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" Reafbn why God infpired Abel, and Enoch, and Noah, to preferve thofe Principles alive. And if, when there was a Revelation feconded by the Authority of fuch eminent Perfons, the World fo foon grew... "
The possibility, expediency, and necessity. (1st sermon at mr. Boyle's lect ... - Pàgina 19
per John Williams (bp. of Chichester.) - 1696
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Five Sermons at the Boyle Lectures

John Williams - 1695
...Lord, if haply they might feel after him, {^fetfrfwr, as men blundering in the dark] and find kirn. In fuch danger would the fundamental Principles of...had been no Revelation to prevent it : And this was the reafon of fuch a provifion by Infpired Perfons, to preferve thofe Principles alive and fafe j of...
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