The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volum 48

New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1894
Vols. 37-52 (1883-98) include section: Genealogical gleanings in England, by H. F. Waters.

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Pàgina 24 - History of the Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington as First President of the United States, with numerous fine engravings, a gift from Mr.
Pàgina 173 - We the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies against the United American COLONIES.
Pàgina 345 - prove all things, and to hold fast that which is good
Pàgina 21 - To each of my Nephews, William Augustine Washington, George Lewis, George Steptoe Washington, Bushrod Washington, and Samuel Washington, I give one of the swords or Cutteaux of which I may die possessed ; and they are to choose in the order they are named.
Pàgina 396 - Colleton, their heirs and assigns, full and free license, liberty and authority, at any time or times, from and after the feast of St. Michael the archangel, which shall be in the year of our Lord Christ, one thousand six hundred sixty and seven, as well to...
Pàgina 336 - None knew him but to love him, None named him but to praise.
Pàgina 94 - America has certainly, upon this occasion, drawn forth her first characters ; there are upon this Convention many gentlemen of the most respectable abilities, and so far as I can discover, of the purest intentions.
Pàgina 21 - These swords are accompanied with an injunction not to unsheath them for the purpose of shedding blood, except it be for self-defence, or in defence of their country and its rights ; and in the latter case, to keep them unsheathed, and prefer falling with them in their hands to the relinquishment thereof.
Pàgina 7 - Librarian, all of whom shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting, and shall hold their respective offices for one year, and until others are duly chosen and installed.
Pàgina 99 - Any woman may be eligible for membership who is of the age of eighteen years, and who is descended from a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty, rendered material aid to the cause of Independence ; from a recognized patriot, a soldier or sailor or a civil officer, in one of the several Colonies or States, or of the United Colonies or States ; provided, that the applicant be acceptable to the Society.

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