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" Under the fourth, I fhall fhew the Perfection of the Gofpel Revelation, and that there fhall not be any other. I. I am to begin -with Revelation. "
The possibility, expediency, and necessity. (1st sermon at mr. Boyle's lect ... - Pàgina 8
per John Williams (bp. of Chichester.) - 1696
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Five Sermons at the Boyle Lectures

John Williams - 1695
...and the afliftance each Point gives to the other throughout the whole, might be the better obferved. I. I am to begin with Revelation. i. Where I am to...confider, What we mean by Revelation ; which is nothing elie in the firft Notion, but the making known that which before was a fecret -, fo things revealed...
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