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715 BLAKESLEY'S (J. W.) Ten Sermons | 725 BLORE'S (E.) Monumental Remains

preached before the University of Cam of Noble and Eminent Persons, with bridge on the Majesty of Law, the Dis Historical and Biographical Illustrations, pensation of Paganism, Christian Evi 30 finely executed line engravings by Le

dences, &c. &c. 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. 1843 Keux, impl. 8vo. bds. 14s. (pub. £3. 15s.) 716 BLAKEWAYS'(Rev.J. B.) SHERIFFS

1826 OF SHROPSHIRE, with their Armorial Bear- 726 BLORE'S Monumental Remains of ings, and Notices, Genealogical and Bio Noble and Eminent Persons, comprisgraphical, of their Families, plates of ing the Sepulchral Antiquities of Great Arms, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, hf. calf, Britain, 30 fine plates, INDIA PROOFS, £2. 12s. 6d.

Shrewsbury, 1831 with Historical and Biographical Illustra717 BLANCHARD'S (Laman) Sketches tions, LARGE PAPER, royal 4to. new hf.

from Life, with Memoir of the Author by morocco, uncut, £1. 15s. (pub. £6. 65.) Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, portrait after Mac

1826 lise, and wood engravings from designs by A beautiful and indeed captivating performGEORGE CRUIKSHANK, Kenny Meadows,

The engravings, in the line inanner, are and Frank Stone, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, burin of Mr. Blore; and more brilliant, or rather

from the faithful pencil, and in part from tho 9s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1ls. 6d.)

1849 characteristic, performances have never yet been " These Sketches from Life,' are valuable witnessed. This work is also as reasonable in additions to the library of modern literature. As price as it is rich in embellishments, and the text Addison and Steele reflected their own generations, is executed with equal neatness and care.”— so has Laman Blanchard in his Sketches mirrored Dibdin's Lib. Comp. forth the variable and motley peculiarities of the 727 BLOUNT'S (T.) Academy of Elopresent day; they have but to be read to be admired. Let all lovers of our British essayists, all

quence, with Letters both Amorous and worshippers of our Goldsmiths, our Lambs and

Moral, 121 old binding, 4s. 1683 our Hawkesworths, add these three volumes to 728 BLUNT'S (J. J.) VESTIGES of the their previous collection. Sir Edward Bulwer Ancient Manners and Customs discoverLytton's memoir will be read with much interest.” -Sun.

able in Modern Italy and Sicily, 8vo. hf. 718 BLAND'S (R.) Proverbs, chiefly taken

bd. uncut, 12s. 6d. SCARCE.

1823 from the Adagia of Erasmus, with Ex- | 729 BLUNT’S (J. J.) Hulsean Lectures for planations, and further illustrated by the year 1831, on the Veracity of the Hiscorresponding examples, from the Span

torical Books of the Old Testament, post ish, Italian, French, and English Lan

8v0. bs. 23.

1832 guages, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. 730 BLUNT'S (J. J.) Hulsean Lectures

1814 for the year 1832, post 8vo. bds. 2s. 1833 719 BLAXTON'S (J.) English Usurer, 731 BLUNT'S (J.J.) Discourses upon some curious woodcut frontispiece, small 4to.

of the Doctrinal Articles of the Church of hf. calf neat, 10s. 6d. J. Norton, 1634

England, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 1837 A the end is a Poem against Usury, by | 732 BOADEN'S (James) Memoirs of Mrs. G. Withers.

Siddons, Mrs. Jordan, and J. Philip 720 BLESSINGTON'S (Countess of) Con Kemble, interspersed with Anecdotes of

fessions of an Elderly Lady, illustrated Authors and Actors, portraits, 6 vols. by 8 portraits,-Confessions of an Elderly 8vo. newly and uniformly hf. bd. calf Gentleman, illustrated by 6 portraits, to gilt, £1. 8s.

1825-31 gether 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 9s. 60. 733 BOADEN'S (James) Memoirs of J.

1836-8 Philip Kemble, including a History of 721 BLIGH'S (Capt.) Voyage to the South the Stage from the time of Garrick to the

Sea, and an Account of the Mutiny of present period, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. the Bounty, portrait and maps, 4to. calf gilt, 8s. 60.

1825 newly hf. bd. calf gilt, 6s. 6d. 1792 734 BOCCACE_CONTES DE, illustrated 722 BLOFIELD'S (J. H.) Algeria Past with numerous plates, by Eison and Gra

and Present, containing a Description of velot, 10 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £1. 15s. 1779 the Country, Manners, and Customs of 735 BOCHAS—THETRAGEDIES GATHERED

the Inhabitants, &c. 8vo, bds. 2s. 1844 BY JOHN BOCHAS of all such Princes as 723 BLOOMFIELD'S (R.) Poetical Works, fell from theyr Estates through the muta

portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 2s. 1821 bilitie of Fortune since the Creation of 724 BLOOMFIELD'S (R.) Farmer's Boy, Adam, translated by John Lidgate, Monke

illustrated with 30 fine engravings from of Burrey, folio, Black Letter, FINE drawings by Birket Foster, Harrison COPY, maroon morocco, gilt edges, by J. Weir, &c. sm. 8vo. extra cloth, gilt CLARKE, £5. 15s. 6d. edges, 6s. 60.


John Waylande, n. d. (1558)


736 BODDINGTON'S (Mrs.) Poems, illus- 747 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER,

trated with numerous very pretty wood. beautifully printed within red lines, and cuts, thick 8vo. fancy bds. 5s. 6d.

having the rubrics in red, royal folio, Longmans, 1839 splendidly bound in blue morocco, joints, “ All who read her must admire her

silk linings, gilt edges, A VERY HANDSOME They are delightful; they breathe throughout the very essence of woman's mind and woman's

VOLUME, £1. 15s.

Cambridge, 1838 heart."-Morning Post.

* Not the cost of Binding. 737 BOECKH’S (Aug.) Public Economy of 748 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER,

Athens, with a Dissertation on the Silver printed in LARGE TYPE, within red lines, Mines of Laurion, translated from the having the rubrics in red, 4to. German, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 9s. 6d. (pub. cloth, 18s.

Oxford, 1843 £1. 6s.)

1828 749 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER of 738 BOGUE (D.) and BENNETT's (J.) His

the Church of England, adapted for the tory of Dissenters from the Revolution in

general Use in other Protestant Churches, 1688 to 1808, 4 vols. 8vo. calf neat,

12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. Pickering, 1852 183, 6d.


750 BOOK OF CHRISTIAN PRAIERS, 739 BOIARDO Orlando Innamorato, ri

called QUEEN ELIZABETH'S PRAYER fatto da Francesco Berni, numerous illus

Book, Pickering's Beautiful Reprint, with trations, 5 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 8s. 6d.

portrait of the Queen, and every page Venezia, 1785

surrounded by a woodcut border, after 740 BOILEAU, Euvres complètes, con

ALBERT DURER and HOLBEIN, post 8vo. tenant ses Poesies, ses Ecrits en Prose, purple morocco, gilt edges, £1. 55. ses Lettres, &c. avec des Dissertations

Pickering, 1853 Critiques par de Saint Marc, illustrated 751 BOOK OF ANIMALS, illustrated by with numerous beautiful engravings by

Harrison Weir, with Descriptions and Picart, 5 vol. 8vo. old French calf, red

Anecdotes by Frederica Graham, 24 edges, 158. LARGE AND FINE PAPER

coloured plates, sm. 4to. cloth, 6s. 6d. Paris, 1772

1857 741 BOILEAU, Euvres complètes de, | 752 BOOK OF BRITISH BALLADS, précedées d'une Notice sur sa Vie par M.

edited by S. C. Hall, Esq. every page Daunau, revues par M. Léone Thiessé,

richly embellished with very highly 3 vols. newly hf. bd. calf gilt, 12s. 6d.

finished wood engravings, after designs Paris, 1832

by Creswick, Gilbert Franklin, Corbould, 742 BOISIO (Johanne) Veteris Interpretis

8c. 2 vols in 1 splendid volume, impl. cum Beza alüsq. recentioribus Collatio

8vo. newly bd. hf. morocco uncut, gilt in Quatuor Evangeliis et Apostolorum

top, £1. 5s.


It is scarcely possible to imagine a more ate Actis, sm. 8vo. calf neat, 12s. 6d. 1655

tractive volume. The decorations are of the very Book of EXTREME RARITY.-See Horne's highest class, the literary department is perfect, Introduction. 743 BOLINGBROKE'S (Lord) WORKS, 753 BOOK OF GEMS, or the Poets and

and the cheapness of the volume is a marvel. edited by Mallett, 5 vols. 4to. calf neat,

Artists of Great Britain, being selections LARGE TYPE EDITION, £1. 5s. 1754

from the most eminent Poets from 744 BOLINGBROKE'S Voyage to the

Chaucer to Bayly, accompanied by BioDemerary, Statistical Account of British Guiana, map. 4to, bds. 3s. 1807

graphical Notices, illustrated with up745 BOOKE OF COMMON PRAYER and

wards of 150 exquisitely beautiful line Administration of the Sacraments and

engravings after Turner, Bonnington, other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church

Landseer, Maclise, Roberts, Mulready,

Parris, &c. also numerous of England, Black Letter, 4to. calf,

engraved £1.5s. Robt. Barker and Jo. Bill, 1620

Autographs, 3 vols. 8vo. elegantly bd. in This edition has an almanack at the back

cloth, 21. 18s. or very handsomely bd. of the title for xxvi yeres, (1603 to 1628); the green morocco super extra, gilt edges, Prayers in the Litany being for King James; Prince £3. 5s. (pub. £4. 14s. 6d. cloth) 1853 Charles; Frederike, the Prince Elector Palatine, A work, which for beauty of illustration and and the Lady Elizabeth, his wife.

elegance of arrangement, has seldom if ever been 746 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER- surpassed.

BP. MANT'S EDITION with copious Notes, 754 BOOK of STORIES from the Home Explanatory, Practical, and Historical, Treasury, edited by Felix Summerly, by the most eminent Writers, thick illustrated with 30 engravings by eminent 4to, morocco, gilt edges, £1. 8s.

artists, sq. 12mo. new cloth, 2s. 6d. (pub. Oxford, 1822 5s.)



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in a series of 45 beautifully executed Illus STRUCTIONS on Ecclesiastical Buildtrations of the most interesting localities ings translated from the Original Latin, of Shakspeare's Dramas, with Historical and Annotated by G. J. Wigley, with and Descriptive Accounts by Washington illustrations by S. J. Nichol, post 8vo. Irving, Jesse, W. Howitt, Wordsworth, cloth, 2s.6d.

1857 Inglis, and others, 8vo. cloth, 10s. 60. 765 BOROMINO (Cav. Franc.) La Chiesa, (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.)

1846 e Fabrica della Sapienza di Roma, etc. 756 BOOK of THE FATHERS, containing

portrait, and 47 plates of views, plans, the Lives of Celebrated Fathers of the elevations, and sections of the Church of Christian Church, and the Spirit of

Sapienza at Rome (to scale) impl. folio, their Writings, 8vo. calf gilt, 7s. 6d.


Roma, 1720 1837 766 BORROW'S (George) WORKS, viz. 757 BOOKE OF THE PILGREMAGE of

Bible in Spain, 3 vols.--Zincali, or the the Sowle, translated from the French

Gypsies in Spain, 2 vols.-Lavengro, the of Guillaume de Guileville, and printed

Scholar, the Gypsy, and the Priest,

3 vols. by William Caxton, An, 1483, with Illu

Romany Rye, a sequel to minations taken from the MS. Copy in

Lavengro, 2 vols. together 10 vols. post the British Museum, 4to. cloth 8s. 6d.

8vo. cloth, £1. 18s. another copy new hf. Pickering, 1859 calf gilt, £2. 18s. (pub. £5. 6s.)

1841-57 758 BOOK of VAGABONDS and BEGGARS, 1767 BORROW'S (George) Lavengro; The

with a Vocabulary of their Language, Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest, poredited by Martin LUTHER in 1528, now trait, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 10s. 60. first translated into English by J. C.

(pub. £1. 11s. 6d.)

1851 Hotten, beautifully printed by Whitting- 768 BORROW'S (George) Romany Rye, ham, sq. 8vo. new hf. morocco, 4s. 60.

a Sequel to Lavengro, 2 vols. post 8vo. 1860

cloth, 7s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1s.) 1857 A very singular book giving a list of the curious words used by the old beggars in Luther's 769 BOSSUET (Bp.) Life and Writings of, time.

by C. Butler, post 8vo. bds. 2s. 1812 759 BONAPARTE (Louis ex-King of 770 BOSTON'S (Rev. Thomas) COMPLETE

Holland) Historical Documents and Re Works, now first collected and reprinted flections on the Government of Holland, without abridgment, including his Me3 vols. 8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 16s.) moirs, written by himself, carefully

1820 edited by the Rev. Samuel McMillan, 760 BONER'S (Charles) Chamois Hunting 12 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 12s. 6d. 1853

in the Mountains of Bavaria, with illus- 771 BOSTON'S Body of Divinity, being an trations by Horschelt, 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. illustration of the Doctrines of the Chris(pub. 18s.)

1853 tian Religion, with respect to Faith and 761 BONNYCASTLE'S (Sir R. H.) New Practice, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, 8s. 6d. foundland in 1842, a Sequel to the

Berwick, 1811 Canadas in 1841, portrait, plates, and 772 BOSWELL'S Letters addressed to map, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (pub. J. Temple, now first published from the £1. Is.) 1842 original MSS. with Introduction and

1857 762 BORDE'S (Andrew) Breviarie of Notes, 8vo. cloth, 4s. (pub. 12s.)

Health, wherein doth follow, remedies 773 BOSWELL'S Tour to the Hebrides for all manner of Sicknesses and Dis with Johnson, portrait, hf. calf gilt, 4s. eases, the which may be in Man or

1813 Woman, &c. sm. 4to. old binding, Black | 774 BOSWELL'S Life of Dr. Samuel Letter, 15s.

Johnson, with an account of his Studies Imprinted at London, by Thomas East, and Numerous Works, in chronological

1575 order, fine portrait after Sir Joshua 763 BORGHINI (Raffaello) Il Riposo, in

Reynolds, engraved by Heath, 2 vols. 4to.

bds. FIRST EDITION, 10s. 6d. 1791 cui della Pittura e della Scultura si favella, &c. 8vo. old yellow morocco, gilt 775 BOSWELL'S Life of Dr. Samuel edges, 8s. 6d. (stained at one of the

Johnson, comprehending an account of corners with ink) best edition, SCARCE.

his Studies and numerous Works, por

Firenze, 1584 trait and facsimile, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, Col. Stanley's copy sold for £4. ls.

£1. 4s.

Oxford, 1826

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776 BOSWELL'S Life of Dr. Samuel 1787 BOWMAN and CROWTHER'S Speci

Johnson, including a Journal of his Tour mens of Early and Middle Pointed Ecto the Hebrides, with Anecdotes and clesiastical Buildings in Great Britain, Notes by various Hands, portrait and 125 large and very elaborate plates from vignette, 10 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, £1. 3s. actual admeasurement, with the scale of

1835 sizes to each, 2 vols. folio, hf. morocco, “ Boswell's Life of Johnson is the richest dic £5. 5s. (pub. £9. 9s.).

1849 tionary of wit and wisdom any language can boast. It is without doubt, excepting, yet hardly fect.”—Ecclesiologist.

“We can hardly conceive anything more perexcepting, a few immortal monuments of creative genius, that English book, which, were this island 788 BOWRING'S (Sir John) Kingdom to be sunk to-morrow, with all its inhabitants, and People of Siam, with a Narrative of would be the most prized in other days and

the Mission countries, by the students of us and of our his

to that Country in 1855, tory." -- Quurterly Review.

COLOURED PLATES, facsimile, &c. 2 vols. 777 BOUCHER’S (Jonathan) Glossary of

8vo. newly bd. calf, richly gilt, marbled Archaic and Provincial Words, a Supple

edges, £1. 1s.

1857 ment to the Dictionaries of the English 789 BOWYER'S (G.) Commentaries on the Language, particularly those of Johnson Constitutional Law of England, thick and Webster, edited by the Rev. J.

post 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. (pub. 15s.) 1842 Hunter and J. Stevenson, parts 1 and 2, 790 BOYDELL'S SHAKESPEARE GAL(all published) 4to. cloth, 5s. 6d. 1833

LERY, THE LARGE SET OF PLATES, con*778 BOUQUET (The) of Beauty, with

sisting of 100 splendid engravings, after Illustrative Verse, 10 beautifully en

the most distinguished British Artists, graved plates of Female Beauties, royal

engraved by Bartolozzi, Sharpe, Schiavo

netti, &c. also fine large portraits of 8vo. extra gilt cloth, gilt edges, 4s.

George III. and Queen Charlotte, 2

1858 779 BOURKE'S (T.) History of the Moors 791 BOYLE'S (Robert) Works, edited

vols. elephant folio, hf. bd. £6. 6s. 1803 in Spain, from their Invasion of that Kingdom to their final expulsion from it,

with Life by Dr. Birch, portrait, 6 vols. 4to. hf. russia, 6s. 6d.

royal 4to. bright old calf gilt, £2. 2s. 1811 BEST EDITION.

1772 780 BOURNE'S (Vincent) Poetical Works, The works of Boyle discover the solid learning

Latin and English on opposite pages, and great acuteness of the philosopher, blended with Memoir and Notes by Mitford, fcap. with all that veneration for God and love to his

revealed will which so eminently characterised 8vo. cloth, 43.

Pickering, 1840 him as a Christian. 781 BOUSFIELD'S (Mrs.) POEMS on 792 BOYLE'S (Hon. Robt.) Occasional Re

Scriptural Subjects, 8vo. bds. 2s. 1823 flections of several Subjects, with a Dis782 BOUTELL'S (Rev. C.) Monumental course about some kind of Thoughts,

Brasses and Slabs, an Historical and fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. Oxford, 1848 Descriptive Notice of the Incised Monu- 793 BOYNE'S (L. S.) Cursory Řemarks on mental Memorials of the Middle Ages, the Physical and Moral History of the 26 engravings on stone, and nearly 200 Human Species, and its Connections with engravings on wood, royal 8vo. cloth, 10s. Surrounding Agency, 8vo. hf. calf gilt,

4s. 60.

1815 783 BOUTERWEK’S History of Spanish 794 BOYS' (W.) Collections for a History

and Portuguese Literature, translated of Sandwich, with Notices of other from the German by T. Ross, 2 vols. 8vo.

Cinque Ports and Members, and of Richhf. bd. 4s. 6d.

1823 borough, plates, thick 4to. calf neat, 784 BOVILI (C.) Liber de Differentia vul

£1. ls. SCARCE. Canterbury, 1792 garium Linguarum, et Gallici Sermonis 795 BOYSE'S Clear Account of the AnVarietate, snall 4to. calf, 3s.

cient Episcopacy, proving it to have been Paris, R. Stephanus, 1533 Parochial, and therefore Inconsistent 785 BOWER'S (Archibald) History of the

with the Present Model of Diocesan Popes, from the Foundation of the See of Episcopacy, 8vo. calf neat, is. 6d. Rome to the present time, 7 vols. 4to. old

1712 calf, good copy, £2. 2s.

1750-66 796 BRADLEY’S (Rev. C.) Sermons “The merit of this work will bear it up preached at High Wycombe, 8vo. hf. against all attacks.”—Lord Lyttleton.

calf gilt, 4s. 60.

1819 786 BOWLES' (W. Lisle) Sonnets and 797 BRADLEY'S (Rev. C.) Practical Ser

other Poems, plates, 2 vols. 12mo. hf. mons for every Sunday and Holy Day in morocco, yellow edges, 3s. 6d. 1800 the Year, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s. 1848




Country, Character, and Costume in of the Middle Ages, illustrated by perPortugal and Spain, illustrated with 56 spective and working drawings of some of plates, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED TO IMI the best varieties of Church Roofs, 4to. TATE DRAWINGS, with letter-press de cloth, 15s. (pub. £3. 3s.)

1849 scriptions, royal folio, Blue morocco extra, Almost every branch of Ecclesiastical Archigilt edges, £1. 5s.

1812-13 tecture has been ably investigated with, perhaps, 799 BRADY’S (Robert) HISTORY OF ENG- the single but important

exception of the Roofing

of our Churches. It is with a view of supplying LAND, from the first Entrance of the this information that this work has been underRomans to the Death of Richard II. taken. It exhibits a series of some of the beauwith an Appendix of Official Documents, tiful roofs yet remaining over our Churches; espe&c. and an Introduction to the Old Eng-sially such

as may appear most adapted for present

use, and also to show as clearly as possible, the lish History, containing a Glossary of method of framing them. Words used in our Ancient Records, 809 BRANDON'S ENGLISH PARISH Laws, and Historians, 4 vols. in 3, folio,

CHURCHES, illustrated with 160 fine enold calf, £1. 18s.

1684-1700 Lord Keeper Guildford says “It is compiled

gravings of the most admired specimens, so religiously upon the very text, letters, and

with plans and descriptions, 2 vols. impl. syllables of the authorities, especially those upon 8vo. newly bd. hf. morocco, marbled edges, record, that the work may justly pass for an anti A VERY HANDSOME BOOK, £1. 11s. 6d. quarian law book."-Dibdin's Lib. Comp.

1849. 800 BRADY'SCLAVIS CALENDARIA, a com- 810 BRAY'S (Dr. Thos.) PAPAL USURPApendious Analysis of the Calendar, with

TION and Tyranny, in two parts, Part 1. Ecclesiastical, Historical, and Classical

Concerning the Usurpations, Wars, and Anecdotes, plates, 2 vols. Svo. hf. calf

Persecutions of the Popes and Popish gilt, 8s. 6d.

1812 801 BRAITHWAITE'S (H. T.) Desert

Clergy. Part 2. Perrin's History of the

old Waldenses and Albigenses, map, in Isle and other Poems, fcap. 8vo. cloth,

í vol. folio, hf. calf, uncut, 15s. 1712 1s. 6d.

Pickering, 1849

* Intended as a Supplementary Volume to 802 BRAM HALL'S (Bishop ) Schisme “Fox's Book of Martyrs."

Guarded and beaten back upon the right 811 BRANDT (Sebastian) NAVIS STULTIowners, sm. 8vo. original binding, 6s. 6d.

FERA ab Jodoco Badio Ascensio, vario Gravenhagh, 1658

Carminum genere, non sine eorundem 803 BRAND'S HISTORY OF NEWCASTLE

familiari explanatiore illustrata, numeUPON-TYNE, portrait and plates of Monu.

very curious woodcuts, sm. 4to. ments, coins, &c. carly impressions, 2 vols.

handsomely bd. smooth morocco extra, 4to. old russia gilt, £1. 8s.


gilt edges, £2. 10s. RARE. Includes a very valuable history of the Coal Trade.

Basila, Impressum per Nic. Lamparter, 804 BRAND'S (I.) Observations on Popu

MDVII. LAR ANTIQUITIES, including the whole

The design of this work was to ridicule the of BOURNE's Antiquitates Vulgares, royal profession, under the allegory of a ship freighted

prevailing follies and vices of every rank and 8vo. bds. LARGE PAPER, 6s. 6d. 1810 with fools. 805 BRANDE'S DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE, 812 BRANDT’S (Gerard) HISTORY

Literature, and Art, assisted by Cauvin THE REFORMATION, and other Ecclesiasand other eminent men, very thick 8vo. tical Transactions, in and about the cloth, £1. 8s.

1842 Low Countries, translated from the Dutch, 806 BRANDE'S DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE, frontispiece and fine portraits, 4 vols.

Literature, and Art, comprising the His folio, calf neat, good clean copy, £3. 10s. tory, Description, and Scientific Prin

1720-23 ciples of every Branch of Human Know Lord Hardwicke said that the Dutch language ledge, with the Derivation and Definition was worth acquiring, if it were only to enjoy the of all the Terms in general use.

pleasure of reading this history.

Third Edition, revised and corrected, with 813 BRATHWAITE’S (Richard) ENGLISH numerous woodcuts, very thick 8vo.

GENTLEWOMAN, drawn out to the full cloth, £2. 10s.


body, frontispiece by Marshall with a 807 BRANDON'S ANALYSIS OF GOTHIC

folding broadside explanatory, sm. 4ta ARCHITECTURE, illustrated by upwards of

in the original calf binding, £2. 2s. SCARCE.

1636 700 examples of doorways, windows, &c. 2 vols. royal 4to. cloth, £2. 5s. (pub. her, what ornaments doe best adorn her, what

Expressing what habiliments doe best attire £5. 5s.)

1847 complements doe best accomplish her.




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