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" ... Thing as Revelation. 3. If this be queftioned, it muft be from this; either that God cannot impart fuch a Revelation to Man ', or Man is incapable to receive it. But as God made the Soul of Man, he muft have Power to operate upon it as he pleafes.... "
The possibility, expediency, and necessity. (1st sermon at mr. Boyle's lect ... - Pàgina 12
per John Williams (bp. of Chichester.) - 1696
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Five Sermons at the Boyle Lectures

John Williams - 1695
...a Power of directing it as he C pleafes? pkafes? And how can there beany incapacity in man, when as to the matter he can both receive it, and deliver it as he received} and as to the manner, it's in a way fuit&ble to his Faculties, and is therefore call'dhere, God's /peaking to the...
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