Imatges de pÓgina

put away from us Fornication, Uncleanness, inordinate Afection, evil Concipi. scence, and Covetousness

, which is Idolatry, Anger, Wrath, Malice, and Uncharitableness, and all other Sins whatsoever; and let us live in the sincere and constant Performance of all the Duties that are enjoynd 115; and then when CHRIST Jhall appear, he shall change our vile Bodies, that they may be fashion'd like unto his own glorious Body, according to the mnighty Workings, whereby he is able to sub. due all Things to bimself.

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Therefore being by the Right-Hand of 1. God exalted, and having received of

the Father the Promise of the Holy - Cholt, he hath shed for this, which ye 110w fee, and bear.

HESE Words are Part of a Sermon preach'd by St. Peter, upon


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that astonishing Descent of the Holy Ghost; which the Church doch on this Day commemorate.

The Persons upon whom this Descene was made, were the Apostles of the blessed Jesus, Men whom he chose out of the World to be the Objects of his extraordinary Love and Kindness: Men whom he employ'd in the honourable, yet difficult and laborious Office, of planting his Religion, and publishing the glad Tydings of Salvation.

But notwithstanding these Privileges and Advantages which they enjoy'd above the rest of the Sons of Adam; they were very ignorant, and unlearned, and exceedingly remarkable for the Dulness of their Understanding: So that it was highly Necessary to give them å great Measure of Divine Allistance, whereby they might be qualified for the Discharge of that weighty Trust which was commited unto chem. Our Saviour therefore who

very well knew the Necessity of such a supernatural Aid promised to bestow the same upon them. This he did a little before his Crucifixion; and again after that, before his Ascension. For perceiving that they were mightily troubled and cast • Preached on Whitsunday,

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down, at the Thoughts of his Departure ; to chear their faineiug Hearts, and revive their drooping Spirits, he told them that he would send them another Comforter, even the Holy Ghoft; who should enable them to finify the Work which he

gave them to do; and furnish them with Strength fufficient to cor quer whatsoever Oppofition they might nieer with.

And as our Saviour made this Promife to his Apoftles, during the Time of his Abode upon Earth; so he commanded them to tarry at Jerusalem until he had fulfilled it. Accordingly we find that they waited there in Expectation of it: And when the Day of Pentecost was fully come; as they were all assembled together, suddenly there came from Heaven a Sound, as of a rusking mighty Wind; which filled all the House where they were fitting : And there appeared unto them cloven Tongues, like as of Fire, and sat upon each of them:

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other Tongues as the Spirit gave them Utterance. So it came to pass, that those unpolish'd Mortals, who were utterly unacquainted with Learning and Languages, could on a sudden talk what Language they pleas'd; and they who were not like


ly to make any Profelytes by the Charms of persuasive Eloquence, could convert whole Nations by the over-powering Den monstration of the Spirit.

This was a Miracle strangely surprizing indeed, and might well raise the Admiration of the Multitude which heard and saw it: Ic was wrought at a Time when Jerusalem was filled with Jews out of every Nation under Heaven; and every Man beard the Apostles spake in bis own Language the wonderful Works of God: And they were all amazed, and were in doubt, saying one to another, Wbat meaneth this? Other mocking, said, These Men are full of new Wine. Hereupon St. Peter stood


and refuted the frivolous Cavil of chose filly Gainlayers, and gave a racional Account of the. Thing which had happen'd.

He fhew'd, that Jesus of Nazareth who had been crucified, dead, and buried, was the the CHRIST of God; who raised him up from the dead; and exalted him by his Right Hand; whereby he receiv'd Power to shed forth that extraordinary Gift of the Holy Ghost, which then struck them with so much Wonder and Amazement.


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With Relation to this it is, that he fpeaks in my Text, and the Verfe iinmediarely before it. This JESUS, says he, bath God raised up, whereof we are all Witneffes: And then he

goes on ;

Therefore being by the Right Hand of God exalted, and having receiv'd of the Father the Promise of the Holy Cbolt, be hath Jhed forib this, which ye now fee and hear.

In discoursing from which Words, I fhall consider,

Firit of all, The Exalcation of CHRIST.

Secondly, The Descent of the Holy Ghost after CHRIST's-Exalcation. And

Thirdly, The Behaviour of the Apostles after this Descent upon them. .

First then, I am to consider the Exal. cation of CHRIST by Way of Introduction, to which, it may not be amils to look back a little upon his Humiliation. When our First Parents had broken the Cove: nant which God made with them, and by lo doing, render'd themselves, and all their Posterity, liable to the fad Effe&ts of his everlasting Displeasure ; the eternal Son of God, who was the Brightness of his Father's Glory, and the express Image of his Per Jon ; He, I say, out of his boundless Love, and inexpressible Good-will towards Man.

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