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from him, unqualified to receive Benefic by his Coning

Fourthly and Lasıly, The Consideration of the exact Righteousness, with which CHRIST will judge the World in the Last Day, ought to be Matter of Support to good Men under their Misfortunes ; and co keep them from envying of repining at the Prosperity of the Wicked. För as God is pleased to cry Men here; to fend chem Difficulties and Hardthips to struggle with, so if they fight a good Fight, if they endure unto the End, and are found Faithful; he will then ter a brighter Crown upon their Heads, and will infinitely outballance their light Ami&tions that are but for a Moment, with an exceeding, with an eternal Weight of Glory.

On the contrary, those wicked Persons who shall have lived Irreligiously here; who shall have neglected the several Duties incumbene upon them, though bý their outward Condition, they may now seem to be the Favourites of Heaven, and the Darlings of Providence, shall in that terrible Day find to their crernal Confulion, unless a true and timely Repentance prevent it, that chey had all their good Portion in this Life ; and that their Pupiflument will chen be augmented in Pro


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portion to the Mercies they ungratefully abused. For in that terrible Day, God's Auger shall smoke against all thole, whom he 110w luffereth co violate his Laws wich Impunity. In that terrible Day, thofc who now defpife Reproof, and think themselves too big for it, shall be severely sentenc'd; and such mighty Men shall be then mightily tormented. Woe: then will be to those wretched Creatures, who are now deaf to all the Exhortacions that are given them to Repentance, and holy Living: How willing will they then be when 'cis impossible for them to make their Peace with God, who now stop their Ears-against the Advices and Perswasions of bis Ambasadors, and Ministers of Rye conciliation?

Oh! that we would duly reflect upon these Things betimes ; and fincerely gow vern our Lives now by the Rules which our Holy Religion hath laid down;, and then we shall have no Occalion to be dea jected at any Calamity that may befal us : or to fret and be envious against the Workers of Iniquity: Since at the Last Day, the Lord, the righteous Yudge shall. receive all his faithful Sufferers, and all truc Christians, into the everlasting Mana sions of infinite Bliss; but shall cast all.

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wicked People, High and Low, Rich and Poor, one with another, into the Lake tbat burreth with Fire and Brimstone; where they shall weep, and wail, and deplore their Misery to all Eternity. From which dreadful Place, God of his infinite Mercy deliver us all, for Jesus CHRIST his Sake. Amen.



Plalm cxix. 68.
Thou art Good, and doft Good.
MONG all the glorious Perfecti-

ons of the Divine Being, there is none shines out with a more eminent Lustre than his Goodness. Nay, This seemeth to be God's Darling and belov'd Attribute ; which he takes a peculiar Delight in, and loves to be known by For when Mofes desired to see an extraordinary Manifestation of the Deity, God told him, that he would make all his Goodness pass before him: And according, ly we read that be descended in a Cloud,



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and passing by before bim proclaimed,
the Lord, the Lord God, merciful, and
gracious, long Suffering, and abundant in
Goodness: Keeping Mercy for thousands,
forgiving Iniquity, Transgresion, and Sin;
and who will by no means clear the Guilty.
And what greater Satisfaction could Moses
or we receive, than to hear God making
such a gracious Declaration as this? Than
to behold him thus glorying in the Riches,
in the Abundance of his Goodness: This
is indeed that Excellency, which causeth
the Notion of him to be agreeable and
delightful; which doth (if I may lo speak to en
adorn and beautify his Nature. His other
Attributs, such as Simplicity, Unity, Im-
mutability, Imipensity, Eternity, Know-
ledge, Justice, Power, and the like, render
hiin awful and, majestic; but his Good-
nels renders him amiable. Thex makes

the Object of our profoundet ReVerence ; but The makes him che Object of our most exalted Love.

And since the Goodness of God is so glorious and lovely an Ateribute, we can110€ lurely milpend our Time and Thoughts, if we employ them for a while in the ConGdcration of it.

To begin chen, the Goodness of God is two-fold: Absolute and Relative. The


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former I take to consist in the infinite
and unbounded Perfections of his Nature:
The latter in the communicating and
imparting of his Bliss. Both thefe scein
to be contained in my Text; Tbou art
Good, and doft Good: and Both will chere-
fore claim a Place in my following Dil-
course. ! And
First of all

, God's absolute. Goodness ; whereby we understand, the infinite and unbounded. Perfections, of his Naturc. That God is infinite and unbounded in the Perfections of his Nature, must be granted by every body that owns his Exis Atence. His scarce poflible for us to cast our Eyes upon the Universe, without confelling this great Truth, for all the Parts of it do most loudly proclaim it..

We may · fee a tilt deal of Beauty, Perfection, and Goodness, in all God's Creatures; he himself faw every Thing that be had made, and bebold it was very good: And foralmuch as he was the Maker of all Things ; forastuuch as he

herchoke all the Goodness and Perfeélion, which is in them, mult be given by bim too, and

alcribed to him as the sole Cause: They being as unable

to make themselves.lences good or perfect, as to make

hemel esine teNow is a very noted Maxim, that

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