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unto salvation, con. i. 1. 4. 4. xxi. 1. and difference between the Lord's the ci cat. 2, 60. It is of the law of

supper and baptism, cat. 176, 177. The P nature that a due portion of time Lots, cat, 112, 113.

diction be set apart for the worship of Love, Election is of God's free

people God, con. xxi. ;.

love, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. Which to be Wanton looks sinful, cat. 139.

is unchangeable, con. xvii. 2. ercise Lord's prayer. See Prayer.

cat. 79. And therefore true bor of CE Lord's supper. The institution, na lievers can neither totally, nor Infide ture, and ends of it, con. xxix. 1. finally fall away from the state

doth cat. 168. Christ not offered up

of grace, it. The sense of God's to his Father, nor any real sacri love is attainable in this life, fice for sin made in it, con. xxix. 2.

cat, 83. See Assurance. Love The mass abominably injurious to God is a duty, cat. 104 His to Christ's one only sacrifice, ib. Which the light of nature shew. The outward elements in this sa

eth, con. xxi. 1. To love the

effer crament are not to be adored, con. Lord our God with all our

23, xxix. 4. They still remain truly heart, &c. is the sum of our duty

by bread and wine, con. xxix. 5. The

to hin, cat. 102. Love to God is

3,doctrine of transubstantiation is

necessary to the right performance repugnant not only to the scrip of the duty of prayer, con. xxi

. S. ture, but even to common sense,

cat. 185. Love to God and the and has been and is the cause of brethren is necessary to right cotogross idolatries, con. xxix. 6. How

municating, cat. 168, 171, 174. Christ hath appointed bread and True believers are never utterly wine to be given and received in destitute of the love of Christ and 1 the sacrament, con. xxix. 3. cat. the brethren, con, xviii

. 4. Where.
169. It is only to be administer in love towards our neighbour
ed by a minister of the word law consists, cat. 135, 141, 144, 147,
fully ordained, con. xxvii. 4. cat. What contrary to it, cat. 136, 142,
176. It is not to be received by 145, 148. It is the sum of our
any one alone, con. xxix. 4. It is

duty to man, cat. 122. Lying
to be received in both kinds, ib. sinful, cat. 145.
What relation the elements in this
sacrament have to Christ crucified,

con. xxix. 5. How Christ is pre- MAGISTRATES appointed by God,
sent there, con. xxix. 7. cat. 170.

con. xxiii. 1. For what end, ib.
How believers feed on him there. Lawful for Christians to accept
in, ib. What preparation is re. the office of a magistrate, como
quired for receiving it, cat. 171. xxiii. 2. The duty of the civil
Doubting may consist with an in-

magistrate, con. xxiii. 2. cat. 129. terest in Christ, caa. xvii. 8. xviii. 4. con. XX. 4. Read the scriptures leta cat. 81. And therefore should tert. The sins of the magistrate, not hinder from partaking of the cat. 180, 145. He may wage Lord's supper, cat. 172. But the

war upon just and necessary oco
ignorant and scandalous are not to casions, con. xxiii. 2. His power in
be admitted, con. xxix. 8. cat. 173. church-affairs stated, cor. xxiii

. 3,
What duties required in the time
of receiving, cat. 174.

The duty of the people towards

What duties after receiving, cat. 175.

their magistrates, cone xxii

. 4. Frequent attendance on it a duty,

cat. 127. Their sins against them,
cat. *175, 177. The agreement

cat. 128. Ecclesiastical persons
not exempted from obedieace to


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the civil magistrate, con, xxiii. 4. con. xxii. 7. cat. 139. Those who The Pope hath no power or juris have not the gift of continency diction over magistrates or their ought to marry, cat. 138. The people, ib. The magistrate is not duties of married persons, cat. to be opposed in the lawful ex

139, 141. ercise of his power, upon pretence The mass abominably injurious to of Christian liberty, can. XX. 4.

Christ's one only sacrifice, con. Infidelity or difference in religion xxix. 2. doth not make void the magi- Means. God in his ordinary prostrate's just and legal authority, con.

vidence maketh use of means; xxiii. 4.

yet is free to work without, Man, how created, con. iv. 2. cat. 17. above, and against them at his

His state before the fall, con. iv. 2. pleasure, con. V. 3. The outward cat. 17, 20. His fall, and the and ordinary means of salvation effects of it, con. vi. cat. 21, 22,

under the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. His state Under the gospel, con. vii. 6. cat. by the covenant of grace, con. vii. 35, 154. The diligent use of 3,-6. cat. 30,-35. Man's chief them is required in order to end, cat. 1.

escape the wrath of God, cat. 153. Man-stealing discharged, cat. 142. How they are made effectual, con. M: riage, the end of it, con. xxiv. 2. XXV. 3. cat. 161, 155, 182. Trust

cat. 20. Between more than one ing in means sinful, cat. 105. man and one woman at a time Unlawful means not to be used, ibo unlawful, con. xxiv. 1. cat. 139. False measures unlawful, cat. 142. Lawful for all sorts of people Meat to be moderately used, cato who are capable to give their

135, 136. consent, cop. xxiv. 3. And who Mediator. See Christ. are without the degrees of con The Mercy of God, con. ii. 1. cat. 7. sanguinity or affinity forbidden in It is manifested in his works of the scriptures, con. xxiv. 4. But providence, con. v. 1. It is of marriages within those degrees God's free love and mercy that

never be made lawful, ib. the elect are delivered from sin Protestants should marry

and misery, and brought to an with infidels, Papists, or other estate of salvation by the second idolaters, con. xxiv. 3. Nor such covenant, cat. 30. God is merci. as are godly with those that are ful to penitent sinners in Christ, notoriously wicked, ib. A con con. xv. 2. cat. 76. For whose tract of marriage may be dis sake mercy is to be prayed for, solved for adultery or fornication

cat. 180.

Works of mercy are to committed after the contract, con.

be done, even on the Lord's day, xxiv. 5. The bond of marriage

con. xxi. 8. cat. 117. can only be dissolved for a utery Merit. No merit in good works after marriage, and such wilful for pardon of sin or eternal life; desertion as cannot be remedied, and why, con. xvi. 5.

Nor can 10x. xxiv. 5, 6. Undue delay of we merit the outward blessings of marriage, prohibiting of law this life, cat. 193. But we are ful, and dispensing with unlaw to trust in the merits of Christ, ful marriages, are sinful, cat. 139. cat. 174. Who appearing in the Vows of perpetual single life merit of his obedience and sacri. are sinful snares in which no fice, maketh intercession for his Christian may entangle laimself,

people, cat. 55.




tén. xvi. 2. cał. 32.
sincere though imper
ence of believers is ad

rewarded, com, xvi. 6.
Obedience is due to the
mands of a magistrate,

cat. 127, 128.
Ofices of Christ, of Me

Mediator. His prop!
cat. 43. ; priestly, co

kirgly, cat, 45.
The Old Testament i

that to which the ch
to appeal in contro
ligion, son, i. 8. TI
tion of the cover
under the law is
Testament, con. vii.
The Ordinances of

Christ to the visi! IIV. 3. The or din law, con. vii. 5.



Messiah. The elect under the Old tion of the covenant of grace un.

Testament believed in the pro der the gospel is called the New
mised Messiah, by whom they Testament, con, vii. 6.
had full remission of sins, and Neighbour. See Charity, Love,
eternal salvation, con. vii. 5. viii. 6. Niggardliness sinful, cat. 142.
cat. 34.

0 The Ministry given by Christ to

the visible church, con. xxv. 3. An Oath, what it is, con. xxii, 1. It The maintenance thereof a duty,

is a part of religious worship, ib. cat. 108. A minister of the gos

The name of God is that by which pel is one sufficiently gifted, and men ought only to swear, con. also duly approved and lawfully xxii. 2. cat. 108. Vain or rash called and ordained to that office,

swearing by his name is to be com. xxvi. 4. xxviii. 2. cat. 158. abhorred, con. xxi. 2. cat. 113. By such only the word is to be Yet, in matters of weight and read publicklyand preached, and the

moment, an oath is warrantable sacraments dispensed, con. xxvii. 4. under the New Testament, con.

Xxviii. 2. cat. 156, 158, 159, 169. xxii, 2. A lawful oath, imposed Moral Law. See Law.

by lawful authority, ought to Mortification. The regenerate have

taken, ib. It is a sin to refuse it the corruption of nature mortified con, xxii. 3. A man must swear through Christ, con. vi. 5. And nothing but what he is fully per. the several lusts of the body of suaded is truth; neither may sin, con. xiii. i. Believers draw bind himself by oath to any thing strength from the death and re but what he believes to be just surrection of Christ for the mor

and good, and what he is able to tifying of sin, cat. 167.

perform, ib. An oath is to be N

taken in the plain and common

sense of the words; and, in things The Name of Christ. That prayer

not sinful, it binds to performance, be accepted, it is to be made in though to a man's own hurt, or the name of Christ, con. xxi. 3. made to hereticks, con. xxii

. 4. cat, 178. What it is to pray in

cat. 113. But it cannot oblige to the name of Christ, cat. 180.

sin, ib. Why prayer is to be made in his Obedience is due to God in whatsoname, cat. 181.

ever he is pleased to command, The Name of God is only that by

con. ii. 2. cat. 104. Christ hath which men ought to swear, and

performed perfect obedience to therein it is to be used with all the law for us in our nature, -com. holy fear and reverence, con. xxii. 2. viii. 4. cat, 38, 39, 48, 97. And How the name of God ought to be used, and how it is profaned,

by it purchased an everlasting in

heritance in the kingdom of hea. cat. 112, 113, 114, 190.

ven for the elect, con. viü. 5. Nature. See Corruption, Original cat. 38. His obedience is imputSin, Light of Nature,

ed to believers, con. xi. 1. cat. 70. The two Natures of Christ. See He hath not abolished, but pruch

Christ, Incarnation, Personal Union. The New Testament in Greek is

strengthened the obligation to the

obedience of the moral law, con. that to which the church is finally xix. 5. Good works done in oben to appeal in controversies of re dience to God's commands are the ligion, con. 1. 8. The administra. fruits and evidences of a true faith;

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under the gospel, c Which are fewer, a with more sing outward glory; Y and salvation ar more fulness, ficacy, ib. All especially the and prayer, are ordinary means 154. How the tual, con. Ixv. 3. The neglect, posing them, si Original corrupti Original sin. Se

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Pardon. See S
Passions to be

Passover, one

nances grace was a law,con, vi Patience. Da

hand of C



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con. xvi. 2. cat. 32. How the Patient bearing and forgiving of
sincere - though imperfect obedi injuries a duty, ib.
ence of believers is accepted and Peace of conscience. See Conscience.
rewarded, con. xvi. 6.

Pedo-baptism. See Infants, Obedience is due to the lawful com Perseverance of saints. They whom

mands of a magistrate, con. xxiii. 4. God hath accepted in Christ can cat. 127, 128.

never totally or finally fall away Offices of Christ, of Mediator. See

from the estate of grace, con. Mediator. His prophetical office, xvii. l. cat. 77, 79. Upon what cat. 43. ; priestly, cat. 44.; and their perseverance depends, con. kingly, cat. 45.

xvii. 2. cat. 79. How far they The Old Testament in Hebrew is

may fall, con. vi. 5. xi. 5. xiii. 2. that to which the church is finally xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 78. They are to appeal in controversies of re always kept from utter despair, ligion, con. i. 8. The administra. con. xviii. 4, cat. 81.

How they tion of the covenant of grace are recovered when they fall ununder the law is called the Old der God's fatherly displeasure, con. Testament, con. vii. 5.

xi. 5. xiii. 3. The Ordinances of God given by Three Persons in the Godhead dis

Christ to the visible church, con. tinguished by personal properties, XXV. 3. The ordinances under the con. ii. 3. cat. 9, 10. The equality law, con. vii. 5. cat. 84. Those of the persons proved, cat. il. under the gospel, con. vii. 6. cat. 35. The personal union of the two Which are

fewer, and administered natures in Christ, con. viii. 2. cat. with more simplicity, and less 36, 37. By reason of this union, outward glory; yet in them grace the proper works of each nature and salvation are held forth in are accepted of God, and relied on more fulness, evidence, and ef by believers as the work of the ficacy, ib. All God's ordinances, whole person, con. viii. 7. cat. 40.especially the word, sacraments, Physick to be used moderately, and prayer, are the outward and cat. 185. ordinary means of salvation, cat. Lascivious Pictures discharged, 154. How they are made effec cat. 139. tual, con. xxv. 3. cat. 155, 161, 182. Polygamy unlawful, con. xxiv. 1. The neglect, contempt, or op

cat. 139, posing them, sinful, cat. 109. The Pope has no power or jurisOriginal corruption. See Corruption.

diction over civil magistrates, or Original sin. See Sin.

their people, con. xxiii. 4. He is

in no sense head of the church, P

but is Antichrist, con. xxv. 6. PAPISTS. Protestants should not Powers ecclesiastical or civil, not

marry with Papists, con. xxiv. 3. to be opposed upon pretence of Pardon. See Sin.

Christian liberty,

4. Passions to be restrained, cat. 135, Power of the keys. See Keys. 136.

Praises to be joined with prayer, Passover, one of the types and ordi

cat. 196. nances by which the covenant of The Praise of any good we either grace was administered under the are, have, or can do, not to be law, con, vii. 5. cat. 34,

ascribed to fortune, idols, our. Patience. Patient bearing of the selves, or any other creature, hand of God a duty, cat. 135.

bat. 105.




Publick worship not to be

con. mai. 6. Punishment. See Sin. Purgatory, the scriptare ledgeth no such place,


providences sinful, cat. Quarrelling and provo sinful

, cat. 136. Questions that are curio fitable are to be avoid


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Prayer, what, cat. 178. The duty Priestly office of Christ, how exe•

of all men, con. xxi. 3. To be cuted, cat. 44.
made to God only, and why, con. Private worship in families daily, a
xxi. 2. cat. 179. That it may be duty, con. xxi. 6. cat. 156.
accepted, it is to be made in the Privileges of the invisible church,
name of Christ, by the help of the and of the visible. See Church.
Spirit, cor, xxi. 3. cat. 178. What Prodigality, a sin, cat. 142.
it is to pray in the name of Christ, The Profession of the gospel is
cat. 180. Why prayer is to be adorned by good works, con.
made in his name, cat. 181. How xvi. 2. And ought to be attend-
the Spirit helps to pray, cat. 182.

ed with a conversation in holiness How prayer is to be made, con. and righteousness, cat. 112, 167. xxi. 3. cat. 185. „For what and Property in goods and possessions for whom we are to pray, con.

not infringed by the communion xxi. 4. cat. 183, 184. Prayer pot of saints, con. xxvi. 3. to be made for the dead, nor for Prophecies. The covenant of grace those of whom it may be known administered by prophecies under that they have sinned the sin unto the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. death, ib. Prayer, now under the The prophetical office of Christ, how gospel, is not made more accept executed, cat. 43. able by any place in which it is Propitiation. Christ's one only sa. performed, nor towards which it crifice the alone propitiation for is directed, con. xxi, 6. The rule all the sins of the elect, con. xxix. 2. of prayer, caf. 186.

Protestants should not marry with The Lord's Prayer, how to be used,

Papists, con. xxiv. 3. cat. 187, It is explained in the Providence, is God's most boly, Catechism from Question 188, to wise, and powerful preserving, the end.

directing, disposing, and govern. Preaching of the word is a part of ing all his creatures, and all their the ordinary religious worship of

actions; according to his infallible God, con. xxi. 5. And one of the foreknowledge, and immutable ordinances in which the covenant decree; to the glory of his wisa of grace is administered under the

dom, power, justice, goodness

, and New Testament, con. vii. 6. cat. 35.

mercy, con. v. l. cat. 18. Events None are to preach the word but are ordered according to the na. ministers of the gospel, cat. 158, ture of second causes, con. iii

. 1. How they are to preach, cat. 159. V. 2. God in his ordinary pron How the preaching of the word vidence maketh use of means, yet is made effectual to salvation, is free to work without, above, cat. 155.

and against them at his pleasure, Predestination, con. iii. 3, 4. cat. 13. con. v. 3. How providence is exo

The doctrine of predestination ercised about sin, can. v. 4. See how to be handled, and what use Sin. The actual influence of the to be made of it, con. iii, 8,

Holy Spirit is required to do good Preparation required to the hearing works, con. xvi. 3. God's provie

of the word, cat. 160. What pre dence towards angels, cat. 19. TOparation requisite to the sabbath, ward man when created, cat. 20. cat, 117. What to the Lord's God's providence is in a most supper, cat. 171.

special manner over his church, Prescience. See Foreknowledge. cone *. 7. cat. 49, 45, 63.

is to be read, con. I Rebellion, a sin, cat. Reconciliation with by Christ's sacril

con, viii, 5. cat. 44 Recreations to be me cat

. 135, 136. Lord's day, con. Redemption, how

Christ, For all the elect! eon, jäi. 6. TO ly applied, con. Although it wrought by CH

con, viï,

incarnation; ye

cacy, and bene!

municated to

successively fro

the world, con

applied to the 58, 59.

Regeneration, The Regenerati

tified, con. xi.) And sanctifid Sanctification nature rema the motions


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