Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, Volum 19


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Pàgina 459 - ... with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and with the right hand inserts the syringe needle just beneath- the skin and injects the vaccine.
Pàgina 92 - Another extraordinary fallacy is the dread of night air. What air can we breathe at night but night air ? The choice is between pure night air from without and foul night air from within. Most people prefer the latter. An unaccountable choice. What will they say if it is proved to be true that fully one-half of all the disease we suffer from is occasioned by people sleeping with their windows shut ? An open window most nights in the year can never hurt any one.
Pàgina 269 - It is a curious fact that Mormonism makes its impress upon the countenance, . . .an expression compounded of sensuality, cunning, suspicion, and a smirking self-conceit. The yellow, sunken, cadaverous visage; the greenish colored eyes; the thick, protuberant lips; the low forehead; the light yellowish hair; and the lank, angular person — constitute an appearance so characteristic of the new race, the production of polygamy, as to distinguish them at a glance. The...
Pàgina 80 - Iremenu of drunkards. I have known many individuals to suffer from severe nervous pains, sometimes in one, sometimes in another part of the body. Almost the worst case of neuralgia that ever came under my observation was that of a gentleman who consulted the late Dr. Bright and myself. The pains were universal and never absent ; but during the night they were especially intense, so as almost wholly to prevent sleep. Neither the patient himself nor his medical...
Pàgina 401 - The vital force is manifested in the form of resistance, inasmuch as by its presence in the living tissues, their elements acquire the power of withstanding the disturbance and change in their form and composition, which external agencies tend to produce ; a power which, simply as chemical compounds, they do not possess.
Pàgina 401 - IN the animal ovum, as well as in the seed of a plant, we recognize a certain remarkable force, the source of growth, or increase in the mass, and of reproduction, or of supply of the matter consumed ; a force in a state of rest.
Pàgina 373 - The existence of this swelling may often be ascertained by a careful examination with the fingers, and a view of the parts may sometimes be obtained by means of a speculum, — such a glass as is used by dentists on a long stalk previously dipped in hot water, introduced with its reflecting surface downwards and carried well into the fauces.
Pàgina 80 - In many instances there is a loss of the healthy appetite for food, the imperfect state of the digestion being soon rendered manifest by the loss of flesh and the sallow countenance. It is difficult to say what other diseases may not follow the imperfect assimilation of food continued during a long period of time. So many causes are in operation in the human body which may tend in a greater or less degree to the production of organic changes in it, that it is only in some instances we can venture...
Pàgina 237 - MD, Professor of Physiology and Microscopic Anatomy in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York...
Pàgina 332 - Where it is more agreeable to the patient, the powder may be placed on the tongue and permitted slowly to dissolve. I shall not attempt to explain the action of this medicine on the system in the cure of ague, but will leave that to older heads than mine to determine ; still, we do know that after it is taken into the stomach and becomes absorbed, it has the chemical effect of changing the dark- colored venous blood, to arterial, or at least it changes its color.

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