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kind, freely undertook to deliver them from that dreadful Obligation wherein they were involv'd; and to put them in away to attain that never ending Happiness, of the Title to which they were by their own Folly depriv'd. In order to accomplish chis vast Design, he vouchfafed to strip himself of his heavenly Honours, and veil his Divinity with Flesh and Blood. Though he was in the form of God, and thought it no robbery to be equal with God; be took upon him the Form of á Servant, being made in the Likenels of Man: By the Union of whole Nature to his own Divine Nature, he became both God and Man, and so one CHRIST. And as he took our Nature upon him, so he Did, and Suffer'd in it, all that was necessary to appease incensed Justice: He was continually buried in promoting both our Temporal and Spiritual Welfare ; for which he bore abundance of Hardship and at last endured a most painful, ac

inglorious Deach." Now as a Reward for such his stúpend. ous Humanity and Condescention; as a Recompence for what he Did, and Suf fer'd for the Sons of Men ; God hath also bighly Exalted bim, and given him s Name which is above every Name...


curled, and inglorious Ucarli,

And this Exalcation of CHRIST conlisteth, in the Pofleffion of certain peculiar Powers and Priviledges, from whence the highest Glory is reflected upon his human Nature. He enter'd upon the Execution, and Enjoyment of these, presently after his Death: For when his Body had been for some Time in the Grave, before it faw Corruption, he restored it again to Life: As he was put to Death in the Flesh; so he was soon after Quickend by the Spis. rit, that is, by the Power of his own God. head; by Virtue whereof he did reunite unto his Soul, the fame Body which died. and was buried, retaining all its essential Properties, yer eternally separated from Mortality, and all other Infirmities what, soever. So that what was subject to Death was plac'd beyond the Possibility of it, What was liable to Pain and Weariness, became utterly incapable.of any such Sen facion.' What required the Refreshments of Meat, Drink, and Sleep, was entirely freed from wanting the Use of those Sup; ports. And what was a natural Body, fitted for a Pilgrimage here on Earth, was purified, and spiritualiz'd into a Capacity of inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven, into which Fless and Blood, in its natural, un refin'd State, cannot Enter. Thus was the


Body of CHRIST Exalted from the lowly Condicion, iç underwent for our Sakes, and fashioned into a more Glorious Frame than ever it was before. Thus was his Soul brought back from the unseen Regions, and joyn'd again to it, never more to suffer another Separation. And thus was all his Doctrine most illustriousy Confirm’d; and be himself declared to be the Son of God with Power, according to the Spirit of Holiness, by his Resurrection from the Dead.

And as CHRIST was highly Exalted in his Resurrection from the Dead; so likewise in his Ascension into Heaven. After he had disarmed Death of its Sting, and overcome the King of Terrors, be afcended up on high, and led Captivity Captive. By a true and local Translation, he convey'd himself from the Earth on which he lived, through all the Regions of the Air, through all the Celestial Orbs, until he came unto the Heaven of Heavens, the most glorious Presence of the Divine Majesty. This was a noble Inauguration to the perfect Execution of his Kingly Office: And then it might properly have been Sung; Lift up your Heads, o ye Gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting Doors, and the King of Glory shall come in. The Heaven of Heavens did Open and Receive his humane Nature: which was presently set down at the right Hand of God, far above all Principality, and Power, and Might, and Dominion, and every Name that is named, not only in this World, but also in that which is to come..

And this sitting of CHRIST at God's right Hand, is another Priviledge wherein his Exaltation consistech. We must noc however understand the Phrase, of sitting at God's right Hand, strictly and literally, but in a loose and metaphorical Sente: For whereas God is a Spirit he can have no bodily Parts, and consequently no Hands at all. But the right Hand of God, signifies the seat of immense Power, Hap. piness, and Glory; and because CHRIST in his human Nature, is exalted above all created Beings, to be immediately next unto God himself in Power, Happiness, and Glory, therefore he is said to fit ac God's right Hand. Not as if he was confin'd to any particular Posture, for sitting only implies his being unchangeably fix'd in the Possession of that Glory, Happinels, and Power, which upon account of his Death and Sufferings, are conferred upon him.



· Lafly, Another Part of CHRIST's Exattacion, is his coming to Judge the World at the last Day. Though the Power of Judging is common to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, yet the Execution of this Power belongs to the Son alone; forafmuch as he alone stooped so low, as to Affume our Nature. Thushe tells us himself, that the Father bath given him Auk thority to execute Judgment, because be is the Son of Man; that is, because he alone is che Son of Man as well as the Son of God; He alone of the chree Persons which by God was judg’d, and condeinn'd by Man, and therefore he alone shall Judge, and respedively Condemn and Absolve Men at the last Day; when he shall appear in his human glorified Body, accended and waited upon by all the Angels of Heaven. After this, he mall deliver up the Kingdom to God, eren the Father ; by which may be meant, that his Mediatorial Kingdom, or his Office of Mediator shall be at an End, together with those Powers that relate to it: Nevertheless, the Powers and Priviledges which are due cither upon the Union of the human Nature with the Divine, or in Compensation of the Afflictions an© John v. 27. di Cor. xy. 24.


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