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Thus far of ordinary Rules, and course of Ordination, in the

ordinary way; that which concerns the extraordinary way,
requisite to be now practised, followeth.

1. In these present exigencies, while we cannot have any
presbyteries formed up to their whole power and work, and
that many ministers are to be ordained for the service of the
armies and navy, and to many congregations where there is
no minister at all; and where (by reason of the publick trou-
bles) the people cannot either themselves enquire and find out
one who may be a faithful minister for them, or have any
with safety sent unto them, for such a solemn trial as was be-
fore mentioned in the ordinary rules; especially when there
can be no presbytery near unto them, to whom they may ad-
dress themselves, or which may come or send to them a fit
man to be ordained in that congregation, and for that people;
and yet notwithstanding, it is requisite that ministers be or-
dained for them by some, who, being set apart themselves for
the work of the ministry, have power to join in the setting a-
part others, who are found fit and worthy. - In those cases, un-
til, by God's blessing, the aforesaid difficulties may be in some
good measure removed, let some godly ministers, in or about
the city of London, be designed by publick authority, who,
being associated, may ordain ministers for the city and the
vicinity, keeping as near to the ordinary rules fore-mentioned
as possibly they may; and let this association be for no other
intent or purpose, but only for the work of ordination.

2. Let the like association be made by the same authority in great towns, and the neighbouring parishes in the several counties, which are at the present quiet and undisturbed, to do the like for the parts adjacent.

3. Let sprch as are chosen, or appointed for the service of the armies or navy, be ordained, as aforesaid, by the associ-. ated ministers of London, or some others in the country.

4. Let them do the like, when any man shall duly and lawfully be recommended to them for the ministry of any congregation, who cannot enjoy liberty to have a trial of his parts and abilities, and desire the help of such ministers so associated, for the better furnishing of them with such a person as by them shall be judged fit for the service of that church and people.




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An Act of

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PIETY and UNIFORMITY in Secret and Private WORSHIP,

and mutual EDIFICATION.

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An Act of the General Assembly, Anno 1647, for observing the saine,

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cation; for che

synods enquire and make trial whether the said Directions expedient and i sure (according to the quality of the offence) such as shall that, with natio be found to be reprovable or censurable therein. And, to godliness, bo tual and unprofitable among some, through the usual every one apart neglect of the very substance of the duty of Family-wor meditation, the ship, the Assembly doth further require and appoint mini-to them who al any such family be found, the head of the family is to be form this dut proved by the session; after which reproof, if he be found charge, beda nacy in such an offence, suspended and debarred from si piety, whid

Assembly at EDINBURGH, August 24. 1647. Sess. 10.
Act for observing the Directions of the General As.

sembly for secret and private Worship, and mutual
Edification; and censuring such as neglect Family-

worship. THE General

Assembly, after mature deliberation, data Concerning secre approve the following Rules and Directions for cherishing piety, and preventing division and schism; and aroiding Schi doth appoint ministers and ruling elders in each congrega. tion to take special care that these Directions be observed and followed ; as likewise, that presbyteries and provincial

BESIDES the be duly observed in their bounds; and to reprove or centhe end that these Directions may not be rendered ineffecsters and ruling elders to make diligent search and enquiry, in the congregations committed to their charge respectively, whether there be among them any family or

; if first admonished privately to amend his fault; and, in case of his continuing therein, he is to be gravely and sadly restill to neglect Family-worship, let him be, før his obstithe Lord's supper, as being justly esteemed unworthy to communicate therein, till he amend.

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Concerning secret and private Worship, and mutual Edifi

cation; for cherishing Piety, for maintaining Unity, and avoiding Schism and Division.

BESIDES the publick worship in congregations, mer

cifully established in this land in great purity, it is expedient and necessary that secret worship of each person alone, and private worship of families, be pressed and set up; that, with national reformation, the profession and power of godliness, both personal and domestick, be advanced.

I. And first, for secret worship, it is most necessary, that every one apart, and by themselves, be given to prayer and meditation, the unspeakable benefit whereof is best known to them who are most exercised therein; this being the mean whereby, in a special way, communion with God is entertained, and right preparation for all other duties obtained; and therefore it becometh not only pastors, within their several charges, to press persons of all sorts to perform this duty morning and evening, and at other occasions; but also it is incumbent to the head of every family to have a care, that both themselves, and all within their charge, be daily diligent herein.

II. The ordinary duties comprehended under the exercise of piety, which should be in families, when they are convened to that effect, are these: First, Prayer and praises performed with a special reference, as well to the publick condition of the kirk of God and this kingdom, as to the present case of the family, and every member thereof. Next, Reading of the scriptures, with catechising in a plain way, that the understandings of the simpler may be the better enabled to profit under the publick ordinances, and they made more capable


V. Let no idle

teady (after that

duty, and to apply the offered comfort. In al} which the itself, to the py

to understand the scriptures when they are read : together it is requisite tha with gedly conferences tending to the edification of all the lyfor worship, members in the most holy faith: as also, admonition and re- specially concern buke, upon just reasons, from those who have authority in dence), need not, the family

III. As the charge and office of interpreting the holy scrip- grant person und tures, is a part of the ministerial calling, which none (horas perform worsh ever otherwise qualified) should take upon him in any place, persons tainted w but he that is duly called thereunto by God and his kirk; so in every family where there is any that can read, the holy capire silly and scriptures should be read ordinarily to the family; and it is commendable, that thereafter they confer, and by way of conference make some good use of what hath been read and ting, nor admitti heard. As, for example, if any sin be reproved in the word read, use may be made thereof to make all the family cirwise with them cumspect and watchful against the same; or if any judgment be threatened, or mentioned to have been inflicted, in that is of persons o portion of scripture which is read, use may be made to make es trouble

, (in all the family fear, lest the same or a worse judgment befall them, unless they beware of the sin that procured it; and, blessed us with finally, if any duty be required, or comfort held forth in a promise, use may be made to stir up themselves to employ Christ for strength to enable them for doing the commanded

VI. At family each family keer

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master of the family is to have the chief hand; and any member of the family may propone a question or doubt for resolution.

IV. The head of the family is to take care that none of the family withdraw himself from any part of family-worship: and, seeing the ordinary performance of all the parts of fa. mily-worship belongeth properly to the head of the family, the minister is to stir up such as are lazy, and train up such as are weak, to a fitness to these exercises; it being always free to persons of quality to entertain one approved by the presbytery for performing family-exercise. And in other families, where the head of the family is unfit, that another

, constantly residing in the family, approved by the minister and session, may be employed in that service, wherein the minister and session are to be countable to the presbytery. And ifa minister, by divine Providence, be brought to any family,

of the fami gress of time which of carnal men

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