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Drink Waters out of thine own Cistern: Let thy Fountain be bleffed; and rejoice with the Wife of thy Youth, and be thou satisfied always with her Love: For the is thy Companion, and the Wife of thy Covenant.

b Embrace not the Bofom of a Stranger. Take heed to your Spirit; and let none deal treacherously against the Wife of his Youth.

Wives. The Woman which hath an Husband, is bound by the Law to her Husband, fo long as he liveth; but if the Hufband be dead, fhe is loofed from the Law of her Husband: So then, if while her Husband liveth the be married to another Man, fhe fhall be called an Adulterefs: But if her Hufband be dead, fhe is free from that Law, fo that fhe is no Adulterefs, tho fhe be married to another Man.

d Let not the Wife depart from her Husband: But, and if the depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her Husband.

e The Woman which hath an Husband that believeth not, if he be pleafed to dwell with her, let her not leave him: For what knowest thou, O Wife, whether thou shalt fave thy Hufband?

f Wives, fubmit your felves unto your own Hufbands, as unto the Lord: For the Husband is the Head of the Wife, even as Chrift is the Head of the Church. Therefore, as the Church is fubject unto Chrift, fo let the Wives be to their own Hufbands in every thing.

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a Let.


a Let the Wife fee that the reverence her Hufband.

b Let the Woman learn in Silence, with all Subjection. The Woman is not fuffered to teach, nor to ufurp Authority over the Man, but to be in Silence For Adam was first formed, then Eve: And Adam was not deceived, but the Woman, being deceived, was first in the Tranfgreffion.

c Ye Wives, be in Subjection to your own Hufbands; that if any obey not the Word, they alfo may, without the Word, be won by the Converfation of the Wives, while they behold your chate Converfation, coupled with Fear.

d For after this manner, in the old time, the holy Women, who trufted in God, were in Subjection unto their own Hufbands; even as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord: whofe Daughters ye are, as long as ye do well.

e A virtuous Woman is Crown to her Huf band; but he that maketh afhamed, is as Rottennefs in his Bones.

The ftrange Woman, who forfaketh the Guide of her Youth, and forgetteth the Cove, nant of her God, her Houfe inclineth unto Death, and her Paths unto the dead.

g The Contentions of a Wife are a continual dropping.

A prudent Wife is from the Lord. The Heart of her Hufband doth fafely truft in her: She will do him Good, and not Evil, all the

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Days of her Life: She openeth her Mouth with Wifdom, and in her Tongue is the Law of Kindnefs: She looketh well to the Ways of her Houfhold, and eateth not the Bread of Idlenefs: Her Children arife up, and call her bleffed; her Hufband alfo, and he praifeth her.


a Ye Fathers, provoke not your Chil dren to Wrath; but bring them up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord; having them in fubjection, with all Gravity.

b The Words which God hath commanded you, ye fhall lay up in your Heart; and ye fhall teach them diligently unto your Children: And ye fhall command your Children, and your Houfhold after you, to keep the Way of the Lord, to do Juftice, and Judgment, and to obferve to do all the Words of his Law.


Train up a Child in the Way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart

from it.

d Chaften thy Son betimes, while there is Hope; and let not thy Soul fpare for his crying: For Foolishness is bound in the Heart of a Child, but the Rod, and Reproof, give Wisdom. And, if thou with-hold not Correction, thou fhalt deliver his Soul from Hell.

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a Correct

a Correct thy Son, and he shall give thee Reft; yea, he fhall give Delight unto thy Soul: but a Child, left to himself, bringeth his Mother to Shame.

Fathers, provoke not your Children to Anger, left they be difcouraged.

c Do not prostitute thy Daughter, to caufe her to be a Whore; left the Land become full of Wickedness.

d The Children ought not to lay up for the Parents, but the Parents for the Children.

e If any provide not for thofe of his own Houle, he hath denied the Faith, and is worfe than an Infidel.

f When a Man maketh his Sons to inherit that which he hath, he fhall give his Firft-born a double Portion of all that he hath; for he is the beginning of his Strength; the Right of the Fir-born is his.

g A good Man leaveth an Inheritance to his Children's Children.

h Children, obey your Parents in the Children. Lord; for this is right. Obey your Parents in all things; for this is well-pleafing to the Lord.

i Honour thy Father and thy Mother, (which is the first Commandment with Promife) that it may be well with thee, and thou mayeft live long on the Earth.

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a My Son, hear the Inftruction of thy Father, and forfake not the Law of thy Mother.

b Ye shall fear, every Man, his Mother and his Father.

c Whofo curfeth his Father, or his Mother, his Lamp fhall be put out in obfcure Darkness.

The Eye which mocketh at his Father, and defpifeth to obey his Mother, the Ravens of the Valley fhall pick it out, and the young Eagles fhall eat it.

e Curfed be he that fetteth light by his Father. or his Mother.

f He that wafteth his Father, and chafeth away his Mother, is a Son that caufeth Shame, and bringeth Reproach.

8 A wife Son maketh a glad Father; but a foolih Son is the Heaviness of his Mother.


Mafters. h Mafters, give unto your Servants that which is juft and equal, forbearing Threatning, knowing that ye alfo have a Mafter in Heaven; neither is there refpect of Perfons with him.

i Despise not the Caufe of thy Man-fervant, or of thy Maid-servant, when they contend with. thee. Did not he that made thee, in the Womb, make him? And did not one fafhion us all in the Womb?

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a Ye

* Job 31, 13, 15.

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