Imatges de pÓgina

C H A P. XI.

Siege of Genoa, --- Arrival of Maljena there.— Situation of the French Troops,

and of the Inhabitants oj Genoa.-Changes in the Army, and in the civil Adminigration of the Genveje Republic. --The Englijh Flvet blockades Ge9100, while the Auftrian driny, under General Metes, befizyes it by Land, -Slate oj the sufirian Army; and Mintury Skill and Adures of Melus in opening the Campaign.-Compoyition and Position of the Army of Genoa, or the right wing of the French Arny of Italy.-Succees of the Ausfirians. -Revolution of V'ado.-l'ici Jitudes and Progress of the Siege of. Genna.Conference opened for the Evacuation of Genoa. A Treaty concluded.Genoa evacuated.

FTER the brilliant campaign fuch regulations as might remedy of Marlena, in Switzerland, part of the evil.

He made purhe was judged by the first coniui to chales of grain and of N.ces, which be the huet man for taking the ho fent off, by sea, to his army. But command of the discomfited army when he was informed har general of Championet. · From Switzer. Champoniet had died, a! Antibes, of land he came ftraight to Paris, to the same epidemic distemper that receive instructions respecting the raged in the army, he went immedifficult and painful talk he had diately to Genoa, where lie arundertak-n. He then proceeded rired on the ninth of February, and througi Lyons to Toulon and Mar- where he issued proclamations for feilles, in order to take measures re-establishing confidence among for sevictualling the army, and the the iroops and the inhabitants of city of Genoa. At Lyons, and in the city and territory of Genoa, all the south of France, he found the in a state of infurrection. He caratry, with the heavy artillery, made fome examples of military which had been sent back about justice among the former, and let the beginning of autumn, bo'h be- himself to calm the latter, tirft by caule forage was scarce, and as modes of conciliation, but finaliv being of no great utility in the de- by force, which he was obliged to. fence of a place environed by moun. employ against the recolled Ligue lairs. He was not a little surprized rian pealants. The army, which at the wretched condition of those bad been liated by the French miremains of the campaign of 1799, nilier al fixty thwuland men, was and till more when he came ac. seduced to twenty-five thousand, quainted, at Toulon, with the ne. according to the account given of gligence, and the roguery of the ii by Mailena ; and of thele, acarmy contractors. There he made cording to the report of one of the




generals who served under him not ariny vegetated in Liguria, what above a half was fit for active duty. gave general Matiena particular The horror, excited hy the hospitals, pain, was his inability to throw was such, that not a few of the provisions either into Gavi or Safick foldiers remained at their own But lome ships laden with quarters, and chole rather to die grain being arrived at Gessoa, in there, then fuífer themselves to be the courle of trade, on the twentycarried into such a doleful and first of March, he loft no time to dreadlul mansion. There were take advantage of this circumstance. others who), no longer able to fup. He revićtualled Gavi for three port themlélves under multiplied months, and repaired the works. and long continued privations, He next turned his attention to threw themselves into the freets the siate of the marine. He armed from their windows. The lolies and filled out fome privateers, for were not less that arose from defer- escorting the convoys of provifions tion. Numbers of officers were to that were coming along the coafi, be feen, in small bodies, remain- and for bringing grain from Corlica. ing at their polis alone, and aban- He also made several changes in doned by their men. Whole bo- the civil admirisiration of the Lidics of ihe soldiery went off with. gurian republic. out their commanders, and without In the midst of general Massena's orders: and there were general efforts to palliate lo many irreparaoficers 100 who left the army, ble evils, all of a sudden, and at without taking leave or obtaining once, the English fleet, under lord permillion. And thus, the Keith, appeared, on t'e fifth of whole, according to the account of April

, in the gull, off Genoa, for the general (fficer we liave alluded the blockade of which it was drawn 10, and whole evidence is worthy up in all the regnlar forms; while of all report, the French army of on the other hand the army of geItaly in the intermediate winter, neral Melas, approached clole 10 between the campaigns of 1799 and the city by land, and extended its 1900, lufi, hy sicknels and defertion, front along the whole line of the near thirty thoufand men.

French army. The French geneIn this situation of affairs Mal- rals themselves admit that the openfera perceived the necesity of new ing of the canipaign, by general modelling his army. He lent back Melas, was entitled to the bighest to France tome oicers, and among praile, on account of the address these even tune general oíficers, on with which he concealed 'the imthe pretext of recruiting. While inenle force which he had in Italy. he was under the necesity of, get- Being well acquainted with the ting rid of fome of his generals, he weak state of the republican army, called to Genoa others in their liecontented himself, during the winroom, from the army of Italy, in ter, with watching its movements, whom he could contide, in which by means of a fimple and light mumber was generals Soult, Audinot, cordon; while he clilpoled his own Guznu, Thureail, and others.-- throaghout Piedmont, Lombardı, In the midli of that want and ina- the Venetian itate, the Bolognele, nition in which the people and the the '

march of Ancona and Turcany.



Thus divided, the Austrian army according to local circumstances, hat the appearance of weaknels; and the genius and combinations of but it prileted all the means of the chief commander. But the di being eally recruited, and provided vifiony of his arny, being extended with all things necellary for action. on a 'line of Gxty miles, io draw, The reinforcements wbich it re- then close together was a very

dif. ceived, from time to time, during ficult matter. its long repose, were in like man- The business of covering the city ner dispersed over an immense ex- of Genoa was undertaken by Malt ni uf country, and were scarcely lena himself, at the head of one of to be perceived. On the whole, his divifions; but the right wing of the French were persuaded that it general Melas's arty, which bore would be late in the season before principally on Vado and Savona, the Aulirians could take the field. took Vado on the second day of the They even flattered themselves that llege, and, by this nuvement, ilothey mould be beforehand with the lated the right wing of the army enemy, at the very time when the under the orders of Millena. different corps, that were to com- It will here he proper, before pole the Auftrian arnies, were on entering more particularly into the their march to the general rendez- fiege of Genoa, to give some acvous. Cires, towns, and villages, count of the manner in which the all at once,

as by a spontaneous army of Genoa, 'being the right movement, lent forth companies, wing of the French army of Italy, regiments, and, battalions, for the was composed, and also of the site form tion of an active army. ferent points or posts in which the few dars, general Melas was enabled different divisions were ftationed.-to atleinble ten thousand men before The commander-in-chief of this Bubbio, ten thousand in front of army was Maljena. His beacl-qnarTortona, thirty thoufand at Acqui ters were at Gerou.' The officers of ard Alexandria, to avivarce with his staff were as follows: Audinot, this great force against Matiena, and, general of division, w s the firit at the same time, to leave behind general of the fiaff; major-general Lim, in the plains of Piedmont, the sirdneux, adjutant-general. whole of his cavalry, a fine park of Thiebault, Reille, Gjutier, and artillery, and twenty thouland infan- Campana, adjutants-general, emtry. The astonishment, excited by played by the commander-in-chief. all these circumstances, was great

Degiovani, Oitovi, and Neroo, and universal. Maslena adopted the adjutants-general, employed by the onls meature that was prudent and liatt. practicable in his filuation. He con- Aubernon, inspector-general. tracted his lines; he formed masies, La Martilliere, commander-inwhich, though altogether dispropor- chief of the artillery. tioned to the numerous bodies to S bille, commander of the naval which they were opposed, might force. vri make an impression, and divide Moré, commander of the corps the enemy, by darling upon them of engineers. it points favourable to an attack, The firî division of the army, 17. obtaining different advantages, confifting of four thousand two lui



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men, in front of

dred men, was under the orders of of that day the French were driven general Mislis, whose head quarters as far back as Ruha, which they were at Albano. This division oc. entered in the evening. At Bergocupied St. Alberto, Reco, Torri- di-Sornoni, the Austrians made an glii, Scolera, Mount Coruna, Al attempt to break the French line, bano, and Nervi.

but were repulied by general Pani. The second division, conliling of fot of the fecond divifion; as they nine hundred and twenty men, was also were :p the heights of Cordiunder the orriers of general Gazau, bona, where the French firmly whose head-quarters were at St, maintained their ground. Quirico This division occupied The fecond day of the fege, the Cazella, Buzeila, Savigone, Teggia, sixth of April, was more terrible, Voltaggio, Canafio, Campo Ma- A general attack on the right of the ronc, Rivorolo, Rones, La Bochet. French line was made by general ta, Campo Freddo, Masera, and Ollo, who fell on the first division, St. Quirico.

with ten thousand' The third division, consisting of Bobbio. His olject was to cut his four thonfand leven hundred men, way through the French line, and was under the orders of general jreis on directly to Genoa. The Marbot, whose head-quarters were principal attack was made at Monte at Savora. This division occupied Coruna The first divifion was. Stella, Madona, La Vogrolla, St. forced to give way, and to fill back Bernardonne, La Madona di Savo- towards Novi and Alonte Jarcio,' na, Savonne, Vado, and Cadibona. as far as Quinto, where he rallied,

The reserre, consisting of two and made a fucce! fulltind for the thousand two hundred nen, occu- delence of the city. The second pied St. Pietro di Arrena, Sestri- division, which was that of the cena du Ponent, and Conegliano.

tre, was also attacked, though with The garrisons of Genoa, Gari, fornewhat lefi fury. General Gaand Novi, amounted to twuty- zau, wio commandel, ihought it three thousand men.

prudent, howerer, to retire behind A divifon, under the orders of the Scrivia, towards fome miils on general Suchet, and which nearly that river. While these events were touched on the left of that com- palling in the Grit and second divimanded by general 12 bot, rear fions, the third commanded on that Savona and Vado, was cut ofi' from day by general Gardanne, sustained the army, on the fecond day of the a terrible condici. Of uie thirty fiige, hy the reduci on of Vado.-- thou landi men whom general Melas From that moment ti e French were had allembled in the province of cut off from all communication by Acmni, wenty thousand marched fia, as they also were, hy land, under his command lo Savona : with France; whither the division, where the third divifion, though under general Stichet, was not able but weak, witlifecoat the hock, iz!! to retulit, but through a long series the arrival of general Soull, who of engazements.

displayed attoniching valour. On the filth of April, the arʻark Gucceert it in throwing fix hundred of the Austrians on the French any men and provitions into Savona; became general. On the morning but could not fare Vado, as has been already related, nor prevent commander-in-chief 10 Genoa was the division under Suchet from being triumphant. On the same dav, the cut off, as allo already noticed, and second division retook Rongo di entirely separated from the army of Fornari, Cazella, and Savigone, Genoa. On the same day, a frigate, which the Austrians had taken on . from lord Keith's feet, came within the day before; and the third d'viçannon-thot of Geno-i, and, alier fion, being that on the lefi, liitto fring forty rounds on the quarter of rights and restored the line from Conignor, again withdiew. The Voraggio to Campani. object of this cannonade was, no April 8 The whole of this day doubt, to effect a riling among the was taken up on both s les, in punerous inhabitants of tha: quar- general and porticular dispositions ter: however, they remained quiet, of the firres. General Melas ma le


The third day of the fiege, Me dilpoli:ions for new attacks. Mara seventh of April, was more aulni- fena, in the general ditpofitions rious to the French. The Auftrians which he madde, divided his right having come within the light of wing into two bodies: the first of Genoa, by the occupancy of Monte which, under the orders of Miolis Jaccio, of which they had gained and d'Amaud, was charged with pole-Mon the preceding evening, the detence of Genna; the second, lighted up fires in the night, and unler the orders of Gazau, Gare founded the toctins in all ihe aulja- danne, and Sout, were to keep cent country, in order to alarm the the country. inhabitants of Genoa, and, on their The particular dispositions that first appearance, to damp their fpi- respected the first division, under geris, by an impression of terror on neral Miolis ncre all the infructions their imagination Mafleva pere that were necesary for de ending the ceived how necessary it was for approaches to the city of Genoa; him, in these circun fiances, to gain and the orders given to the comforce victories over the Austrians, mindant of inarine, were to follow in light of the Genoese, in order to with the Hotilla, as far, at least, as was do away the impresions that had possible, the movement projected been made on their minds, by the by the commander-in-chies, in order first advantages obtained by the to defend the transports against the Aafirians. He therefore formed a small craft of the English pan, and gave orders for an attack This was not the blockade of a on that part of the Auftrian army: single plare abandoned to itself. It and his measures were so well con- was the right wing of the French certed with the generals Darnaud, army of Italy comple'ely ert off, Miolis, Pelitot, Hector, and others, which, while it maintained its that they overthrew the Austria:16 ground, and detended and supportat Monte Jaccio, at Panefi, at St. ed intell, < 10 time to the left wing Alberto, and at Scofera; and gene- and the centre to let themfekes in ral Miolis again took pofleffion of motion, and do ndertake, with the Monie ('oruna. The Auftrians on whole energy of which they were this day loft fifteen hundred prilon- fusceptible, fome decisive enterprize. ers, among whom was the baron The enemy lumtelf, numerous and d'Afpres; and the return of the firong as he was, was not in a condie



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