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Falfe Witness.

a Thou shalt not bear falfe Witnefs against thy Neighbour.

Be not Witness against thy Neighbour withqut caufe; neither accufe any falily.

с Put not thine Hand with the wicked, to be an unrighteous Witnefs. Keep thee far from the falfe matter.

If a falfe Witnefs rife up against any Man, to testify against him that which is wrong, the Judges fhall make diligent Inquifition; and behold, if the Witnefs be a falfe Witnefs, and hath teftified falfly against his Brother, then shall ye do unto him as he had thought to have done unto his, Brother.

e A true Witnefs delivereth Souls: But a Man that beareth falfe Witness against his Neighbour, is a Maul, and a Sword, and a sharp Ar


f A falfe Witnefs fhall not be unpunished, and he that fpeaketh Lies fhall not escape.

g If a Soul fin, and hear the Voice of Swearing, and is a Witness whether he hath feen, or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he fhall bear his Iniquity.

Wrong Judgment. h Ye shall do no Unrighteoufnefs in Judgment; nor turn afide after Lucre, and take Bribes; but throughly execute Judgment, between a Man and his Neighbour.

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a Ec. 20, 16.

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'a Thou shalt not follow a Multitude, to do Evil; neither shalt thou speak in a Caufe, to de-cline after many, to wreft Judgment.

b To fubvert a Man in his Caufe, the Lord approveth not,

Wo unto them which juftify the wicked for Reward, and take away the Righteoufnefs of the righteous from him.

He that juftifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the juft, even they both are an Abo-mination to the Lord.

e. One Witness fhall not rife up against a Man for any Iniquity, or for any Sin that he finneth :: At the Mouth of two Witneffes, or at the: Mouth of three Witneffes, fhall the matter be established.

f Thou shalt not covet thy Neigh bour's House; thou shalt not covet thy Neighbour's Wife ;..nor his Manfervant, nor his Maid-fervant, nor his Ox, nor his Afs, nor any thing that is thy Neighbour's.

g Wo to them that devife Iniquity, and work. Evil upon their Beds And they covet Fields, and take them by Violence, and Houses, and take them away.

Coveting what is another's.


h Let no Man feek his own, but In doing good every Man another's Wealth: For.. Charity feeketh not her own.

a Ex. 23. 2.

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■ Mic, 2, 1, 2.


If. S. 22.23...


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e Deut. 19. 15. b1 Cor. 10. 24. I Cor. 13. 42. 5. a Letz

K 5.

Let all your things be done with Charity; and by love ferve one another.

b Ye are the Body of Chrift, which God hath fo temper'd together, that there fhould be no Schifm in the Body; but that the Members fhould have the fame Care one for another; and whether one Member suffer, all the Members fuffer with it; or one Member be honoured, all the Members rejoice with it.

As every Man hath received the Gift, even fo minifter the fame one to another, as good Stewards of the manifold Grace of God.

d With-hold not Good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the Power of thine Hand to do it.

e According to the Kindness that I have done unto thee thou fhalt do unto me.

f If any provide not for his own, and fpecially for thofe of his own House, he hath denied the Faith, and is worse than an Infidel.

8 As we have Opportunity, let us do Good unto all Men; efpecially unto them who are of the Houfhold of Faith.

h To do Good, and to communicate, forget not; for with fuch Sacrifices God is well pleased.

i Let every one of you affift his Neighbour, in whatfoever Bufinefs he hath need of you, as becometh Saints.

* Thou shalt not fee thy Brother's Ox, or his Sheep, go aftray, and hide thy felf from them: Thou fhalt, in any case, bring them again unto thy Brother.

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by Cor. 12. 27, 24,

Prov. 3. 27


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a In like manner fhalt thou do with his Afs; and fo fhalt thou do with his Raiment; and with all loft thing of thy Brother's, which he hath loft, and thou haft found, fhalt thou do likewise: Thou mayeft not hide thy felf.

b Thou shalt not fee thy Brother's Afs, or his Ox, fall down by the way, and hide thy felf from them: Thou shalt furely help him to lift them up again.

c Give to him that afketh thee; and from him that would borrow of thee, turn not thou away.

d Say not unto thy Neighbour, Go, and come again; and to morrow I will give, when thou haft it by thee.

e The Soul of the wicked defireth Evil; his Neighbour findeth no Favour in his Eyes: But, the righteous giveth, and fpareth not: And, a good Man fheweth Favour, and lendeth.

f Give, and it fhall be given unto you, good Measure, preffed down, fhaken together, and running over: For, with the fame Meafure that ye mete withal, it fhall be measured to you again.

8 The liberal Soul fhall be made fat; and he that watereth fhall be watered alfo him felf.

b Use Hospitality one to another, without grudging.

i Be not forgetful to entertain Strangers.

k Do good to them that hate you, blefs them that curfe you, and pray for them that defpitefully use you, and perfecute you: Not rendring

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Evil for Evil, or Railing for Railing, but contrariwife Bleffing.

If ye do good to them that do good to you, what thank have ye? For Sinners alfo do even the fame. And, if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? For Sinners alfo lend to Sinners, to receive as much again But do ye good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your Reward fhall be great, and ye shall be the Children of the Highest : For he is kind unto the unthankful, and to the evil.

b If thine Enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink; for, in fo doing, thou fhalt heap Coals of Fire on his Head; and the Lord fhall reward thee:

C If thou meet thine Enemy's Ox, or his Ass,. going aftray, thou fhalt furely bring it back to him again.

d If thou fee the Afs of him that hateth thee lying under his Burthen, and wouldft forbear to help him, thou fhalt furely help with him.

e Rejoice not when thine Enemy falleth, and let not thine Heart be glad when he stumbleth: Neither lift up thy felf, when Evil hath found. him; nor fuffer thy Mouth to fin, by wifhing a Curfe to his Soul.

f Be not overcome of Eyil, but overcome Evil with Good..

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