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and all the snares and tentations which tend thereunto; and to testify the integrity of our resolution herein, and that we may be the better enabled in the power of the Lord's strength to perform the same, we do again renew our Solemn League and Covenant ; promising hereafter to make conscience of all the duties whereunto we are obliged, in all the heads and articles thereof, particularly of these that follow.

1. Because religion is of all things the most excellent and precious, the advancing and promoting the power thereof against all ungodliness and profanity, the securing and preserving the purity thereof against all error, heresy, and schism, and namely, Independency, Anabaptism, Antinomianism, Arminianism, and Socinianism, Familism, Libertinism, Scepticism, and Erastianism, and the carrying on the work of uniformity, shall be studied and endeavoured by us before all worldly interests, whether concerning the King, ourselves, or any other whatsomever. 2. Because many have of late laboured to supplant the liberties of the 'kirk, we shall maintain and defend the kirk of Scotland, in all her liberties and privileges, against all who shall oppose or undermine the same, or encroach thereupon, under any pretext whatsomever. 3. We shall vindicate and maintain the liberties of the subjects, in all these things which concern their consciences, persons, and estates. 4. We shall carefully maintain and defend the union betwixt the kingdoms, and avoid every thing that may weaken the same, or involve us in any measure of acçession unto the guilt of those who have invaded the kingdom of England. 5. As we have been always loyal to our King, so we shall still endeavour to give unto God that which is God's, and to Cesar the things which are Cesar's. 6. We shall be so far from conniving at, complying with, or countenancing of, malignancy, injustice, iniquity, profanity, and impiety, that we shall not only avoid and disa countenance those things, and cherish and encourage these persons who are zealous for the cause of God, and walk according to the gospel; but also shall take a more effectual course than heretofore, in our respective places and callings, for punishing and suppressing these evils; and








hfully endeavour, that the best and fittest remedies may

plied for taking away the causes thereof, and advanç the knowledge of God, and holiness and righteousness che land. And therefore, in the last place, as we shall nestly pray unto God, that he would give us able men, ring God, men of truth, and hating covelousness, to judge I bear charge among his people; so we shall, according our places and callings, endeavour that judicatories, and places of power and trust, both in kirk and state, may asist of, and be filled with, such men as are of known od affection to the cause of God, and of a blameless and ristian conversation. And, because there he many, who heretofore have not Eile conscience of the oath of God, but some through r. others by persuasion, and upon base ends and human cerests, have entered thereinto, who have afterwards dis

ered themselves to have dealt deceitfully with the Lord, swearing falsely by his name; therefore we, who do now mw our Covenant, in reference to tliese duties, and all her duties contained therein, do, in the sight of him who the Searcher of hearts, solemnly profess, that it is not or any politick advantage, or private interest or by-end,

because of any terror or persuasion from men, or hypoEtically and deceitfully, that we do again take upon us e oath of God, but honestly and sincerely, and from the nse of our duty; and that therefore, denying ourselves, d our own things, and laying aside all self-interest and eds, we shall above all things seek the honour of God, e good of his cause, and the wealth of his people; and at forsaking the counsels of flesh and blood, and not aning upon carnal confidences, we shall depend upon the ord, walk by the rule of his word, and hearken to the bice of his servants. In all which, professing our own eakness, we do earnestly pray to God, who is the Father mercies, through his Son Jesus Christ, to be merciful to us, and to enable us, by the power of his might, that e may do cur duty, unto the praise of his grace in the curchesAmen,




A Part of the Covenanted U

Christ in the King

An Act of the General Assl

approving an

1 Cor. xiv, 40. II

Ver. 26.7


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A Part of the Covenanted Uniformity in Religion betwixt the Churches of

Christ in the Kingdoms of Scotland, England, and Ireland :


An Act of the General Assembly, and Act of Parliament, both in Anno 1645,

approving and establishing the said DIRECTORY,

1 Cor. xiv. 40. Let all things be done decently, and in order.

Ver. 26.-Let all things be done to edifying,

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CHARLES I. Parl. 3. Sess. 5.

An Act of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scor

LAND, approving and establishing the Directory for Publick Worship.

At EDINBURGH, February 6. 1645. THE Estates of Parliament now convened, in the second

session of this first triennial Parliament, by virtue of the last act of the last Parliament holden by his Majesty and the Three Estates, in anno 1641; after the publick reading and serious consideration of the act under-written of the General Assembly, approving the following Directory for the publick worship of God in the three kingdoms, lately united by the Solemn League and Covenant, together with the ordinance of the Parliament of England establishing the said Directory, and the Directory itself; do heartily and cheerfully agree to the said Directory, according to the act of the General Assembly approving the same. Which act, together with the Directory itself, the Estates of Parliament do, without a contrary voice, ratify and approve

in all the Heads and Articles thereof; and do interpone and add the authority of Parliament to the said act of the General Assembly. And do ordain the same to have the strength and force of a law and act of Parliament, and execution to pass thereupon, for observing the said Directory, according to the said act of the General Assembly in all points.

ALEX. GIBSON, Cler. Registri.


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