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gion which he instituted must be true and Divine

Thirdly, The Resurrection of CHRIST confirmeth us in the Hope and Expectation of our own Resurrection. Christ by rising from the Dead became the First-fruits of them that fiept: And there can be no lurer Pledge of the Harvest which shall be in the End of the World, than that the Fir/tfruits of it are already offer’d: No furer Token that we who are the Members of Christ shall rise at the Last-day, chan that CHRIST Our Head is already risen, by our Baptism we become united to CHRIST ; by being united to Christ we become partakers of God's Holy Spirit ; ånd if the Spirit of him that raised up CHRIST from the Dead dwell in us, then be that raised up CHRIST from the Dead, Mall also quicken our mortal Podies by bis Spirit that dwelleth in us.

Farthermore,CHRIST by rising from the Dead, destroy'd the Power of Death, and gain'd an entire Victory over the Grave: Hereby he gor Possession of the Keys of Death, and so hath Power to deliver from its Prisons all those that are holden of it: And as certainly as he hath this Power, so certainly will be put it in Execution ;


asin Adam all die, fo in and by the Power of CHRIST Mall all be made alive.

Fourtbly, therefore and Laftly, The Rcsurrection of CHRIST lliould make us rise from the Deach of Sin to the Life of Rightecusness. To chis Purpose St. Paul (peaks in the sixth Chapter of his Epistle eo the Romans, at the fourth Verse; Like as CHRIST was raised up from the Dead by the Glory of the Father, even lo we also sbould walk in newness of Life. Since by the Resurrection of Christ an Assurance is given to us of our own Resurrection, we must live agreeable to our Holy Profession, otherwise our Rclurrection will only complete our Misery. If we would have our Bodies raised to Glory hereafter, we must not abuse them in any thing base and Mameful here; and we must

mortify our Members, and not overindulge in the empty Aeering Pleasures that are upon Earth ; if we would live in that fulness of 7oy, and those everlasting PleaJures which are at God's Right-Hand in Heaven.

Let us therefore not suffer Sin to reign in our mortal Bodies; but let us yield our felves unto God as those that are alive from the Dead, and our Members as Instruments of Righteousness unto God. Let us



put away from us Fornication, Uncleanness, inordinate Afection, evil Concupi. scence; and Covetousness, which is Idolatry, Anger, Wrath, Malice, and Uncharitableness, and all other Sins whatsoever; and let us live in the sincere and constant Performance of all the Duties that are enjoyn’d 115; and then when, CHRIST fall appear, he shall change our vile Bodies, that they may be fashion'd like unto his own glorious Body, according to the mighty Workings, whereby he is able to sub. due all Things to himself.


Acts ii. 33.

Therefore being by the Right-Hand of 1. God exalted, and having received of

the Father the Promise of the Holy - Cholt, he hath shed for this, wbich ge now fee, and bear.

HESE Words are Part of a Ser. mon preach'd by St. Peter, upon



that astonishing Descent of the Holy Ghost; which the Church doch on this Day commemorate.

The Persons upon whom this Descene was made, were the Apostles of the blessed Jesus, Men whom he chose out of the World to be the Objects of his extraordinary Love and Kindness: Men whom he employ'd in the honourable, yet difficulc and laborious Office, of planting his Religion, and publishing the glad Tydings of Salvation.

But notwithstanding these Privileges and Advantages which they enjoy'd above the rest of the Sons of Adam ; they were very ignorant, and unlearned, and exceedingly remarkable for the Dulness of their Understanding: So that it was highly Necessary to give them å


Measure of Divine Allistance, whereby they might be qualified for the Discharge of that weighty Trust which was commited unto chem. Our Saviour therefore who

very well knew the Necessity of such a supernatural Aid promised to bestow the same upon them. This he did a little before his Crucifixion; and again after that, before his Ascension. For perceiving that they were mightily troubled and cast • Picached on Whitsunday,

Ez down,

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rection of CHRIST ; and the inolt unrea. fonable Thing in the World to believe che contrary. Especially, if he confider's in the last Place, that they lay down their Lives, in confirmation of what they related, and by so doing, seal'd their Testimony with their Blood. For can it with any Sense be imagin’d, that Men who a little before their Master's Death, had fhow'd themselves lo mucis afraid of Luffering, that none of them had Courage enough to adhere firmly to him, at his Apprehension; can it, I say, with any Sense be imagined that those Men should he so much in Love with suffering after his Death, as to die in Confirmation of their Reports, concerning his rising from the Dead, if so be they had not full Proof that he arose from the Dead? The Man must be very foolishly credulous, that can ciitertain such a Thought as this.

And thus I have done with the third and last Thing propos'd, which was to few, thar thole who related the Resur: rection of CHRIST, were Perfons of unquestionable Fidelity. I might indeed prove it by several other Årguments : Such is the amazing Descent of the Holy Ghost upon them, after CHRIST'S A conGon: The astonishing Miracles which


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