Imatges de pÓgina

a If ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not confumed one of another: For, where Envying and Strife is, there is Confufion, and every evil Work.

b Whofoever is angry with his Brother without a caufe, fhall be in danger of the Judgment.

c Bleffed are the Peace-makers, for they fhall be called the Children of God. But him that foweth Difcord among Brethren, the Lord hateth.



a Thus faith the Lord, Execute ye Judgment and Righteousness. That which is altogether juft, fhalt thou follow.

e All things whatsoever ye would that Men fhould do to you, do you even fo to them; for this is the Law and the Prophets.

f Render to all their Dues; Tribute to whom Tribute is due, Cuftom to whom Cuftom, Fear to whom Fear, Honour to whom Honour.

g Ye must be faithful in all things. In all your Labours let none Iniquity be found in you.

h He that is faithful in that which is leaft, is faithful alfo in much; and he that is unjust in the leaft, is unjust also in much. If, therefore, ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous Mammon, who will commit to your Truft the true Riches?

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h Luke 16. 10, II.

It is Joy to the juft to do Judgment. b To do Justice, and Judgment, is more acceptable to the Lord than Sacrifice.

If a Man be juft, and do that which is lawful and right; hath not oppreffed any, hath spoiled none by Violence, hath withdrawn his Hand from Iniquity, and hath executed true Judgment between Man and Man; he fhall furely live, faith the Lord God.

d Let none of you imagine Evil against his Brother, in your Heart.

e Devife not Evil against thy Neighbour, feeing he dwelleth fecurely by thee.

f He that devifeth to do Evil fhall be called a mifchievous Perfon.

g Do no Wrong; do no Violence. Why do ye not rather take Wrong, than do Wrong to your Brethren ?

h To have respect of Perfons is not good; for, for a piece of Bread that Man will tranfgrefs.

i He that doth Wrong, fhall receive for the Wrong which he hath done. As he hath done, it fhall be done unto him; his Reward fhall return upon his own Head.

k Woe to thee that spoileft, and thou waft not spoiled; and dealeft treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee.

Woe unto them which juftify the wicked for Reward, and take away the Righteousness of the righteous from him.

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a Whofo rewardeth Evil for Good, Evil fhall not depart from his Houte.

b All that do unrighteously are an Abomination unto the Lord.

Particular Kinds of INJUSTICE forbid.


c Thou shalt not kill.

d Whofo fheddech Man's Blood, by Man fhall his Blood be fhed; for, in the Image of God made he Man.

e Surely, faith God, the Blood of your Lives. will I require. At the Hand of every Beast will I require it; and, at the Hand of Man, at the Hand of every Man's Brother, will I require the Life of Man.

f If any Man hate his Neighbour, and lie in wait for him, and rife up against him, and fmite him mortally, that he dye; thine Eye fhall not pity him; but thou shalt put away the Guilt of innocent Blood from thy Land.

g But whofo killeth his Neighbour ignorantly, or unawares, whom he hated not in time past; or, if he thrust him fuddenly, without Enmity, or have caft upon him any thing, without laying of wait, and fought not his Harm; he is not worthy of Death, inasmuch as he hated him not in time past.

h If a Man fmite his Servant, and he die under his Hand, he fhall be furely punished.

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c Ex. 20. 13.

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• If a Thief be found breaking up, and be fmitten, that he die, there fhall no Blood be fhed for him.

b Whofo killeth any Perfon, the Murtherer fhall be put to Death by the Mouth of Witneffes; but one Witnefs fhall not testify against any Perfon, to caufe him to die.

c Ye fhall take no Satisfaction for the Life of a Murtherer, which is guilty of Death; but he fhall be furely put to Death. For Blood it defileth the Land; and the Land cannot be cleanf ed of the Blood that is fhed therein, but by the Blood of him that fhed it.

d Woe unto them that fhed the Blood of War in Peace; and that condemn and kill the just,' and he doth not refift them.

e The Lord wilt abhor the bloody and deceitful Men; and they fhall not live out half their Days.

He that fmiteth his Father, or his Striking. Mother, fhall be furely put to Death.

g If Men ftrive together, and one fmite another, and he die not, but keepeth his Bed; if he rife again, and walk abroad upon his Staff, then shall he that fmote him be quit, only he fhall pay for the Lofs of his Time, and fhall cause him to be throughly healed.

h If Men ftrive, and any Mischief follow; then thou shalt give Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth, Hand for Hand, Foot for Foot, Wound for Wound, Stripe for Stripe.

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a If a Man caufe a Blemish in his Neighbour; as he hath done, fo fhall it be done unto him.

b If Men ftrive, and hurt a Woman with Child, fo that her Fruit depart from her, and yet no Mifchief follow; he fhall be furely punished, according as the Woman's Hufband will lay upon him; and he fhall pay as the Judges deter


c Curfed be he that finiteth his Neighbour fecretly.

Adultery. d Thou shalt not commit Adultery. e If a Man committeth Adultery with another Man's Wife, the Adulterer, and the Adulterefs, fhall furely be put to Death.

f If any Man's Wife hath gone afide to another, instead of her Husband, the fhall be a Curfe among her People.

g Whofo committeth Adultery with a Woman, lacketh Understanding: He that doth it, deftroyeth his own Soul. A Wound, and Difhonour fhall he get; and his Reproach fhall not be wiped away. For, Jealoufy is the Rage of a Man; therefore he will not fpare in the Day of Vengeance he will not regard any Ranfom; neither will he reft content, tho' thou giveft many Gifts.

Corrupting Virgins.

h If a Damfel, that is a Virgin, be betrothed unto a Hufband, and a Man find her, and lie with her, they fhall both of them die.

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