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" If one Man can difcover his Mind to another, it is certain the Creator may reveal his Will to Men. 2. If fuch Things be declared, which none but God could reveal, as Prophecies ; and fuch Things done, which none but God, in Man, could do, "viz. Miracles,... "
The possibility, expediency, and necessity. (1st sermon at mr. Boyle's lect ... - Pàgina 11
per John Williams (bp. of Chichester.) - 1696
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Five Sermons at the Boyle Lectures

John Williams - 1695
...^certainty of a Divine Revelation. The former, --that others may be fatisfied concerning aMiflion from from God, is evident from fuch things declared, which...Reveal, as Prophecies ; and fuch things done, which none but God, in man, could do, as Miracles. Where thefe are, they are as evident Proofs of a Revelation...
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