Imatges de pÓgina

of MATTERS Contained under the

FFLICTIONS. Duty to God under them.
V. Submiffion, p. 148. Duty to Brethren
in Affliction. V. Compaffion, p. 206. V. Duty
of Minifters, p. 238 d. Advantage of Afflict.
V. p. 270 h.

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ANGER. V. Meekness,
P. 253
ALMSGIVING. V. Compaffion to the Poor, p. 207
APPAREL. V. Humility, p. 252 a. V. Modefty,

P. 257 e.

BLASPHEMY. V. Worship of God, p. 156 a, b, d, e
CONSCIENCE. Force of Natural Confcience, p. 3.
Regard to the weak Confc. of Brethren. V. p.
219 i, k. 220 a, b. Advant. of acting with a
good Confc. V. p. 165 d. p. 273 k. Dut. of
keep. a good Confc. V. Sincerity, p. 286 e, &c.
V. p. 290 f.

CONTENTION. V. Pub. Worfh. of G. p. 179 f.
V. Peace and Union, p. 186, &c. V. p. 123g.
COVETOUSNESS. V. Oppreffion, p. 197. V. Co-
vet. another's, p. 201. V. Contentment, p. 265
g, &c.

CURSING. Rel. to God, v. p. 156 b. Enemies,
V. p. 203 e, 204 e. Parents, v. p. 226 c. Ma-
giftrates, v. p. 233 b, c.

DEAD. DEATH. Chrift rofe from the Dead, v.
P. 92 d, &c. All the Dead fhall rise again,
v. Judg. of Chrift, p. 106. V. p. 114 f, &c.
Sorrow for the Dead, v. Submiffion, p. 150 a, b.
Death threatned to Man, v. p. 54 g.

Man fub-


ject to Death, V. Mortality, p. 58. Death Pu
nishment of Sin, v. p. 59 e. p. 118 a. p. 140 b.
We are redeemed by the Death of Chrift, v. Life,
p. 114. Death Eternal, v. Punishment of the
Wicked, p. 316 g, &c.

DETRACTION. V. Candour in fpeak.
DEVIL. V. Evil Angels,

p. 212

P. 124

DIVINATION. All forts of it forbid, v. p. 133 e,
&c. V. Punish. of the Wicked,

P. 324 b.
DIVISIONS. V. Unity of the Church, p. 1or d,
&c. V. Peace and Union, p. 186. V. Edif. by
Company, p. 279 d.

DRINKING. V. p. 87 b, c. V. p. 130 g. V.
p. 220 c. V. Temperance, p. 255. V. inf.
EATING. Meats and Drinks commend us not to
God, v. p. 87 b, c. V. p. 130 g.
To be re-
ceived with Thanksgiving, v. p. 159 e. 160 a,
Not giving Offence, v. p. 218 k, l. V. Tempe
rance, p. 255
ENEMIES. V. Love, p. 184 c, d. V. Doing Good,
p. 203 k. 204 a, &c. V. Forgiving Injuries,
p. 205

ENVY. V. p. 150 c. V. Peace and Union p. 186
a, b. 189 b, c. 190 a. V. Contentment, P.
265 b, c, d.

FAITHFULNESS. Rel. God, v. p. 47. Rel. to
Men, v. p. 188 f. V. Juftice, 190 g, h. V.
Reproof, 218. V. Duty of Min. p. 233 i. 234e

241 e.

FLATTERY. V. Hon. and Respect, p. 185 h, k.
V. Truth and Sinc. p. 214 g, h, 1. V. Reproof,
218 i. V. Duty of Min. p. 235 b.

FLESH. Weakness and Corrupt. of the Flesh. V.
Sinfuln. of Man, p. 73 a. Lufts of the Flesh
to be fubdued. V. Love of God, p. 144 i. V.
Mortification, p. 268 e, &c.



FRIENDSHIP. V. Love, p. 183 i. 184 a. 188 d..
GRACE of God. V. New Covenant, p. 86 b. 89 b.
109 a. 112 f, g. 129 e. 130 d.

GRATITUDE. To God, v. Thanks, p. 159 d, &c.
To Men, v. Love, p. 183.i. 184a. V. Doing good,
p. 202 d, e. 284 a. V. Justice, p. 192 a.
HOPE. We are faved by Hope. V. New Covenant,
p. 88 a. 93 f. 118 a. Duty and Advant. of
Hope. V. Truft, p. 138 c, d. 139 g. 149 g.
HOSPITALITY. V. Love, p. 184b. V. Doing good,
p. 203 h, i. V. Duty of Min. p. 239 a.
HYPOCRISY. Tow. God. In Vows, V. p. 155 d.
In Prayer, v. p. 163 e. 164 a. 166 d, e. In
Fafts, p. 173 f. In publick Worship, v. p. 180 f.
In Gen. V. Sincerity, p. 287 b, &c. Hyp. tow.
Men, v. Love, p. 183 c.
V. Truth and Sine.
p. 214 b, e, k. 215 a, d. V. Punishment of
Wicked, p. 317 a. V. fup. Flattery.
IDLENESS. V. Diligence,
P. 262
IDOLATRY. V. Only God, p. 22 e. V. Devils, p.
124 e. V. Gen. Duty to God, p. 131e, &c.
V. Worship, p. 156 ǹ, k. 157 a, b. V. Prayer,
p. 166 f, g, h.

INTERCESSION. Of Chrift for Mankind, p. 94 C,
&c. Of Men for one another, V. p. 162 g.
JUDGMENT. God is Judge, v. p. 15 e. 18 c, g, h
43 a. 44 c. 138 e. He commit. Judg. to the
Son, p. 76 e. Chrift fhall judge the World, p. 106.
Judging one another, v. Wrong Judgment, p.
200. V. Candour, p. 211. Judging our felves,
V. Examination, p. 296

JUSTIFICATION. Not poffible by Nature, or the
Deeds of the Law. V. Sinfulness of Man, p. 70,
&c. Just. by Chrift, v. p. 91 d. 93 f. 99 b.
112 d, e, f, g. 113. a. Just. by Faith, v. p.
113 a. 134 e. 185 b. 136 c, d, c.

KING. God is King, v. p. 18 a, &c. 20 d, &c.
Chrift is King, v. p. 78 b. 79 d. 84g, h. Kings
of the Earth, v. Duty of Mag. and Subj. p.
230 d, &c. 232 a, &c.

KINDRED. V. Doing good, p. 202 f. V. Cha-
ftiry, p. 258. b

LAW. V. Sinf. of Man, p. 71 f. V. Chriftian
Covenant, p. 86 a, b, c, &c. V. Holiness, p.
Iz c, d. 113. c. V. Obedience, p. 146 d. V. Ju-
ftice, p. 190 e. V. Meditation, p. 275 c.
LYING. V. Truth and Sinc. p. 213. V. fup.

MALICE. V. Love, p. 184 d. 185 a, b. V. Peace
and Union, p. 187 e. V. Juftice, p. 191 d, e, f, k
MARRIAGE. V. Orig. State of Man, p. 53 d. V.
Duty of Hufbands and Wives, p. 220 f, g. V.
Chastity, p. 260 a, b.

MEDIATOR. Chrift our Med. v. p. 75 d. 84 e, f.
87 a, b. 88 b. V. Interceff. of Chrift, p. 94 c, &c.
MIRACLES. Done by God, v. p. 51 d.
By G. the
Father through the Son, v. p. 76 b. By Chrift,
v. p. 80 a, &c. By the Holy Ghost, v. p. 96
b, d, &c.
ORDER. V. Church of Christ, p. 103 c. 105 b.
V. Publ. Aff. p. 179 d, e, &c. V. Union, p.
187 c. V. Duty of Min. p. 241 b.

PATIENCE. V. Truft in God, p. 139 g. 140 a. V.
Submiffion, p. 149 b. 150 d, g. 152 a, b, c, d.
153 f. V. Meekness, p. 253

PERJURY. V. Oaths, p. 167 d, f. 168 b. Falfe
Witness, p. 200

PREACHING. Of the Gospel v. p. 8 b. 89 c. 101
a, b. 103 a. 104a, d. 105 d. 11re. V. Faith,
136 b. V. Duty of Min. p. 234e. 235 a, &c.
PRIDE. Of the Devil, p. 125 e. Of the Wicked,
P. 131 C. Sin of Pride, v. Trust in God, p.
140 b. V. Humility, p. 246


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PROFANENESS. V. Worship of God, p. 155 g. 156
c, e, f, g, i. V. Oaths, p. 167 h. 168 a, b. V.
Duty of Min. p. 237 c, d. Vid. fup. Blasphemy.
PROPHETS. PROPHECY. Before Chrift, v. p. 4 e,
7 b. 83 e. 85 a. 86 a. 89 e. Chrift a Prophet,
p. 84 a. 86 b. 88 c. Prophecy given by the
Spirit, v. p. 97 c, d, e. By Jefus Chrift, v. p.
102 e. Examples of Proph. to be followed, v. p.
152 b. False Prophets, v. p. 124 d. 134 b, c.
279 e. V. fup. Divination.

PROVIDENCE. V. God Preferver, p. 13. V. God
Difpofer and Gov. p. 15 d, &c. V. Wisdom of
God, p. 31. V. Trust in God, p. 138 b, g, h.
139 d. V. Contentment, p. 264 c.

REGENERATION. By Water and the Spirit, v. O-
per. of H. Ghoft, p. 99 d. V. Holiness, p. 113 d.
V. Baptifm, p. 170 f, g. 171 c, d, e, f. By Re-
pentance and Faith in Chrift, v. Knowledge,
p. 110 e. V. Holiness, 112 b. 113. C. V. Hap-
piness, p. 118 a, c. V. Self-denial, p. 268 d.
V. Amendment, p. 302 e, &c.
REVENGE. V. Forgiving Injuries,
p. 205
RICHES. V. Mortality, p. 58 f. V. Vanity of Hum.
Cond. p. 63 a. 64 f. 65 a, &c. 66h. V. Thanksg.
p. 160 b. V. Humility, p. 247 a. 249 a, &c.
V. Diligence, p. 263 f, h. V. Contentment, P.
264 d. 265 g, &c. V. Mortification, p. 269 f,
V. Punishment of Wicked, p. 323 a. V. fup. Co-

SACRAMENTS. V. Covenants, p. 170. Baptifm,
ibid. Lord's Supper, p. 171.

SACRIFICE. Chrift a Sacrifice for Men, v. p. 90 a, b.
91 b, f. 92 a. 113 e, f. 118 d. 120. The Hea-
then Sacrif. v. Devils, p. 124 e. The true Sacrif.
required by God, v. p. 117 d. V. Duty to God,
p. 130 a, c, e. V. Obedience, p. 147 a, b. V.
Worship of God, p. 155 b, d, e, f. V. Praise and

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