be (ufficiently establish'da Firs. Then Lam co low, that the


Resurreâion of Christ is clearly related in the Scriptures. And I need not taiiy long upon ibis Head; the Man who de nics it, muli be an utier Stranger to those facred Pages. Forin-them we frequently read that the Body of CHRIST was buried in a Tomb bewn out in a Rock, that a great Stone was laid to the Door of it; which, after some time, was rolled away by an Angel, whereupon CHRIST arole, and left the Grave Cloarhs behind bün. This is recorded by every one of the tour Evangelists: The same Persons who mention his State of Humiliation, give us an Account of his Stace of Exaltacion 100; the same Persons who have penned the History of his shameful and flavith Death, have lewise regi/tred his glorious and triumphant Relurrection from the Dead, Sr. Mattbew says very plamly, that an Angel told the Woman who came to the Sepulchre to seek Jesus, that he was not there, but was risen. St. Mark lays the fame Thing almost in the same. Words. St. Luke lays, that the Woman entred into the Sepulchre, and found not the Body of JESUS; and it came to pass as they were much perplex'd about it, two ten stood by them in shining i arments, who Jaid, W by Jeek ge the Living among the


Dead? He is not here, but is risen. And St. John says, that asiMarywept, because she could not find the body of her Lord, the turned berself back and aw. JESUS standing whom tho’ at firkt Sight she did not know, yet upon his fpeaking to her, the quickly perceived to be her Malter. Neis ther do the Evangelists give us only the Testimony of others to this Truth, but they contim it also by their own personal Knowledge: They tell us thac CHRIST thew'd himself to his Disciples in the fame Body which was crucified, dead and buried; that they all talked with him; and that he cat with them after his Refurrection ; as may be seen at large in the laft Chapters of the Gulpels to this we inay add, that the same Doctrine is deliver'd directly, or by Consequence, in every Part of those Writings which are extant of the other Apostles. So that not thing can be more evident than that che Resurrection of Christ is clearly related in che Scriptores; which was the first Thing to be inade out. I shall now go on, to low,

Secondly, That those who related this, were Persons of unquestionable Knowledge; 01 in other words, that they were thoroughly infosa'd concerning the fact which they relared, and perfectly knew the Truch of that which they delivered. And this Point will be dispatclied as easily as the former: For St. Luke tells us, Afts i. 3. chat Christ.fbew'd himself alive to them after bis Passion, by many INFALLIBLE Proofs. Of which 110 Body can well doubr, char confiders First, How often Christ appeared to his Disciples after his Death ; and Secondly, The manner of his Conversation with them.

As to the first of these, we read of no less than ten times of his Appearance before his Ascension. First of all at che Sepulchre to Mary Magdalené, out of whom he had caft seven Devils. Then to other Women as they returned from the Scpulchre, towards Yerusalem. Then to Cephas; then to two of his Disciples, was they went into the Country, the same Day towards Emmaus. Then to ten of them in the Evening of the fame Day, Tbomas being abfent. Then to all the Apostles, Thomas being with them. After these Things, to the Disciples at the Sea of Tiberius. Then to above five hundred Brethren at once. After that to James

. Then to all the Apostles, immediately before his Ascention. To which



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