Imatges de pàgina

1863 D'ISRAELI'S Commentaries on the 1870 DISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Voyage

Life and Reign of Charles I. new edition of Capt. Popanilla to the Glorious Island revised by the Author and edited by his of Vraibleusia, the wonderful City of

Son, vols. 8vo. cloth, 18s. 1851 Hubbabub, and the peaceable Isle of 1864 D'ISRAELI'S Curiosities of Litera

Blunderland, with illustrations by Macture, complete, with Memoirs of his Life lise, post 8vo. bds. 2s. (pub. 103. 6d.)

1829 and Writings, by the Right Hon. B. D’Israeli, portraits and facsimile, 3 vols. 1871 DISRAELI'S_(Rt. Hon. B.) the 8vo. handsomely printed, LIBRARY EDI

Young Duke, a Tale, 3 vols. post 8vo.

1831 TION, cloth, £1. ls. or new calf gilt,

bds. 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.) marbled leaves, £1. 10s.

1849 1872 DISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Vindi“He who takes up this book will not readily

cation of the English Constitution in a lay it down, the matter is as amusing as any lover Letter to a Noble and Learned Lord, 8vo. of light reading can desire.”-Quarterly Review. bds. 4s. SCARCE.

1835 1865 D'ISRAELI'S Curiosities of Litera- 1873 D'ISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Ven

ture, portrait and vignette, 1 vol.-Mis etia, a Romance, 3 vols. post 8vo. bds. cellanies of Literature, vignette, lvol. 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.)

1837 together 2 vols. royal 8vo. newly and 1874 D'ISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Henriuniformly hf. bd: calf gilt, £1. 55. or etta Temple, a Love Story, 3 vols. post

calf gilt, marbled edges, £1. 10s. 1853-56 8vo. bds. 7s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.) 1837 1866 D'ISRAELI'S Miscellanies of Lite- 1875 D'ISRAELI’S (Rt. Hon. B.) Con

rature, revised and corrected, vignette ingsby, or the New Generation, 3 vols. title by Finden, royal 8vo. cloth, 1Cs. 6d. 8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1ls. 6d.) 1845

1840 1876 D'ISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Sybil, Contains Literary Miscellanies, Quarrels of Authors, Calamities of Authors, Character of

or the Two Nations, 3 vols. post Svo. bds. James I., and the Literary Character.

4s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.).

1845 "His works must live in honour and in fresh- 1877 D'ISRAELI’S (Rt. Hon. B.) Coxness as long as our history and literature survive,

TARINI FLEMING, and the Wonderous and no man will turn over their pages three hundred years hence, without saying to himself, this

Tale of Alroy, portrait, 3 vols. post 8vo. was a man of indefatigable zeal, of elegant feelings,

bds. 5s, 6d.

1846 and above all, of lofty purity of character."". 1878 D'ISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) TanBlackwood's Magazine.

cred, or the New Crusade, 3 vols. post 1867 D'ISRAELI’S (Rt. Hon. B.)

8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. Ils. 6d.) 1847 NOVELS, THE ORIGINAL LIBRARY EDI

1879 DISSENTERS—The Moderation and TIONS, PRINTED IN LARGE TYPE, complete

Loyalty of the Dissenters exemplify'd, set 27 vols. post 8vo. bds. £3. 15s. (pub. £13. 2s. 6d.)


1710-A Presbyterian getting on HorseSuch a set is rarely to be met with, it contains

back, or the Dissenters Run Mad in the following :--Vivian Grey 5, Adventures of

Politicks, 1717—The Invalidity of the Popanilla 1, Young Duke 3, Henrietta Temple 3, Dissenting Ministry, 1717—and others, Venetia 3, Tancred 3, Coningsby 3, Sybil 3, Con

1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf, 3s. 6d. tarini Fleming and Wondrous Tale of Alroy 3.

" These works abound with passages not sur- | 1880 DISSERTATIONUM Ludicrarum et passed for their beauty in our literature. Delicacy Amanitatum, Scriptures varij. engrared and sweetness are mingled with impressive elo title, 12mo. calf neat, 3s. Lugd. Bat. 1638 | quence and energetic truth. The magic of the style simply consists in the emotions of the 1881 DISSERTATION on the passage of writer. He is a thinker who makes others think; Hannibal over the Alps, by a member of and these works will be perused at intervals with the delight of novelty.”- Monthly Review.

the University of Oxford, map and plates,

8vo. bds. 2s. 1868 D'ISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Novels, 1882 DIVINES OF THE Church of ENG

Oxford, 1820 complete set, 10 vols. post 8vo. cloth,

LAND, containing the SELECT WORKS, £1. 8s.

1859 Vivian Grey, Adventures of Popanilla, Young

Summary of Discourses, Lives, &c. oi Duke, Henrietta Temple, Venetia, Tancred,

Isaac Barrow, Bp. Hall, Bp. Sherlock, Coningsby, Sybil, Contarini Fleming, Wondrous Jeremy Taylor, Ogden, &c., edited, with Tale of Alroy:

notes, by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, 22 vols. "We hold it to be impossible for the author of Vivian Grey' to write a work of fiction which

8vo. hf. calf uniform, £3. 3s. (pub. shall not be clever, brilliant, witty, and dashing."

£8. 5s. unbd.)

1830-32 -Times.

1883 DIXON'S (E. S.) Poultry, Orna1869 DISRAELI'S (Rt. Hon. B.) Vivian mental and Domestic, their History and

Grey, 3 vols. post 8vo. bds. 8s. 6d. Management, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (pub. £1. 11s. 60.) 1826


v. y.

1884 DIXON'S (E. S.) Dovecote and | 1893 DODD'S (G.) Food of London, a Aviary, being Sketches of the Natural Sketch of the chief Varieties, Sources of History of Domestic Birds, in their Supply, Adulteration, &c. &c. thick post Captive State, with Hints for their Man 8vo. cloth, 5s.

1856 agement, numerous illustrations, fcap. 1894 DODWELL'S (Henry) Discourse, 8vo. cloth, 3s.

1851 proving from the Scriptures and the First 1885 DOBELL'S (P.) Travels in Kamt Fathers, that the Soul is a principle Na

chatka and Siberia, with a Narrative of a turally Mortal, 8vo. calf neat, 4s. 1706 Residence in China, coloured frontis- 1895 DODWELL'S Classical and Typopieces, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. 1830 graphical Tour through Greece in the

Years 1801-5-6, map and many plates, 1886 DOBLADOS (i. e. Blanco White)

2 vols. 4to. bds. £1.1s. (pub. £8.8s.) 1819 Letters from Spain, 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d.

Dodwell's tour in Greece is universally ad

1822 mitted to be a work of the most sterling merit, “ This volume presents one of the most accu- and the best executed of all the accounts yet pubrate and lively pictures of Spanish manners lished of this interesting country. which has ever been laid before the British public.” 1896 DODWELL'S VIEWS IN GREECE, --Literary Gazette.

with descriptions in English and French, 1887 DOCTOR Hookwell, or the Anglo

30 large and beautifully coloured prints Catholic Family [by the Rev. Sydney

in imitation of the original drawings, Smith] 3 vols. post 8vo. clean copy in bds.

mounted on cardboard, folio, green mo10s. 63. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.)


rocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 12s. 6d. (pub. A venerable dignitary of the Church, when E lately presiding over one of the largest clerical

£18. 18s.)

1821 meetings in the kingdom, thus expressed himself 1897 DOLBY'S (R.) Cook's Dictionary: on this new work :-" I cannot express to you in and Housekeeper's Directory, a New terms of sufficient thankfulness and admiration the feelings with which a new work on the excel

Manual of Cookery and Confectionery, lence of our truly apostolic Church has lately been sm. 8vo. cloth, 35.

1830 perused by me. I now cordially recommend this 1898 DOMENICHI Facetie, Motti, et Look for the attentive consideration of every one of you, and I hope you will tell it out among the

Burle, di diversi Signori et Persone laity in your neighbourhood, that it is worthy their

Private, 8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. SCARCE. profound attention. Dissent will cower before it;

Venetia, 1681 Popery will go more tenderly-and both will see 1899 DOMESTIC MEDICINE—THOMAS" that the extension of pure religion, in unitedness of heart and voice, is the main aim of its pages."

(Dr. Robt.) Modern Practice of Physic,

exhibiting the Symptoms, Causes, Prog1888 DOCUMENTS Relative to the Re

nostics, Morbid Appearances, and the ception at Edinburgh of the Kings and

Treatment of the Diseases of all Climates, Queens of Scotland, A.D. MDLXI. A.D.

eleventh edition, revised and corrected by MDCL. 4to. bds. 4s. Edinburgh, 1832

Dr. A. Frampton, Physician to the Lon1889 DODSLEY'S (R.) Select Fables of don Hospital, 2 vols. 8vo. new cloth, Æsop, and other Fabulists, numerous 8s. 6d. (pub. £1. 8s.)

1853 cuts, 12mo. bds. 3s.


Epitome of the Homeopathic Domestic collection of, with additional Notes and

Medicine, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 1854 Corrections by Reed, Gilchrist, and J. P. 1901 DOMESTICATED Animals, consiCollier, BEST EDITION, 12 vols. post 8vo. dered with reference to Civilization and cloth, £3. 15s.

1825 the Arts, by Mary Roberts, illustrations, Another Copy, LARGE PAPER, 12 vols.

12mo. cloth, 2s.

1854 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, gilt top, 6s. 6d. 1902 DONALDSON'S (J. W.) Theatre of SCARCE.

1825 the Greeks, a series of Papers relating 1891 DODD'S(T.) Connoiseurs' Repertory,

to the History and Criticism of the Greek or a Biographical History of Painters,

Draina, frontispiece and vignettes, 8vo. Engravings; Sculptors, Architects, printed

cloth, 8s. 6d. (pub. 15s.)

1849 on one side only, with Tables of Mono- 1903 DONLEVY'S Catechism, IRISH AND grams, 6 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, cloth,

ENGLISH, on opposite pages, 8vo. calf,

8s. 6d. SCARCE. 14s. 1825

Paris, 1742 1892 DODD'S (P.S.) View of the Evidence, Doctrines, by way of Question and Answer.

Contains a copious exposition of the Christian afforded by the Life and Ministry of St. 1904 DON’S General System of Gardening Peter, to the Truth of the Christian Re

and Botany, numerous woodcuts, 4 vols. velation, 8vo. bds. 38. (pub. 10s. 6d.)

4to. cloth, £1.4s. (pub. £14. 8s.) 1831-38 1837

A most excellent work on the subject.


1905 DONNE'S (Dr.) WORKS, including | 1915 DORAN'S (Dr.) Monarchs Retired

his Sermons, Devotions, Poems, Letters, from Business, portraits, 2 vols. post Svo. &c. edited, with Life, by H. Alford, por cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1s.)

1857 trait, vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s. or hand, 1916 DORAN’S (Dr.) History of Court somely bd. tree marbled calf gilt, marbled

Fools, post 8vo. cloth,; 3s. 6d. (pub. edges, £3. 8s. SCARCE.

10s. 6d.)

1858 “ The greatest preacher of the 17th Century; the admired of all hearers.”—Coleridge.

"Anything morc quaint, subtle, and surpris

ing, is scarcely to be found.”-Athenæum. 1906 DONNE'S (Dr.) Poems on Several 1917 DORAN'S (Dr.) New Pictures and Occasions, with an Account of the Life

Old Panels, portrait, post Svo. cloth, of the Author and Elegies on his Death,

4s. 6d. (pub. 10s. 6d.)

1859 12mo, calf neat, 4s.


1918 DORAN'S (Dr.) Lives of the Princes 1907 DONNE'S (Dr.) Devotions, with

of Wales, frontispiece, post 8vo. cloth, Life of the Author, by Isaak Walton,

4s. 6d. (pub. 12s. 6d.)

1860 frontispiece, 12mo. newly bd. calf antique, carmine edges, 6s. 6d. Pickering, 1840 1919 D'ORLEANS (F. J. of the Society


of Jesus) History of the Revolutions in

England, under the Family of the Stuarts, BRITISH NATURAL HISTORY, viz.

from the Year 1603 to 1690, translated Birds 10 vols.--Insects 16 vols.-Fishes

from the French, with Introduction by 5 vols.-Shells 5 vols.—Quadrupeds 3 yols. illustrated with nearly 1200 beau- 1920 DORSET–Boswell's Civil Division

Echard, 8vo. calf neat, 4s.

1722 tifully coloured plates, 39 vols. royal 8vo.

of the County of Dorset, with an Appenclean copy in the original bds. £18. 18s.

dix containing Abstracts of Returns of (pub. £66. 9s.)

1794-1820 1909 DONOVAN’S Natural History of

Charitable Donations, corrected to the

present time, 8vo. bds. 3s. 60. British Shells, containing 180 finely co

Dorchester, 1833 loured plates, 5 vols. royal 8vo. bds.

1921 DOUCE'S Illustrations of Shakes£2. 2s. (pub. £7. 15s.)


peare and of Ancient Manners, with 1910 DORAN'S (Dr.) WORKS, complete, Dissertations on the Clowns and Fools viz. Habits and Men 1 vol.—Table Traits

of Shakespeare, the English Morris with something on them 1 vol.—Knights

Dance, &c. numerous engravings, thick and their Days 1 vol.-Monarchs retired

8vo. newly bd. calf gilt, marbled edges, from Business 2 vols.—Lives of the

10s. 6d.

1839 Queens of England of the House of Han- 1922 DOUGLAS (Jas. of Cavers) on the over 2 vols. - History of Court Fools

Philosophy of the Mind, Svo, bds. 2s. 60. 1 vol.-New Pictures and old Panels

1839 1 vol.-Lives of the Princes of Wales 1923 DOUGLAS CAUSE_Stuart's (An1 vol. together 10 vols. post 8vo. new hf.

drew) Letters to the Right Hon. Lord calf gilt, £2. 15s. (pub. $5. 58. unbd.)

Mansfield, on the Douglas Cause, 8vo. 1854-60 hf. russia, 3s. 6d.

Dublin, 1775 1911 DORAN'S (Dr.) TABLE TRAITS with

"Most able.”—“ Very scarce and curious.”something on them, post 8vo. cloth, Dr. Parr. 4s.

1854 1924 DOVER’S (Lord) Life of Frederick It is rare to meet with a volume so worth

the Great, King of Prussia, portrait, 2 reading as this. The subject includes almost

vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 9s. 6d. (pub. everything connected with the pleasures of the table.

£1. 8s.)

1832 1912 DORAN’S (Dr.) Habits and MEN, 1925 DOVER Lyon's History of the

with Remnants of Record touching the Town and Port of Dover, and Dover Makers of both, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. Castle, including an Account of the (pub. 10s. 6d.)


Cinque Ports, large folding plates, 2 vols. “Dr. Doran's book is not only amusing, but

4to. bds. uncut, 9s. 6d. Dover, 1813 full of strange information that every one would like to possess.”-- Times.

1926 DOWNE (John, Rector of Instow, in 1913 DORAN’S (Dr.) Lives of the Queens Devonshire)-Certaine Treatises of that

of England of the House of Hanover, 2 Reverend and Learned Divine (The Dovevols. post 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. (pub. £1. ls.) like Serpent, an Apologie of the Justice

1855 of God, Transubstantiation unknown to 1914 DORAN’S (Dr.) Knights and their the Ancient Fathers, &c. &c.) sm. 4to.

Days, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. in the original vellum binding, 10s. 6d. 10s. 60.) 1856

Oxford, 1633

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1927 DOYLE'S (M.) Cyclopædia of Prac- | 1934 DRAYTON'S (Michael) POEMS, col

tical Husbandry, and Rural Affairs in lected into 1 vol. with Sondry Peeces General, new edition, enlarged and re inserted neuer before Imprinted, frontisvised by Rev. W. Rham, illustrated with piece and portrait by W. Hole, folio, 70 engravings, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (pub. elegantly bd. in claret morocco, super 12s.)

1851 extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, £2. 12s. 6d. 1928 DRAKE'S (N.) Literary Hours, or


1619 Sketches, Critical, Narrative, and Poetical, 1935 DRAYTON'S (Michael) England's 3 vols. 1820-Evenings in Autumn, a

Heroical Epistles, with Notes and IllusSeries of Essays, 2 vols. 1822, together

trations, post 8vo. new hf. morocco, 5 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf neat, 7s. 6d.

uncut, 7s. 6d.

1788 (pub. £2. 12s. 6d. unbd.) 1820-22

1936 DREXELIUS' (Heir.) Considera

tions upon Eternity, Englished by Duns1929 DRAMATISTS The Dramatic

ter, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, ruled with Works of Beaumont, Fletcher, Ben Jon red lines, portrait and plates inserted, son, Shakespeare, Massinger, Ford,

calf, 7s.6d.

1710 Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, Far- 1937 DRINKING HEALTHS. The quhar, Peele, Greene, Webster, and Mar

Great Evil of Health Drinking, or a lowe, edited with Biographical and Critical Discourse wherein the Evil and Mischief Notices by Leigh Hunt, Gifford, H. Cole

of Drinking of Healths are discovered ridge, Dyce, Darley, and Campbell, por and detected, 12mo, newly bd. calf gilt, traits and vignettes, 9 vols. royal 8vo. carmine edges, 6s. 6d. VERY SCARCE. calf gilt, marbled leaves, £6. 6s.

1684 Moxon, 1838, &c. 1938 DRUERY'S (J. H.) Historical and 1930 DRAMATISTS

The Dramatic

Topographical Notices of Great YarWorks of Massinger and Ford, with an

mouth and its Environs, plates, post 8vo. Introduction by Hartley Coleridge, por bds. 3s. 6d.

1826 trait, in 1 thick vol. royal 8vo. cloth, 1939 DRUMMOND:S (W. of Hawthorn10s. 6d.


den) POETICAL WORKS, portrait, fcap. 1931 DRAMATISTS The Dramatic

8vo. cloth, 4s.

1791 Works of Wycherley, Congreve, Van- 1940 DRUMMOND'S (W. of Hawthornbrugh, and Farquhar, with Biographical

den) POETICAL WORKS, edited with Inand Critical Notices by Leigh Hunt, por- troduction, by W. B. Turnbull, portrait, trait, in 1 thick vol. royal 8vo. cloth,

fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d.

1856 10s. 6d.

1855 1941 DRUMMOND'S (Sir W.) ACADEMI1932 DRAMATISTS — The Dramatic CAL, QUESTIONS, vol. 1. (all published)

Works of Robert Grene and George 4to. hf. calf, £1. 1s. scarce. 1805 Peele, with Memoirs of the Authors, and 1942 DRUMMOND'S (Sir W.) EDIPUS Notes by the Rev. Alex. Dyce, complete JUDAICUS, illustrated with engravings of in 1 vol. royal 8vo. cloth, 12s. 6d. or hieroglyphics, &c. 8vo. CLEAN COPY IN new calf gilt, marbled leaves, 17s. 6d. bds. £2. 58. rare. Privately printed, 181-1

1861 1943 DRUMMOND'S (Sir W.) Essay on 1933 DRAYTON'S POLY-OLBION, a a Punic Inscription, found in the Island

Chorographical Description of all the of Malta, 4to. bds. 9s. (pub. £1. 11s. 6d.)
Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, Forests,

1810 and other parts of this renowned Isle of 1944 DRUMMOND'S (Sir W.) Memoir on Great Britain, with intermixture of the the Antiquity of the Zodiacs of Esneh most remarkable STORIES, ANTIQUITIES, and Dendra, folding plates, 8vo. bds. WONDERS, RARITIES, PLEASURES, and

10s. 60. SCARCE.

1821 Commodities of the same, digested in a 1945 DRUMMOND'S (Sir W.) ORIGINES, Poem, with Illustrations by Selden, BOTH or Remarks on the Origin of several PARTS, folio, newly and handsomely bd. Empires, States, and Cities, map, 4 vols. in maroon morocca extra, gilt edges, old 8vo. hf. calf, £1. 10s. scarce. 1824 style, BY RIVIERE, a good sound copy, 1946 DRUMMOND'S (Sir W.) EDIPUS with fine impressions of the very curious JUDAICUS—Townsend's Edipus Romanmaps, £7. 78. RARE.

1613 us, or an Attempt to Prove from the Drayton's Poly-Olbion is one of the most Principles of Reasoning adopted by Sir singular works this country has produced.”— W. Drummond, that the 12 Cæsars are Headley. Col. Stanley's copy sold for £9. 193. 6d., and

the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, 8vo. bds, 3s. Garrick's for £10.


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1947 DRUNKEN BARNABY'S Four | 1957. DU CHESNE (André) Histoire

Journeys to the North of England, in d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et d'Irlande, Latin, and English, together with the contenant les Choses remarquables aveSong of Bessey Bell and the Ancient nües aux Isles et Royaume de la Grande Ballad of Chevy Chase, plates, 12mo. hf. Brétagne, d'Irlande, et autres adjacentes, calf neat, 5s. 6d.


durant Seize Cent Anneés et plus, thick 1918 DRURY'S Illustrations of Foreign folio, vellum, 15s.

Paris, 1614 Entomology, wherein are exhibited up- 1958 DUCLOS, Histoire Naturelle Générale wards of 600 Exotic Insects of the East et particulière de tous les Genres de and West Indies, China, New Holland, Coquilles Univolves Marines à l'état vivant North and South America, Germany, &c. et fossil, (Genre Olive) illustrated with very few of which are figured in any other 33 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED PLATES, work, 150 plates, engraved with the exhibiting upwards of 700 figures, folio, greatest accuracy by the celebrated Moses hf. calf neat, £2. 10s. (pub. £6 unbd.) Harris, author of the Aurelian,'

Paris, 1835 most correctly and beautifully coloured 1959 DUFF'S (J. G.) HISTORY of the from the original specimens, edited by J. MAHRATTAS, maps and plates, 3 vols. 8vo. 0. Westwood, 3 vols. 4to. hf. morocco, newly hf. bd. morocco uncut, £4.88. VERY 1 uncut, £4. 85. (pub. £15. 15s.) 1837 SCARCE.

1826 1949 DRYDEN’S Works, with Notes 1960 DUFFERIN'S (Lord) Letters from

Historical, Critical, and Explanatory, and High Latitudes, being some account of Life of the Author, by Sir WALTEK a Voyage in the Schooner Yacht “Foam" Scott, portrait, 18 vols. 8vo. calf neat, to Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen, £7. 7s.

1808 in 1856, plates, thick 8vo. newly bd. calf 1950 DRYDENS' MISCELLANY POEMS, gilt, marbled edges, 14s. Murray, 1857

containing a variety of new translations 1961 DUNBAR’S (Jas.) Essays on the of the Ancient Poets, with several Ori History of Mankind in Rude and Cultiginal Poems, frontispieces, 6 vols. 12mo. vated Ages, 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 4s. 6d. old calf neat, 10s. 6d. Tonson, 1716


ST. an Essay on Dramatic Poetry, portrait, Paul's CATHEDRAL, from its Foundation 5 vols. 12mo. calf, 12s. 6d.

1725 until these Times, portrait and numerous 1952 DRYDEN'S POETICAL WORKS, the fine plates by Hollar, folio, old calf gilt, beautifully printed ALDINE EDITION, 5 £1. 5s. SCARCE.

1658 vols. 12mo. cloth, 15s. Pickering, 1843 1963 DUGDALE'S HISTORY



PAUL'S CATHEDRAL, enlarged and conOriginal and Translated with Notes and tinued by Sir H. Ellis, numerous fine Life by Rev. J. Wharton, &c. portrait, plates, after Hollar, engraved by Finden royal 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, marbled and Heath, hf. morocco uncut, gilt top, leaves, 12s. 6d. 1856 £4. 10s. (pub. £15. 15s.)

1818 1954 DUBARTAS (G. Salust Lord) His 1964 DUGDALE'S (Sir W.) BARONAGE

Deuine Weekes and Workes, translated OF ENGLAND, or a Historical Account by Joshua Sylvester, frontispiece by Hole. of the Lives and Memorable Actions of London, Printed by Humphrey Lownes, our English Nobility, from the time of 1608—The Historie of Judith in Forme the Saxons, 3 vols. in 2 folio, VERY FINE of a Poeme, by Du Bartas, Englished by COPY in russia extra broad border of gold Thomas Hudson, 1608, in 1 thick vol. on side, gilt edges, £5. 18s. 1675-76 sm. 4to. calf, 18s. 6d. SCARCE. 1608 1965 DUGDALE'S (Sir W.) Short View of

“ This work,” says Dunster, “contains the the late Troubles in England, briefly prima stamina of Milton's Paradise Lost." 1955 DU

setting forth their Rise, Growth, and CANGII GLOSSARIUM ad Scriptores Mediæ et Infimæ with the plates

Tragical Conclusions, portrait by Faiof medals, FINE SET, 6 vols. folio, old 1966 DUGDALE'S (Sir W.) Ancient Usage

thorne, folio calf, 10s. 6d. Oxford, 1681 calf gilt, carmine edges, £4. 10s.

Paris, 1733-36

in Bearing Arms, also a Discourse touchNo man of reading can dispense with this

ing the office of the Lord Chancellor, most useful and instructive work.

and “the Honores Anglicani,” or Titles 1956 DUCAREL'S (Dr.) Repertory of the of Honour of the English Nobility,

Endowments of Vicarages in the Dioceses greatly enlarged by T. C. Banks, engraof Canterbury and Rochester, sm. 8vo. vings of Arms, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, uncut, 3s, 6d. 1782 hf. russia uncut, £1. 10s.




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