Imatges de pÓgina

2891 HISTORY of Maritime and Inland Discovery, vignettes by Finden, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, 6s, 6d. 1830 Contains an excellent summary of early voyages. 2892 HISTORY of Switzerland from the earliest time, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 1832 2893 HISTORY of the Middle and



ing Classes, with a popular exposition of the economical and political principles which have influenced their conditions, by Wade, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 2894 HISTORY of Painting, Ancient and Modern, interspersed with Anecdotes, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 1835 2895 HISTORY of the Cotton Manufacture of Great Britain, with a Notice of its early History in the East, and in all the Quarters of the Globe, by E. Baines portraits, drawings of machinery, &c. 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. 2896 HISTORY of the Hugonots, or the Protestant Reformation in France, by Mrs. Marsh, 2 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 1847 10s. 6d. (pub. £1. 4s. cloth) 2897 HISTORY of Auricular Confession, or the Secrets of the Confessional, by Count C. P. Lasteyrie, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. £1.1s.) 1850 2898 HITCHCOCK'S (R.) Historical View of the Irish Stage, from the earliest period, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. hf. bd. 4s. Dublin, 1788 2899 HOARE'S (Prince) Inquiry into the requisite Cultivation and Present State of the Art of Design in England, frontispiece, 12mo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, 3s. 6d. 1806 2900 HOARE'S (Prince) Epochs of the Arts, including Hints on the Rise and Progress of Painting and Sculpture in Great Britain, post 8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, 3s. 6d. 1813 2901 HOARE'S (Sir R. C.) Ancient History of North Wiltshire, Complete, 16 fine plates, royal folio, cloth, 15s.

2904 HOBBES' (T. of Malmesbury) Works, Complete, English and Latin, now first collected by Sir W. MOLESWORTH, portrait and plates, 16 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, £5. 10s. 1839-45

"Hobbes may be numbered amongst those Work-eminent persons born in the latter half of the 16th century who gave a new character to European philosophy in the succeeding age. A permanent foundation of his fame consists in his admirable style, which seems to be the very perfection of didactic language.”—Sir J. Mackintosh. 2905 HOBBES' (T.) Epistolica Dissertatio de Principiss Justi et Decori continens Apologiam pro tractatu cl. Hobbæi de Cive, 12mo. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, 4s. 6d. Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1651 2906 HOBBES' (T.) Elements Philosophica de Cive, 12mo. vellum, gilt edges, uncut, 4s. 6d.

1819 2902 HOARE'S (Sir R. C.) HISTORY of OLD and NEW SARUM, or Salisbury, corrected, arranged, and finished by R. Benson, Esq. M.A. and Henry Hatcher, Esq. royal folio, beautifully printed, £2. 18s. 1843

This volume, which is printed in large type on superior paper, is extensively illustrated with

plates of coins, antiquities, views, &c.; forms a portion of Sir Richard Colt Hoare's History of Modern Wiltshire.

2903 HOBHOUSE (Sir J. C. Lord Brough

ton) Letters to Lord Byron on the last reign of Napoleon, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 5s.



Amsterdam, Elzevir, 1669 2907 HOBBES' (T.) Leviathan, Cive de Materia, Forma, et Potestate Civitatis, Ecclesiastica et Civilis, 4to. calf neat, Amsterdam, 1670 2908 HOBBES' (T.) History of the Civil Wars of England, from 1640 to 1660, 12mo. new calf gilt, carmine edges, old style, 5s. 6d. 1679 2909 HOBBES' (T.) Tracts, containing Behemoth, Answer to Abp. Bramhall, An Historical Narration of Heresie, &c. &c. fine portrait, 8vo. calf, 3s. 1682. 2910 HOBBES' (T.) Moral and Political

Works, with Life of the Author, and Remarks on his Writings, fine portrait, folio, calf gilt, very neat, £1. 10s. 1750 2911 HOCCLEVE'S (Thomas) Poems, never before printed, selected from a MS. in the possession of G. Mason, with Notes and Glossary, 4to. calf neat, 8s. 6d.


All the copies except 50 were destroyed. 2912 HODGES' (W.) VIEWS IN INDIA, drawn on the spot, in the Years 1780-8182 and 83, executed in Aqua-Tinta, 44 fine large views, with descriptions in English and French, oblong folio, hf. russia, 18s. 1786 2913 HODGES' (W.) Travels in India, during the Years 1780-81-82, and 83, map and numerous fine plates, royal 4to. hf. russia gilt, marbled edges, 4s. 1794 2914 HODSON'S (Major) Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life in India, including a personal narrative of the Siege of Delhi and Capture of the King and Princes, edited by his brother the Rev. G. H. Hodson, portrait, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 10s. 6d.) 1859

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2915 HOFER (Andrew) Memoirs of the Life of, by C. H. Hall, Esq. full length portrait and map, 1820-Dissertation on the Passage of Hannibal over the Alps, maps, 1820, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf gilt, marbled edges, 4s. 6d. 1820 2916 HOFFMAN'S (C. F.) WORKS, viz. Winter in the Far West, 2 vols.-Wild Scenes in the Forest and Prairie, 2 vols. -Greyslaer, a Romance of the Mohawk, 3 vols. together 7 vols. sm. 8vo. newly hf. bd. calf, richly gilt, nice uniform set, £1. 10s. (pub. £3. 13s. 6d. unbd.)

2928 HOLBEIN'S PORTRAITS OF THE COURT OF HENRY VIII. the original and large edition, all the Plates engraved by BARTOLZZI, 69 very fine portraits finished in coloured tints, and 2 exquisite. little coloured miniatures (a few portraits wanting) impl. folio, VERY FINE COPY, russia extra, gilt edges, BY STAGGEMEIER, £5. 5s.

1835-40 2917 HOFFMAN'S (C. F.) Winter in the Far West. 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 3s. (pub. £1. 1s.) 1835 2918 HOFFMAN'S (C. F.) Wild Scenes in the Forest and Prairies, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. (pub. 16s.) 1840 2919 HOFLAND'S (F. C.) Description of the Mansion and Gardens of White Knights, 23 fine plates, India proofs, with some of the landscapes beautifully coloured, folio, hf. bd. vellum, uncut, £1. 8s. (pub. £10. 10s.) 1816 2920 HOFLAND'S British Angler's Manual, or the Art of Angling in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, with an account of the principal Rivers, Lakes, and Trout Streams in the United Kingdom, numerous engravings on steel and wood, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 1839 2921 HOGG'S (James, the Ettrick Shepherd) Poetical Works, with copious Notes, 4 vols. 12mo. bds. 8s. 6d. 1822 2922 HOGG'S (James) Shepherd's Calendar, a Collection of Tales, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. SCARCE. 1829 2923 HOGG (James) Collection of Songs, 12mo. cloth, 3s. Blackwood, 1831 2924 HOGG'S (James) Jacobite Relics of Scotland, the Songs, Airs, and Legends of the Adherents to the House of Stuart, BOTH SERIES, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, £2. 8s. SCARCE. · 1821 2925 HOGG'S (James) Jacobite Relics of Scotland, being the Songs, Airs, and Legends of the Adherents to the House of Stuart, 8vo. cloth, 14s. second series. Edinburgh, 1821 2926 HOGG'S (T. Jefferson) Two Hundred and Nine Days, or the Journal of a Traveller on the Continent, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 3s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1s.) 1827 2927 HOLCROFT (Thomas) Memoirs of, written by himself, and continued to the time of his death, from his Diary, Notes, and other Papers, 3 vols.. 12mo. bds. 5s. 6d. 1816


"A very charming, costly, and captivating 2929 HOLDEN'S (H. A.) Foliorum Silperformance."-Dibdin. vulæ, being Selections for translation into Latin and Greek Verse, post 8vo. cloth, 5s. Cambridge, 1852 2930 HOLE'S (Rev. M.) Practical Discourses on all the Parts and Offices of the Liturgy of the Church of England, edited by Dr. Giles, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 18s. 6d. or newly bd. calf antique, carmine edges, £1.8s. Pickering, 1837-38 2931 HOLFORD'S (Miss) Wallace, or the Fight of Falkirk, a Metrical Romance, 8vo. russia neat, 3s. 1810 2932 HOLIDAY-BOOK (The) for Christmas and the New Year, containing Fairy Legends and Tales, Christmas Carols and Music, Poetry, Pictures of Christmas Sports, Manners and Customs, &c. &c. profusely illustrated, folio, cloth, emblematic binding, 12s. (pub. £1. 1s.) 1855 2933 HOLLAND'S (Lord) Foreign Reminiscences, edited by his Son, Henry Edward, Lord Holland, post 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 1851

2934 HOLLAR-VERTUE'S (Geo.) Description of the Works of W. Hollar, the Engraver, with an Account of his Life, illustrated with upwards of 70 engravings by him, consisting of Views, Portraits, Birds, Fish, Costume, Map, &c. &c. FINE IMPRESSIONS, portrait of Hollar, by Skelton, thick 4to. hf. morocco, £5. 5s. 1745 Contains the autograph of G. Vertue on the title. 2935 HOLLIER (Richard) Glances at Various Objects, during a Nine Weeks' Ramble through parts of France, Switzerland, Piedmont, Austrian Lombardy, Venice, Carinthia, the Tyrol, Schaffhausen, the Banks of the Rhine, and Holland, map, 4to. cloth, 6s. 6d.

Privately printed, 1831 2936 HOLMES' (J.) History of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. 1825 2937 HOLT'S (E.) Public and Domestic Life of George III. compiled from Authentic Sources, and interspersed with numerous Anecdotes, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, 4s. 6d. 1820

Du Roveray's edition, illustrated with beautiful engravings by Stothard, Fuseli, Westall, &c. 6 vols. 8vo. bds. 8s. 6d.

2938 HOLT (Joseph, General of the Irish | 2946 HOMER'S Iliad, translated by Pope, Rebels, 1798) Memoirs of; edited from the Original MSS. in the possession of Sir W. Betham, by T. Crofton Croker, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 5s. 6d. 1838 2939 HOLWELL'S (J. Zephaniah) Nar- 2947 HOMER'S Iliad, translated into rative of the deplorable Deaths of 123 English Verse by T. S. Brandreth, 2 English Gentlemen and Others, who vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s. were suffocated in the Black Hole at


of the Frogs and Mice, translated by Pope, frontispiece and vignette, 18mo. 1817 calf neat, 2s.

Pickering, 1846 Calcutta, in June, 1756, plate, 12mo. hf. 2948 HOMER'S Odyssey, and the Battle calf gilt, 3s. 6d. 1806 2940 HOME AFFECTIONS portrayed by the Poets, a selection of choice Pieces from the best Modern Poets, edited by C. Mackay, Esq. illustrated with 100 fine engravings on wood, beautifully printed on toned and hot-pressed paper, morocco. extra, gilt edges, BY HAYDAY, sm. 4to. £1.8s. 1858 2941 HOMERI OPERA OMNIA, Gr. et Lat. ex recens. et cum Notis S. Clarkii access. var. Lect. cura Ernesti qui et suas Notas adspersist, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £1. 1s. Lipsia, 1824

"The best edition of the complete works of Homer, from the authority of Harwood and Harles, and from the general estimation in which this work is held by learned men, we may justly rank it with the very best editions of Homer."-Dibdin. 2942 HOMERI Ilias et Odyssea, beauti

fully printed by Whittingham, portrait, 2 vols. 48mo. cloth, 6s. 6d. LARGE PAPER, (pub. 12s.) Pickering, 1831 2943 HOMER-THE ILIADS AND THE ODYSSES OF HOMER, Prince of Poets, never before in any Language truly translated, with a Comment on some of his Chiefe Places, done according to the Greeke, by GEORGE CHAPMAN, engraved title by Hole, and contains the printed title to the Odysses which is often wanting, folio, newly and elegantly bd. green morocco, super extra, gilt edges, in RIVIERE's best style (frontispiece laid down, and the first Leaf of Dedication mended) £7. 17s. 6d. Printed for N. Butler, n. d.

This EXTREMELY RARE VOLUME is seldom found in good condition, the above is a tall copy. 2944 HOMER'S Iliads and Odysseys, never

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2949 HOMER'S Battle of the Frogs and Mice, Hymns and Epigrams; HESIOD'S Works and Days; MUSEUS' Hero and Leander; JUVENAL'S Fifth Satire, translated by G. Chapman, with Introduction and Notes by Hooper, frontispiece, feap. Svo. cloth, 5s.


2950 HOMER-L'Iliade et Odysée d'Homere, avec des remarques, precedés de reflexions sur l'Odysée et sur la traduction des Poëtes par Bitaube, numerous folding plates, 12 vols. 18mo. VERY FINE COPY, french calf extra, gilt edges, 15s. Paris, 1787 2951 HONAN'S (M. B.) Andalusian Sketch Book, a collection of Tales, Legends Poetry, &c. with popular airs, and illustrated by 12 coloured plates of costume, royal 4to. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.) 1837

2952 HONE'S EVERY DAY BOOK, TABLE Book, and YEAR BOOK, or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, Sports, Pastimes, Ceremonies, Manners, Customs, and Events, including Remarkable Anecdotes, Facts in Chronology, Antiquities, Topography, Biography, Natural History, Arts, Science, &c. 500 woodcuts, 4 thick vols. 8vo. newly and handsomely bd. hf. calf gilt, £1. 14s. or calf gilt, marbled edges, £1. 19s. 1860

before in any language truly translated, done into English verse, by G. CHAPMAN, with Introduction and Notes by Hooper, portrait, 4 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, £1. 1857 2945 HOMER'S Iliad and Odyssey, translated by POPE, DU ROVERAY'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION, illustrated with numerous fine engravings after designs from Fuseli, Smirke, Westall, Stothard, &c. PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, 12 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, calf, very neat, £3. 10s. Du Roveray, 1805|:.

Reader, have you ever seen Hone's Every Day directly. You will meet with spirit-stirring deBook? If not, you cannot do better than buy it scriptions of old customs, delighful woodcuts of old buildings, as well as many a fine secret, by the "Seasons" difference. He has deserved learned among the woods and fields, and whispered well of the Naturalist, the Antiquarian, and the Poet.

2953 HONE'S Three Trials, for Publishing

Three Parodies, viz. The late John Wilk's
Catechism, the Political Litany, and the
Sinecurist's Creed, also the Trial by
Jury and the Liberty of the Press, in
1 vol. 8vo. bds. 3s. 6d.

Original Edition,


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mains, by Rev. R. D. Barham, post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. 1849 2967 HOOKER'S Ecclesiastical Polity and other Works, with Life of the Author, by Isaac Walton, 3 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, 14s. Oxford, 1793 2968 HOOKER-Works of that learned and judicious Divine, with Life and Death by Isaac Walton, edited by Notes by Keble, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s. Oxford, 1841 2969 HOOKER-Works of that learned and judicious Divine, with an Account of his Life and Death by Isaac Walton, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s. Oxford, 1850 "The adamantine and imperishable work of Hooker, says Dr. PARR, "is his Ecclesiastical Polity." BP. WARBURTON calls him "the excellent, the admirable, the best man of our order." 2970 HOOKER'S (Sir W.) Journal of a Tour in Iceland during the Summer of 1809, maps and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 1813


2954 HONE'S ANCIENT MYSTERIES de- | 2966 HOOK'S (Theodore) Life and Re scribed, especially the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testament Story extant among the unpublished MSS. in the British Museum, plates, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. 1823 2955 HONOUR'S ACADEMIE, or the famous Pastorall of the Faire Shepherdesse Julietta, a work admirable and rare, sententious and grave, and no less pleasant than profitable to peruse, done into English by R. T. folio, old calf, 7s. 6d. 1610 2956 HOOD'S (Thomas) WORKS, viz. Whims and Oddities, in prose and verse, 80 illustrations, 2 vols. 1827-National Tales, plates by Dighton, 2 vols. 1827Tylney Hall, 3 vols. 1834-Whimsicalities, a Periodical Gathering, numerous illustrations, from designs by Leech, 2 vols. 1844, together 9 vols post 8vo. hf. calf gilt, marbled edges, £2. 15s. (pub. £4. 14s. 6d. unbd.) 1827-44 2957 HOOD'S (Thos.) National Tales, illustrated with plates by Dighton, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 8s. 6d. 1827 2958 HOOD'S (T.) Whimsicalities, a Periodical Gathering, numerous illustrations from designs by Leech, 2 vols post 8vo. clean, in cloth, 12s. (pub. £1. 1s.) 1844 2959 HOOD'S (Thos.) Whims and Oddities, in prose and verse, with 87 original designs by the Author, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 1857 2960 HOOD'S (Thos.) Poems of Wit and Humour, fcap. cloth, 4s. 1858 2961 HOOD'S (Thos.) Poetical Works, eleventh edition, portrait, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 6s. or morocco extra, gilt edges, 8s. 6d. 1859 2962 HOOD'S (Thomas) Pen and Pencil Pictures, Prose and Poetical, illustrations, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 10s. 6d.) 1857 2963 HOOKE'S (E.) The Spirit of the Martyrs Revived, being a Compendious Collection of the most Remarkable Passages and Living Testimonies, of the Faithful Martyrs in all Ages, n. d.-A Christian Plea against Persecution for the Cause of Conscience, folio, calf, 10s. 6d. scarce. [1664] 2964 HOOK'S (Theodore) Births, Deaths, aud Marriages, LIBRARY EDITION, 3 vols. post 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.) 1839 2965 HOOK'S (Theodore) Precepts and Practice, illustrated by Phiz, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.) 1840

"I trust that I am equally satisfying my own conscience and the good taste of the public, when I give my unqualified recommendation of this work."-Dibdin.

2971 HOOKER (Sir W.) and TAYLOR'S
(Dr.) Muscologia Britannica, containing
the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland,
systematically arranged and described,
37 coloured plates, 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 1s
(pub. £3. 5s. in bds.)
2972 HOOKER'S (Sir W.) British Flora,
comprising the Phænogamous or Flower-
ing Plants, and the Ferns, coloured
plates, vol. 1, all published, 8vo. calf gilt,
marbled leaves, 10s. 6d.
2973 HOOKER'S (Sir W.) Botanical Mis-
cellany, containing Figures and Descrip-
tions of Plants, which recommended
themselves by their Novelty, Rarity, or
History, or by the uses to which they are
applied in the Arts, in Medicine, and in
Domestic Economy, together with occa-
sional Botanical Notices and Information,
including many valuable Communications
from distinguished Scientific Travellers,
153 plates, many finely coloured, 3 thick
vols. royal 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s. (pub
£5. 5s.)
or an enumeration of the Plants of
Western Tropical Africa, map and plates,
8vo. cloth, 8s. 6d.

2975 HOOKER'S (W. D.) Notes on
Norway, or a Brief Journey of a Tour
made to the Northern parts of Norway,
in the Summer of 1836, 8vo. sewed,
2s. 6d.
Privately printed, 1839



2976 HOOTON'S (H.) Bridle for the
Tongue, or some Practical Discourses on
Lying, Equivocation, Promise-breaking,
Discovering Secrets, Jesting, &c. &c.
8vo. calf, 3s.
2977 HOPE'S Anastasius, or the Memoirs
of a Greek, written at the close of the
18th Century, 3 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf
gilt, 10s. 6d.
2978 HOPE'S Costumes of the Ancients,
illustrated by 300 beautifully engraved
plates, containing representations of
Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman Habits
and Dresses, 2 vols. royal 8vo. calf neat,
£1. 8s.
2979 HOPE'S Costumes of the Ancients,
illustrated in upwards of 320 beautifully
engraved plates, containing representa-
tions of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman
Habits and Dresses, 2 vols. royal 8vo.
cloth, new edition, with nearly 20 ad-
ditional plates, £1. 15s.
An indispensable book for artists.
2980 HOPE'S (Dr. J.) Treatise on th
Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels,
and on the Affection which may be mis-
taken for them, plates, 8vo. cloth, third
edition, 10s. 6d. (pub. 18s.)


"When his great work on 'Diseases of the Heart' was first published, the whole profession united in commendation of its excellence; and in the enlarged and improved form in which the author was fortunately enabled to reproduce it in a third edition, it is now universally acknowledged to be the best book on the subject in any language."-British and Foreign Medical Review. 2981 HOPKINS (E. J.) THE ORGAN, its

History and Construction, a Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ, with Specifications and Suggestive details for instruments of all sizes, intended as a handbook for the Organist and the Amateur, with an entirely New History of the Organ by Dr. Rimbault, profusely illustrated, very thick vol. royal 8vo. (pp. 700) cloth, £1. 1s. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.) 1855 2982 HORAPOLLO NILOUS' Hierogly

phics, Greek and English, by A. T. Cory, plates and woodcuts, post 8vo. calf gilt, very neat, 9s. 6d. Pickering, 1840 2983 HORATII OPERA cura PINE, most beautifully engraved throughout, with many exquisite vignettes, 2 vols. royal 8vo. BDS. UNCUT, VERY CLEAN, £2. 10s.

Another copy, old calf, richly gilt on the side, gilt edges, A GOOD ORIGINAL COPY, VERY TALL AND CLEAN, £2. 15s. 1733-7 2984 HORATII Opera detersis recentibus plerumque maculis nitori suo restituta, frontispiece, 12mo, old french calf gilt, gilt edges, 3s. Paris, 1775

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2989 HORNE'S (T. H.) Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, ninth edition, numerous maps and facsimilies of Biblical MSS. 4 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 15s.


This invaluable work, now adopted as a testbook in our Universities and theological seminaries, is the most comprehensive in the English language on subjects relating to the critical study and interpretation of the sacred writings. 2990 HORNE'S (T. H.) Introduction to the Criticism of the Old Testament and to Biblical Interpretation, with an analysis of the books of the Old Testament and Apocrypha, revised and edited by the Rev. John Ayre, thick 8vo. vol. new cloth, £1. 1s. Just published, 1860 2991 HORNE'S (R. H.) New Spirit of the Age, portraits, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s. (pub. £1. 4s.) 1844 2992 HORREBOW'S (N.) Natural History of Iceland, with a Meteorological Table and Remarks, translated from the Danish, map, folio, hf. calf, 7s. 6d. 1758 2993 HORSES and Hounds, a Practical Treatise on their management, by Scrutator, with RAREY'S Method of Taming Wild Horses, engravings by Harrison Weir, post 8vo. newly hf. bd. 3s. 6d.



The Art of Riding set forth in a brief Treatise, with a due interpretation of certaine places alleged out of Zenophon and Gregson, verie expert and excellent Horsemen by Blundeville, Henrie Denham, 1584-The Arte of Riding, written at large by Master Claudio Corte, translated by Tho. Bedingfield, woodcut, ib. 1584, in 1 vol. sm. 4to. calf, very neat (the second Book named is imperfect at the end) 15s. rare. 1584

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