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League and Covenant of the three kingdoms; whereby Preface set" bet Covenant, been the matter of many supplications and re shall be begun tioned, with such committees, as should be appointed by human the s

Assembly at EDINBURGH, February 3. 1645. Sess. 10. sed upon by i Act of the General Assembly of the Kirk of SCOTLAND, ungdoms there a for the establishing and putting in Execution of the sea that, being

Directory for the Publick Worship of God. WHEREAS an happy unity, and uniformity in religion miel, and es

amongst the kirks of Christ, in these three king: Bersereral pub doms, united under one Sovereign, having been long and earnestly wished for by the godly and well-affected amongst then to all to o us, was propounded as a main article of the large treaty i sho have a without which band and bulwark, no safe, well-grounded, and lasting peace could be expected; and afterward, with greater strength and maturity, revived in the Solemn they stand straitly obliged to endeavour the nearest uniformity in one form of Church-government, Directory of Worship, Confession of Faith, and Form of Catechising; which hath also before, and since our entering into that monstrances, and sending Commissioners to the King's Majesty ; of declarations to the Honourable Houses of the Parliament of England, and of letters to the Reverend Assembly of Divines, and others of the ministry of the kirk of England; being also the end of our sending Coni

. missioners, as was desired, from this kirk, with commission to treat of uniformity in the four particulars afore-menboth Houses of Parliament of England, and by the Assembly of Divines sitting at Westminster; and beside all this, it being, in point of conscience, the chief motive and end of our adventuring upon manifold and great hazards, for quenching the devouring flame of the present unnatural and bloody war in England, though to the weakening of this kingdom within itself

, and the advantage of the enemy which have invaded it ; accounting nothing too dear to us, so that this our joy be fulfilled. And now this great work being so far advanced, that à Directory for the


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fieraile without a contráry voice, agree to and approve the followzations see shall be begun, upon intimation given to the several ering cake within this kingdom whom it doth concern; which practice

Publick Worship of God in all the three kingdoms being agreed upon by the Honourable Houses of the Parliament of England, after consultation with the Divines of both kingdoms there assembled, and sent to us for our approbation, that, being also agreed upon by this kirk and kingdom

of Scotland, it may be in the name of both kingdoms preGod sented to the King, for his royal consent and ratification ;

the General Assembly, having most seriously considered, it is to revised, and examined the Directory afore-mentioned, se the te after several publick readings of it, after mucha deliberation, ben hep both publickly and in private committees, after full liberty

given to all to object against it, and earnest invitations of veloce all who have any scruples about it, to make known the welum same, that they might be satisfied ; doth unanimously, and the $ ing Directory, in all the heads thereof, together with the

Preface set before it; and doth require, decern, and ordain,

That, according to the plain tenor and meaning thereof, 5, Dhort and the intent of the Preface, it be carefully and uniformly observed and practised by all the ministers and others

prese byteries from the Commissioners of this General AssemHonetik bly, who shall also take special care for timeous printing the heart of this Directory, that a printed copy of it be provided and

kept for the use of every kürk in this kingdom ; also that at each presbytery have a printed copy thereof for their use,

and take special notice of the observation or neglect therea of in every congregation within their bounds, and make known the same to the Provincial or General Assembly, as there shall be cause.

Provided always, That the clause in the Directory, of the administration of the Lord's Supper, which mentioneth the communicants sitting about the table, or at it, be not interpreted, as if, in the judgment of this kirk, it were indifferent, and free for any of the communicants not to come to, and receive at the table; or as if We did approve the distributing of the elements by the minister to each communicant, and not by the communicants among themselves. It is also provided, That this shail be no prejudice to the order and practice of this kirk, in such


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particulars as are appointed by the books of discipline, and lite Asembling of th]
acts of General Assemblies, and are not otherwise ordered
and appointed in the Directory.

Finally, The Assembly doth, with much joy and thank alak Paser bei
fulness, acknowledge the rich blessing and invaluable mer-
cy of God, in bringing the so much wished for uniformity i Peching of the w
in religion to such a happy period, that these kingdoms,
once at so great a distance in the form of worship, are now, gute Scrament of til
by the blessing of God, brought to a nearer uniformity
any other

reformed kirks; which is unto us the return of our prayers, and a lightening of our eyes, and reviving of our hearts in the midst of our many sorrows and sufferings; a taking away, in a great measure, the reproach of the people of God, to the stopping of the mouths of malignant and disaffected persons; and an opening unto us a door of hope, that God hath yet thoughts of peace towards us, and not of evil, to give us an expected end ; in the expectation and confidence whereof we do rejoice; beseeching the Lord to preserve these kingdoms from heresies, schisms, offences, profaneness, and whatsoever is contrary to sound doctrine, and the power of godliness ; and to coltinue with us, and the generations following these his pure and purged ordinances, together with an increase of the power and life thereof, to the glory of his great name, the enlargement of the kingdom of his Son, the corroboration of peace and love between the kingdoms, the unity and comfort of all his people, and our edifying one another in love.


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IN the beginning of the blessed Reformation, our wise

and pious ancestors took care to set forth an order for redress of many things, which they then, by the word, discovered to be vain, erroneous, superstitious, and idolatrous, in the publick worship of God. This occasioned many godly and learned men to rejoice much in the Book of Common Prayer, at that time set forth; because the mass, and the rest of the Latin service being removed, the publick worship was celebrated in our own tongue: many of the common people also received benefit by hearing the scriptures read in their own language, which formerly were unto them as a book that is sealed.

Howbeit, long and sad experience hath made it manifest, that the Liturgy used in the Church of England, (notwithstanding all the pains and religious intentions of the Compi


scribing to those ceremonies. 'Sundry good Christians have such to his peop divers able and faithful ministers debarred from the exercise te mysteries of souls, in a time of such scarcity of faithful pastors,) and riderence to the spoiled of their livelihood, to the undoing of them and their particulars conta families. Prelates, and their faction, have laboured to raise atention to dis only the Service-book; to the great hinderance of the struments, raise other worship, or way of worship of God, amongst us, but win this work, preaching of the word, and in some places, especially of this boxase, an far inferior to the reading of common prayer; which was buat we ma have thereby hardened themselves in their ignorance and use of may compliance with them in a great part of their service; and Sew Leap ing the reformation of themselves : in which expectation resolved to la

lers of it,) hath proved an offence, not only to many of the lofprayer, with godly at home, but also to the reformed Churches abroad. samisk ali hiš serv I'or, not to speak of urging the reading of all the prayers, testher side, it has which very greatly increased the burden of it, the many unmatter of endless prufitable and burdensome ceremonies contained in it have aware both to ma oc sioned much mischief, as well by disquieting the con Beapersecuted an sciences of many godly ministers and people, who could not hopeful parts, yield unto them, as by depriving them of the ordinances of would be, diverted God, which they might not enjoy without conforming or sub- uis

; especially of their ministry, (to the endangering of many thousand . " pon these, a the estimation of it to such an height, as if there were no rwaded, the late) to the justling of it out as unnecessary, or at best, as made no better than an idol by many ignorant and superstitious people, who, pleasing themselves in their presence at that service, and their lip-labour in bearing a part in it

, wer the es carelessness of saving knowledge and true piety:

In the mean time, Papists boasted that the book so were not a little confirmed in their superstition and ido- syvent call latry, expecting rather our return to them, than endeavour


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they were of late very much encouraged, when, upon the pretended warrantableness of imposing of the former ceremonies, new ones were daily obtruded upon the Church.

Add hereunto, (which was not foreseen, but since hath come to pass,) that the Liturgy hath been a great means, as on the one hand to make and increase an idle and unedifying ministry, which contented itself with set forms made to their hands by others, without putting forth themselves to exercise the


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