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Pfalm lxxiv. Ut quid, Deus?

GOD, wherefore art thou abfent from us fo long:
why is thy wrath fo hot against the sheep of thy paf-


2 O think upon thy congregation: whom thou haft purchafed, and redeemed of old.

3 Think upon the tribe of thine inheritance: and mount Sion, wherein thou haft dwelt.

4 Lift up thy feet, that thou mayeft utterly destroy every enemy which hath done evil in thy fanctuary.

5 Thine adverfaries roar in the midft of thy congregations and fet up their banners for tokens.

6 He that hewed thick timber afore out of the thick trees was known to bring it to an excellent work.

7 But now they break down all the carved work thereof: with axes and hammers.

8 They have fet fire upon thy holy places: and have defiled the dwelling-place of thy Name, even unto the ground.

9 Yea, they faid in their hearts, Let us make havock of them altogether: thus have they burnt up all the houses of God in the land.

10 We see not our tokens, there is not one prophet more: no, not one is there among us, that underftandeth any


11 O God, how long fhall the adverfary do this dif honour: how long fhall the enemy blafpheme thy Name, for ever?

12 Why withdraweft thou thy hand: why pluckest thou not thy right hand out of thy bofom to confume the enemy?


angodly, or the fufferings of the righteous; and instead of being tempted to forfake the fear of the Lord, we fhall cleave to him more and more, by a lively faith, and by fuch fentiments of love and confidence as Afaph expreffes when he fays, "I am alway by thee; for thou haft holden me by my right hand; thou shalt guide me with thy counfel, and after that receive me with glory. Whom have in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I defire in comparison of thee. It is good for me to hold me fast by God.”


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13 For God is my King of old: the help that is done upon earth, he doeth it himself.

14 Thou didst divide the fea through thy power: thou breakeft the heads of the dragons in the waters.

15 Thou fmoteft the heads of Leviathan in pieces: and gaveft him to be meat for the people in the wildernels.

16 Thou broughteft out fountains, and waters out of the hard rocks: thou driedft up mighty waters.

17 The day is thine, and the night is thine: thou haft. prepared the light and the fun.

18 Thou haft fet all the borders of the earth: thou haft made fummer and winter.

19 Remember this, O Lord, how the enemy hath rebuked: and how the foolish people hath blafphemed thy Name.

20 O deliver not the foul of thy turtle-dove unto the multitude of the enemies and forget not the congregation of the poor for ever.

21 Look upon the covenant: for all the earth is full of darkness, and cruel habitations.

22 Olet not the fimple go away afhamed: but let the poor and needy give praile unto thy Name.

23 Arife, O God, maintain thine own caufe: remember how the foolish man blafphemeth thee daily.

24 Forget not the voice of thine enemies: the prefumption of them that hate thee, increaseth ever more and




Pfalm lxxiv.] Obferve, 1. That as God, to punish the Jews for the abuse of his fervice, had fuffered their temple to be burnt, and them to be led into captivity, by idolaters; for the fame reasons he has often delivered his church into the hands of perfecutors, and deprived nations of the benefit of his word, and removed their candlestick; but when he thus afflicts his church, his defign is to chaftife it, to try it, and to purify it. 2. That when God appears the moft provoked with his people, he does not quite forfake them; but always remembers his covenant, and delivers them at last by his power and goodness. Thus it has always happened, as the Jews particularly experienced, when God delivered them from the Babylonish captivity, and they rebuilt the temple of Jerusalem, the deftruction of which is lamented in this pfalm. Latly, As the pro



Pfalm lxxv. Confitebimur tibi.

O thee, O God, do we give thanks: yea, unto thee do we give thanks.

2 Thy Name allo is fo nigh: and that do thy wondrous works declare.


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3 When I receive the congregation: I fhall judge according unto right.

4 The earth is weak, and all the inhabiters thereof: I bear up the pillars of it.

5 I faid unto the fools, Deal not fo madly: and to the ungodly, Set not up your horn.

6 Set not up your horn on high: and speak not with a ftiff neck.

7 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the weft: nor yet from the fouth.

8 And why? God is the Judge: he putteth down one, and fetteth up another.

9 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red: it is full mixt, and he poureth out of the fame. 10 As for the dregs thereof: all the ungodly of the earth fhall drink them, and fuck them out.

11 But I will talk of the God of Jacob: and praife him for ever.

12 All the horns of the ungodly alfo will I break and the horns of the righteous fhall be exalted.



phet was grieved for the defolation of the temple, and the calamities of the Jews, and moft devoutly prayed for their reftoration; fo Chriftians ought to be fenfibly affected with the misfortunes of the church, and to pray continually for its deliverance and profperity.

Pfalm lxxv.] The inftruations we meet with in this pfalm are; 1. That it is God who establishes and ftrengthens kings, and gives peace to their dominions. 2. That it is the duty of kings and princes, and in general of all magistrates, to exercife juftice, reftrain the wicked and the proud, and to protect the innocent. 3. That we must not be lifted up in profperity, nor make an ill ufe of power. 4. That the exaltation and abafement of men proceed from God, who by his providence governs the world with wisdom and juftice. And lastly, that God referves a juit




Pfalm lxxvi. Notus in Judea.

N Jewry is God known: his Name is great in Ifrael.

2 At Salem is his tabernacle: and his dwelling in Sion. 3 There brake he the arrows of the bow: the shield, the fword, and the battle.


4 Thou art of more honour and might: than the hills of the robbers.

5 The proud are robbed, they have flept their fleep: and all the men whofe hands were mighty, have found nothing. At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob: both the chariot and the horse are fallen.


7 Thou, even thou art to be feared: and who may stand in thy fight when thou art angry?

8 Thou didft caufe thy judgment to be heard from heaven: the earth trembled, and was ftill.

.9 When God arofe to judgment: and to help all the meek upon earth.

10 The fierceness of man fhall turn to thy praife: and the fiercenefs of them fhalt thou refrain.

11 Promise unto the Lord your God, and keep it, all ye that are round about him: bring prefents unto him that ought to be feared.

12 He fhall refrain the fpirit of princes: and is wonderful among the kings of the earth.

Pfalm lxxvii. Voce mea.


Will cry unto God with my voice: even unto God will
I cry with my voice, and he fhall hearken unto me.



and fevere punishment for the wicked, but that he always gives proofs of his favour to good men.

Pfalm lxxvi.] In this pfalm we have a magnificent defcription of the power which God difplayed in behalf of his people Ifrael, when they were affaulted by powerful and formidable enemies. From whence we may conclude, that as God is always the fame, he will do for his church, as he has always done; and therefore, that we need not fear either the wrath or power of men.

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2 In the time of my trouble I fought the Lord: my fore ran, and ceafed not in the night-feafon; my foul refufed comfort.

3 When I am in heaviness, I will think upon God: when my heart is vexed, I will complain.

4 Thou holdeft mine eyes waking: I am fo feeble that I cannot speak.

5 I have confidered the days of old: and the years that are past.

6 I call to remembrance my fong: and in the night I commune with mine own heart, and fearch out my spirits.

7 Will the Lord abfent himself for ever: and will he be no more intreated ?

8 Is his mercy clean gone for ever: and is his promife come utterly to an end for evermore?

9 Hath God forgotten to be gracious: and will he shut up his loving kindnefs in difplealure?

10 And I faid, It is mine own infirmity: but I will remember the years of the right hand of the moft Higheft.

1 I will remember the works of the Lord: and call to mind thy wonders of old time.

12 I will think alfo of all thy works: and my talking fhall be of thy doings.

13 Thy way, O God, is holy: who is fo great a God, as our God?

14 Thou art the God that doeth wonders: and haft declared thy power among the people.

15 Thou haft mightily delivered thy people: even the fons of Jacob and Jofeph.

16 The waters faw thee, O God, the waters faw thee, and were afraid the depths alfo were troubled.

17 The clouds poured out water, the air thundered: and thine arrows went abroad.

18 The voice of thy thunder was heard round about: the lightnings fhone upon the ground, the earth was moved, and fhook withal.

19 Thy way is in the fea, and thy paths in the great waters and thy footsteps are not known.

20 Thou

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