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Aiations of any kind; instead of murmur. ing and repining at his Disposals, let us take care to bear them with Christian Acquiescence and Cheatfulness; together with a grateful Sense of the Benefits he incends thereby. For such a Deportment as this, we have great Reason ; inalinuch as God's Rod and God's Staf go cogether, and whilft one of his Hands is caken up wich his Rod in fmiting us, the aber Hand is held forth with his Staf ip Strengtben and fupport us. : :

Secondly and Tafly, Since 'cis to fuch Christians who love God, that Afflictions and Sufferings will work together for Good: from bence we may cake notice. how highly it concerns us to be of that Number, if we mean to enjoy this glori. ous Privilege.

Sach Christians as love God, will work together with Afflictions, and diligently endeavour to make a right Use of them: Such Christians may julldy expect God's Alistance to crown cheir Endeavours with Success upon Earch; and such only can have well-grounded Hopes of a greafer Reward in Heaven · Let it therefore be our principat Bufiness to get our Souls pollelled with a frue Love of God. Wich clole Autension

Cowlater we the infinite Excellencies and Perfections of his Nature With Hearts full of Gratitude contemplate we, the picture ceeding Riches of bis Mercy and loving Kindness to wsward, expressed in creating preserving, and Redeemning us. With the greatest Serioufnets retteêt we upon the Authority of his Laws, and our many and great Obligations to Obedience: That ro by all these conliderations we may be excited; to cherish the highest Esteem and Value for him; to Choose and Delire him before all Things else ; and Reverence and Obey him, without Exception of Reserve. ..

This will be to love him with all our Mind, with all our Heart, with all our Soul, and with all our Strength. And if we love him in this Manner, we shall be sure to answer the Designs of his Fatherly Chastisements, by endeavouring to grow wiser and betcer through the Afdictions we suffer; and then we need 'not fear having his Blessing, to make themi work for our present, and future Good and Happiness.

To conclude; if we are sincere Lovers of God, we may keep our Spirits from sinking under any Calamities, by confidering the Benefits that will redound to


His from them: These will be IVaters of Comfort, to chear and refieth our Souls, whensoever we are deprived of Pleasure of the feeding in green Paflures. ;


Psalm xxxi. 11. I was a Reproach among all mine Ene

mies, but especially among mine Neigh..bours, and a Fear to mine Acquain.

tance, they that did lee me without, o fled from me.'

Here is hardly any thing can ens 1 tercain us with a more delightful View of the Changes which waic upon human Affairs, than the furprising Turns and unexpected Alterations, that we find in the Life of Holy David. From the humble, yet happy Employment, of çending his Father's Sheep, and looking after the Ewes great with Young, God exalted him to be the chiefert Instrument in de Iroying the Giant of Gatb, and in van



quishing the Armies of the uncircumcised Philiftians. Hereupon he was followsed with the loud Applauses and Acclamations of the People; his Favour and Friendship were courted by the Noble ; and to crown his Glory, his Sovereign gave him one of his Daughters to Wife.

But behold the strange Lubricicy of his Förrutie; no sooner had he arrived to this "honourable Station, but he fell into Dis"grace: No sooner had be made himself the Object of his Fellow-subjects Love, buc the King made him the Object of his Hatred.

When David returned froin the Slaughter of Goliab, the women came out of the Cities of Israel, finging and dancing: 10 meet King Saul, witb Tafrets, with Yoy, and with Inftruments of Mufick: and the Women answered one anotber as they play'd, saying, Saul bath pláin bis Thousands, and David his ten Tbousands; and Saul was wroth, and the Saying displeas'd lim, and be hated Da. aid from that Day forward. - After this, he sent him upon dangerous Enterprises, in order to take away his Life; and when he found that his Poinc could not be gained by under-hand Pradices, he openly declared himself to be

his Enemy so that he was constrained to flee from his presence, to hide himself in: Dens and Caves of the Earth ; left he Should fall into Saul's Hands, who hunced and pursued him like a Partridge upon the Mountains, thirsting after his Blood, and longing for his Ruin. nl · So quickly did the Fall of David, luca ceed his Advancement; so luddenly, was he chrown from one of the highest States of Happiness, co one of the loweit Degrees of Misery. Nevertheless, the same -Providence which took him from the Sbeepfold hoyer'd over him ftill; was his Shield, Buckler, and Defence, in all the Dangers chat surrounded him ; and ac length placed him upon the Throne of his Enemy, and made him King over Ifrael in his stead... to be

And now the Scene was again changted, and Men acted affer another Manner: Thole who were his Enemies, ona fudden became his friends, or at least pretended to be lo. Others were proud of owning their former Acquaintance, and che generality of all Sorts endeavoured to get into his good Graces. . : Before, when he was pursued and pers recuted by Saul, he was made the Scorn of Men, and the Outcast of the People:

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