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Public Aas palled in the Fifth Seffion his majesty certain duties upon malt,

of the Eighteenth Parliament of mum, cider, and perry, for the serGreat Britain.

vice of the



For continuing and granting to
November 24, 1800.

his majesty a duty on pensions, offi-
An act to prohibit, until ift No-ces, and personal estates, in Eng
vember, 1801, the exportation land, Wales, and the town of Ber-
of rice; and to indemnify all per wick-upon-Tweed; and certain duu
fons who have been concerned in ties on sugar, malt, tobacco, and
preventing the exportation thereof, snuff, for the service of the year
or in the non-performance of any 1801.
contracts and agreements that fall To explain and amend an act,
not have been performed in conse- made in the twenty-second year of
quence thereof.

the reign of his present majesty, inTo authorize his majesty, from tituled, " An act for the better relief time to time, to prohibit the ex- and employment of the poor." portation of provisions or food.

December 15.
December 8.

For granting bounties on the im-
: To prohibit, until the 1st Janu- portation of wheat, barley, rye, oals,
ary, 1802, the use of corn in diftil- pease, beans, and Indian corn, and
ling of spirits or making of March. of harley, rye, oat, and Indian meal,

For suspending, until 2015 Auguft, and wheaten flour and rice. 1801, the duties on hops imported, To permit, until it October, and for charging other duties in lieu 1801, the importation of herrings thereof.

and other fith, the produce of the For continuing, until the expira- fishery carried on in Nova Scotia, tion of forty days after the com- New Brunswick, Newfoundland, mencement of the first leffion of par- and on the coast of Labrador, inta liament that shall be begun and this kingdom, without payment of hoiden after 1st September, 1801, duty. several laws relating to the prohibit

December 22. ing the exportation, and permitting For making better provision for the importation, of corn and other the maintenance of the poor, and articles of provifion, without pay- for diminishing the consumption of · ment of duty; to the allowing the bread coru, by directing the manner ute of fugar in the brewing of beer; of applying parish relief; until 6th to the reducing the duties upon fpi- November, 1801, and from thence rits distilled from me!alles and sugar; until the end of fix weeks after the and to the prohibiting the making meeting of the then next session of of low wines or fpirits from wheat, parliament. and certain other articles, in that To enable commissioners to pury part of Great Britain called Scoin chale certain buildings for the ada land.

commodation of the two houses of For shortening, until 25th March, parliament. 1801, the time of keeping in fieep,

Deccanber 31. for malting, barley damagect by rain For railing a certain fum of money in the late harvest.

by loans or exchequer.bills, for the For continuing and granting to Service of the year one thouland VoL, XLII.



dight hundred and one; and for ap: ral laws relating to the enabling his propriating the fupplies granted in majesty to permit goods to be imthis feflion of parliament.

ported into this kingdom in neutra! For taking an account of the po. ships; to the authorizing his majelpulation of Great Britain, and of ty to make regitlations respecting the increase or diminution thereof. the trade to the Cape of Good -. To prevent, until 6th November, Hope ; and to the preventing of 1901, and from thence to the end fences in obftructing, deftroying, or of fix weeks from the commence- damaging thips, and in obtiructing ment of the then next session of seamen, and others, from porluing parliament, the manufacturing of their lawlul occupations. any fine flour front wheat, or other 1. For allowing, until 15th O&tober, grain, and the making of any bread 1801, the use of falt, duty free, in folely from the fine flour of wheat; the preserving of fish in bulk, or in and to repeal an act, pafled in the barrels; for protecting persons; entiirty-fixth year of the reign of his gaged in such fisheries, from being prelent majelty Of

; kers to make and sell certain forts for discontinuing the bounty payof bread, and to make more effec* able on white herrings exported; tual provision for the same. :. and for allowing a bounty on .: To prohibit, until. Itt October, pilchards now cured, whether ex1801, and from thence to the end ported or sold for home conlompof fix week3 next after the com- tion. mencement of the then next feffion: To authorize his majesiy to apof parliament, any person or per- point commissioners, for the more fons from selling any bread, which eflectual exainination of accounts of thall not have been baked twenty- public expenditure, for bis majelfour hours.

ty's forces in the West Indies, duTo permit, until ist October, ring the present war. 1801, the importation of Swedish For making the port of Amsterherrings into Great Britain. dam in the island of Curaçao, a free - To remove doubts arising upon port. the construction of an act of this lef

For continuing, until fix months fion of parliament, intituled, " An after the conclufion of a geneact for granting bounties on the im- ral peace, three acts, made in the portation of wheat, barley, rye, oats, thirty-third and thirty-eighth years peale, beans, and Indian corn, and of his present majesty's reign, for of barley, rye, vat, and Indian meal, establishing regulations relpecting and wheaten flour, and rice." aliens arriving in this kingdom, or

To revive and continue, until the relident therein, in certain cales. expiration of fix weeks after the - For allowing the importation of commencement of the next session undressed hemp, from any of the of parliament, and amend so much coundries that lie within the limits of an act of the last festion of parlia- of the exclusive trade of the Eaitment, as relates to the reducing and India company, free of duty. better collecting the duties payable For continuing until itt June, on the importation of starch; and 1801, the several acts for regulato continue, for the same time, fete ting the turnpike-roads in Great Bri



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tain, which expire at the end of the gister or deliver in their qualificaprelent session of parliament. tions within the time directed by

For ex certame time - for the and for extending the time, pàyment of certain Tamns of money Initted for alle

2512 advanced by way of loan to feveral Derei 180L; to indemnify persons connected with and trading memisers and officers, in cities, to the islands of Grenada and Saint corporations, and borough towns, Vincent.

whole admisiions have been omitted To explain, amend, and render to be stamped according to law, or more effectual, the several - ackskaving been stamped, have been niade in the thirty-eighth and thirty: loft or, millaid., and for minth years of the reign of his pre- them, until 25th December, 1901, lent majesty, and in the last sellion to provide admillions duly stamped; of parliament, for the redemption to permit such persons, as bave on and purchałe of the land-tax. mitted to make and file affidavits of

For farther continuing, until ist' the execution of indentures osclérks Auguft, 1801, an act made in the to attornies and" Jolicitors, to make thirty-seventh year of the reign of and file, the bang on or before the his present majesty, intituled, " An first day of Michaelmas term one act for the better prevention and thousand eight hundred and one ; 1 punishment of attemps to seduce and for indemnifying depuiy-lieutepersons ferving in his majesty's nants and officers of the militia, forces, by fea or land, from their who have neglebied to transmit deduty and allegiance to his majesty, {criptions of their qualifications to or to incite them to niutiny or diso- the clerks of the peace within the bedience."

tiine directed by law, and for esFor explaining and amending an tending the time limitted for that aet, palled in the last feftion of par- purpole, until the first day of Sepliament, intituled,, " An act for iember, one thousand eight hundred erecting a lazaret on Chetney Hill, and one. in the county of Kent, and for me For farther continuing, until fix ducing into one at the laws rela" weeks after the commencement of ting to quarantine, and for making the next feflity of parliament, ferefarther provision therein, as far as ral acts, made in the thirty-eighth regards the payment of the tonnage and thirty-ninth years of his prefent duty in the islands of Guernsey, majesty's reign, and in the lait lef-a Jersey, Alderney, ' Sark, or Man." . fion of parliament, for empowering

To indemmitý fich perlons as his majesty to secure and detain tuch have omitted to qualify themselves ' persons as his majefty shall lifpect for offices and employments; and are conspiring against his perfon and to indemnify justices of the peace, government. or others, who have omitted to re

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SUPPLIES granted in the Fifth Sellion of the

Eighteenth Parliament of Great Britain.


f d. November 21, 1800. That 120,000 feamen be employed, for three lunar

months, commencing If January, 1800, including

22,696 Marines. For pay for ditto

666,000 oo For vištuals for ditto

684,000 0 0 For wear and tear of thips

1,800,000 0 0 For ordnance fea-service on board such thips

90,000 0 0 For the ordinary establishment of the navy, for three lunar months

205,000 0 0 For the extraordinary establishment of ditto, for ditto 200,000 0 0 For transport-service, prisoners of war, &c.

475,000 0 For the accommodation of fick prisoners


£ 4,153,000 0


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That 58,528 men, including 4797 invalids, officers, and

non-commiffioned officers, be granted to his majesty for the service of three months, from the 25th of De. cember, 1800, to the 211t of March, 1901, both in

cluded. For guards, garrisons, and other land-forces For forces in the plantations, Mediterranean, Portaga),

and New South Wales For the militia, niiners, and fencibles For increafed rates of fabfiftance to inn-keopers, and in

lieu of Imall beer For recruiting and contingencies for land-forces, and

extra feed for the cavalry. For the department of barrack-master-general

For foreign corps For ordeance for the land service

51,486 0 374,350 0

110,000 0 0

127,500 0 0 145,000 0 0 171,200 0 0 120,000 0 0 457,000 0 0



d. For foreign and other secret services

35,000 0 For the suffering clergy and laity of France

60,000 0 For convicts at home

8,000 0 0 To cover the interest of exchequer-bills granted in 1799 151,643

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November 21. For continuing the duties on malt, mum, cider, and perry 750,000 For raising 4s. in the pound, apon pensions, offices, and personal

estates. For continuing certain duties on sugar, malt, tobacco, and snuff 2,000,000

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