Imatges de pÓgina
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Fellow of the Royal Society.
The Five and Twentieth Edition of the South Part call'd

England, and Fourth of the North Part çall'd Scotland; with
Improvement, and more exact and larger Additions in the
Lift of the Officers, &c. than in any former Impression.


quith His Majesty's Royal Privilege.

Paribus se Legibus ambe
Invicta Gentes æterna in Fæder mittent,
Tros, Rutilufve fuat; nullo difcrinsie habeba.

Printed for Timothy Goodwin, Matthew Wotton, Penjamin Tooke,

Daniel Midwinter, and Jacob Towson. MDCCXVIII.


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NNĚ, by the Grace of God, Queen of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all

to whom these Presents, shall come, Greeting. Whereas Our trusty and well-beloved John Chamberlayne, ' Efq; has humbly represented unto Us, that he hath been at great Expence and Labour in preparing for the Press a

Work in Two Volumes, Entitled (Magne Bri3 tanniæ Notitia : Or, the Present State of Great-Bri

tain; with divers Remarks upon the Ancient State thereof, in Three Parts: By John Chamberlayne, Esq; Fellow of the Royal Society.] And that the fole Right of the Copy of the said Boyk is vested in the said John Chamberlayne, and therefore he hath humbly befought Us to grant him Our Royal Privilege for the fole Printing and Publishing the fame for the Term of Fourteen Years. We being, graciously inclin'd to encourage the said Under


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