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Charms unlawful, cat. 11

believers are members of Christ's Christ, why so called, o

ber of the elect that have beer, being very God, of time revived, con. xvül. 4. cat. 81. The Bodies of the elect after death being God and man_

Publick Assemblies for the worship Believers. See Faith, Justification, our ability, and the of God not to be carelessly or wil. Acceptance, Adoption, Sanctification

, others

, is a duty, con. fully neglected, con. xxi. 6.

Union, Communion, Liberty, Worki,

141. Assurance of grace and salvation at Perseverance, Assurance,

tainable in this life, con. xviii. 1, 2. Benefits which the members of the Chastity, cat, 138. cat. 80. Without extraordinary

invisible church enjoy by Christ, Children that die in i revelation, con. xviii. 3. cat. 80.

cat. 65. The benefits of Christ's saved

, con, . 3. The Upon what it is founded, con. ïji. 8. mediation, cat. 57, 58. xviii. 2. cat. 80. It is strengthen. The Body of Christ, how present it ed by good works, con. xvi. 2. the sacrament, con, xxix. 7. cat. Believers may want it, con. xviii. 3.

170. cat. 80, 172. They may have it The mystical Body of Christ. True diminished and intermitted; and be deprived of comfort, and the mystical body, con. Axix. 1. cất, light of God's countenance, con. xi. 168. Which is the whole gum. 5. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 81. But they are never utterly destitute of are, or shall be united to Christ as that seed of God, and life of faith their head, con. xxv, 1. What and love, &c. out of which assur. that union is, cat. 66. See Comance may, by the Spirit, be in due munion.

such as profess the are members of the vi Con. XIV. 2. cat. 62. be baptized, con. XE 166. only Mediator betwe man, con. viji. 1. ca

and equall with the vii, 2. cat. 11, 36. of time became mar cat. 36, 37. The ne

and at the resurrection, con. IIXIi

2, 3. cat. 86, 87. Of the wicka

ed, ib.
Lascivious Books not to be read, cafe


40. He was orda from eternity to be vii, 1. He was anointed with the Execute the office of vii. 3. cat. 49. Td called by the Fath And willingly unde charged it, con. iv. fect obedience a himself, he purch tion and eternal elect,

con, viii. & whom, in all


And by which, in the mean time, they are supported froni utter despair, ib. It is the duty of all to endeavour after assurance, con. xviii. 3. And to pray for it, cat. 194. The fruits of it; it inclines

not to looseness, con, xviii. 3. Atheism, the denying or not having

a God, cat. 105.
Attributes of God, con. ii. 1, 2. cat,
7, 8, 101.

BAPTISM, what, con, xxviii. 1, 2.

cat. 165. To continue to the end of the world, con. xxviii. 1. cat.

176. But once to be administered to any person, con. xxviii. 7. cat. 177. By whom, con. xxvii, 4. xxviii. 2. cat. 176. To whom, con. xxviii. 4. cat. 166. Dipping not necessary in baptism : But it may be rightly administered by sprinkling, con. xxviii

. 3. Baptism sot necessary to salvation, yet it is a sin to neglect it, con. xxviii. 5. The efficacy of it, con, xxviii. 6. How to be improved, cat. 167. Wherein it agrees with the Lord's supper, cat. 176. And wherein they differ, cat, 177.

CALLING, See Efectual Calling

To have a lawful calling, and to
be diligent in it, is a duty, car.

Vows of Celibacy unlawful, con. XXÜ.

7. cat. 139.
Censures of the church, what, core

xxx. 2, 4. Their use, can. XIX. S.
Who are to be proceeded against
by the censures of the church, for.
XX. 4. xxix. 8. XXX. 2. They are
to be managed according to the
nature of the crime, and the de
merit of the person, con. XXK, %;
Penitent sinners are to be absolved

from censures, con. XXX. 2.
Censuring. Rash, harsh, and para

tial censuring sinful, cat. 145.
Ceremonial law. See Law.
Charity towards our neighbaur,

wherein it consists, cat. 135, 141,
144, 147. What contrary to it,
cat. 136, 142, 1.45, 148. Giving
and lending freely according to

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his mediation ar plied, con. viii. offices of prophet 43, 44, 45. Sel

Body of Chr! of Christ, Exall Humiliation, Iml sion, Judge, Men of Christ, Person tion, Reconciliata surrection, Riga Salvation, Satis

Christian liberty.
The Church is

special provid
63. Christ

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The purest

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our ability, and the necessities of
others, is a duty, con. xxvi. 2. cat.

Charms unlawful, cat. 113.
Chastity, cat. 138.
Children that die in infancy, how

saved, con. X. 3. The children of
such as profess the true religion
are members. of the visible church,
con. xxv. 2, čát. 62. 'And are to
be baptized, con. xxviii. 4. cat.

Christ, why so called, cat. 42. Is the

only Mediator between God and
man, con. viii. 1. cat. 36. Who
being very God, of one substance,
and equat with the Father, con.
viii. 2. cat. 11, 36. In the fulness
of time became man, con. viii. 2.
cat. 36, 37. The necessity of his
being God and man, cat. 38, 39,
40. He was ordained by God
from eternity to be Mediator, con.
viii, 1.

He was sanctified and
anointed with the Holy Spirit to
execute the office of Mediator, con.
viii. 3. cat. 42. To which he was
called by the Father, con. viii. 3.
And willingly undertook and dis-
charged it, con. iv. 8. By his per-
fect obedience and sacrifice of
himself, he purchased reconcilia-
tion and eternal life for all the
elect, con. viii. 5. cat. 38. To
whom, in all ages, the benefits of
his mediation are effectually ap-
plied, con. viii. 6, 8. Christ's
offices of prophet, priest, king, cat.
43, 44, 45. See Acceptance, Ac-
tess, Body of Christ, Church, Death
of Christ, Exaltation, Expiation,
Humiliation, - Imputation, Interces-
sion, Judge, Merit, Messiah, Name
of Christ, Personal Union, Propitia-
tion, Reconciliation, Redemption, Rc-
surrection, Righteousness, Sacrifice,
Salvation, Satisfaction, Surety.
Christian liberty See Liberty,
The Church is the object of God's

special providence, con. v. 7. cat.
63. Christ the only head of it,

con, viii. 1. xxv. 6. The catho. lick church invisible, what, con. xxv. 1. cat. 64, Given to Christ from all eternity, con. viii. 1. The benefits which the members of it enjoy by Christ, cat, 65, 66, 69, 82, 83, 86, 90. The catholick church visible, what, con. xxv. 2. cat. 62.

Out of it no ordinary possibility of salvation, con. xxv. 2. Its privileges, con. xxv. 3. cat. 63. Particular churches more or less pure, con, xxv. 4. subject to mixture and error, con. xxv. 5. There shall always be a church on earth to worship God

according to his will, ib. Church-censures. See Ceasures. Church-government appointed by the

Lord Jesus in the hand of churchofficers, distinct from the civil magistrate, con. xxx. l. cat. 45, 108. But they are not exempted from obedience to the magistrate, con. xxiii. 4.

They have the power of the keys committed to them, con.

XXX. 2. What that power is, and its use, con. xxx. 2, 3, 4. They are not to be opposed in the lawful exercise of their powers upon pretence of Christian liberty, con. xx. 4. See Councils. There are some circumstances concerning church-government, which are to be ordered by the light of nature and Christian prudence, according to the general rules of

the word, con. i. 6. Circumcision, one of the ordinances

by which the covenant of grace was administered under the law,

con, vii. 5. cat. 34.
Civil magistrate, or civil powers.

See Magistrate.
The Ten Commandments are the sum

of the moral law, con. xix, 2. cat.
98. They are a perfect rule of
righteousness, con. xix. 2. Rules for
understanding them, cat. 99. The
preface explained, cat. 101. The
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licet. 20, 22. Perfect

, po


od life was a pledge;

Cat, 2

kat, 30, 32. It was ma

di singers faith in Christ,

3. cat. 72. Faith being
2 the condition to inte

cat. 32. W

Mediator of this covena

con. xviii. 1, 3. cat. 83. Believers with all the elect in hi-
Controversies. It belongs to synodi pel,cor, vii. 5. cat, 33. I

and councils ministerially to deter administered under 1
The Spirit speaking in the scrip Councils or synods oug)

The original text of the scriptures wsi. 2. When

The second,

faith as the condition to interest Presage of works, what

, ac
The third,
111,-114. sinners in the Mediator of the covkom made, com

. iv. 2. vi
The fourth,

115,-121. venant of grace, cat. 32.
The fifth, cat.
129,-133. Confession of sin always to be made ad perpetual obedience

The sixth, cat. 134,--136. in private to God, con

. IV. 6. And lition of it

, com. vii 2. xix.
'The seventh,

137,-139. is to be joined with prayer, cat It is called a law, and
The eighth, cat. 140,142. 178. When to be made to men, mand, con iv, 2, and a la
The ninth, cat. 143, -145. con. xv. 6. Upon confession the * a covenant, com, xix. i
The tenth, cat. 146,-148. offending brother is to be received crepant of life

, of which
The sum of the first four com in love, ib.
*mandments, which contain our Conscience. See Liberty of Core Covenant of grace, what, com
duty to God, cat. 102. The sum science. Peace of conscience a
of the other six, which contain our fruit of the sense of God's lore Christ as the second Ac
duty to man, cat. 122. No man is
able to keep the commandments may fall into sins which wound med

, eat. 91. In it God
of God perfectly, cat. 149.

the conscience, con, xvii. 3. xvii

'The Communion. See The Lord's

4. The wicked are punished with may be justified and saved

horror of conscience, cat. 28, 88.
Communion of saints, wherein it Contentment. Submission to God

consists, con. xxvi. 1, 2. The en is our duty, cat. 104. Discontent on Christ,
joyment of it is one of the privi at his dispensations is sinful, caf.
leges of the visible church, cat. 63.


A full contentment with a cat. 36. Why it
In the Lord's supper communi. our condition is oar duty, cat

. 141. testament

, com
. vii

, 4.
cants testify their mutual love and Discontentment with our own
fellowship each with other, cat. estate a sin, cat. 148.

That sacrament being a
bond and pledge of believers'
communion with Christ, and with mine controversies of faith, and
each other, as members of his

cases of conscience, con. xxxi. S.
mystical body, con. xxix. 1. The
communion of saints doth not in tures is the supreme judge of all
fringe a man's property in his controversies in religion

, con

. i. 10.
goods and possessions, con. xxvi. 3.
Communion which the elect have is that to which the church is
with Christ, con. xxvi. 1. In this finally to appeal, con.

i. 8.
life, cat. 69, 83. Immediately af. Our Conversation' ought to be in
ter death, cat. 86.

At the resur holiness and righteousness, answers
tection and day of judgment, cat. able to an holy profession, cat.
87, 90. It is a consequence of 112, 167.
their union with him, con. xxvi. 1. Corruption of nature, what, con: vi

It doth not make them partakers 2, 4. cat. 25. A consequence

of his Godhead, nor equal with the fall of man, ib. Actual sin a
him, con. xxvi. 3. It is confirmed

fruit of it, con, vi. 4. cat, 25. How
in the Lord's supper, cat. 168. it is propagated, cori. vi. 3. cat. 36

Unchaste Company not to be kept, It doth remain during this life is
cat. 189. Nor corrupt communi-

the regenerate, and all its motions
cations to be used or listened to, ib.

are truly sin, con. vi. 5. xii. 2. caba
Condition. Perfect, personal, and 78. But it is pardoned and mor-

perpetual obedience, the condition tified through Christ, con. vi. 5.
of the covenatit of works, con. vii. 2. Covenant. No enjoying of God but
vil 1. sati 20. God requires

by way of covenant, con. vii, 1.


herently administered in
the law, and in the time

vii. 5. cat. 34. Hoy
gospel, , con, vị. 6, cat

mi. 1. They may
the civil magistrate

meet without the
magistrate, con, x
power councils hay
What submission
decrees, ib. Not
the apostles

' tim
But their determi
tried by the scrill

con. xxxi.

How far they

Creation of the wo

15. Of man,
Of angels, cat.
Creatures. Domil

tures given to
17. They are
fince the fall!

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Covenant of works, what, and with worship to be given to no crea.
whom made, con. iv. 2. vii. 2. xix.

ture, con. xxi. 2. cat. 105.
1. cat. 20, 22. Perfect, personal, Curiosity. Bold and curious search-
and perpetual obedience, the con ing into God's secrets discharged,
dition of it, con. vii. 2. xix. 1. cat.

cat. 105. Curious prying into
20. It is called a law, and a com God's decrees forbidden, cat. 113.
mand, con. iv, 2. and a law given Curious or unprofitable questions
as a covenant, con, xix. 1. and a are to be avoided, ib.
covenant of life, of which the tree The curse and wrath of God, man
of life was a pledge, cat. 20.

liable to it, both by original and
Covenant of grace, what, con. vii. 3.

actual sin, con. vi. 6. cat. 27. How
cat. 30, 32. It was made with it may be escaped, con. vii. 3. cat.
Christ as the second Adam, and 153.
with all the elect in him as his Cursing sinful, cat. 113.
seed, cat. 31. In it God requireth
of sinners faith in Christ, that they

may be justified and saved, con. vii. DANCING.' Lascivious dancing for-
3. cat. 71. Faith being required

bidden, cat. 139.
as the condition to interest them Dead not to be prayed for, con. xxi. 4.
in Christ, cat. 32. Who is the cat. 183.
Mediator of this covenant, con. viii. Death, being the wages of sin, con.
1. cat. 36. Why it is called a vi. 6. cat. 28, 84. It is appointed
testament, con. vii. 4. It was dif for all men, cat. 84. How it is an
ferently administered in the time of advantage to the righteous, cat.
the law, and in the time of the gos-

85. The state of believers im.
pel, con, vii. 5. cat. 33. How it was mediately after death, cor. xxxii, 1.
administered under the law, con,

cat. 86. of the wicked, ib.
vii. 5. cat. 34.

How under the The Death of Christ, con. viii. 4. cat.
gospel, con. vii. 6. cat. 35.

49. In it he saw no corruption,
Councils or synods ought to be, con.

con. viii. 4. cat. 52. The divine
xxxi. 1. They may be called by

Dature having sustained the human
the civil magistrate, con. xxiii. 3. from sinking under the power of
Xxxi. 2. When ministers may

death, cat. 38, By his obedience
meet without the call of the civil and death he made a proper, real,
magistrate, con. xxxi. 2. What and full satisfaction to the justice
power councils have, con, xxxi. 3. of the Father, con. xi. 3. cat. 71.
What submission due to their

Through the virtue of his death
decrees, ib. Not infallible since and resurrection, believers are sanc-
the apostles' time, con. xxxi. 4. tified, con. xüi, 1. Believers have
But their determinations are to be

fellowship with Christ in his death,
tried by the scriptures, con. i. 10,

con. xxvi. 1. And from his death
How far they may meddle in civil

and resurrection they draw strength
affairs, con. xxxi. 5.

for the mortifying of sin, and
Creation of the world, con. iv. 1. cat.

quickening of
15. Of man, con. iv. 2. cat. 17.

is a memorial of his

Of angels, cat. 16.

death, con. xxix. 1. cat. 168.
Creatures. Dominion over the crea-

in that sacrament worthy com-
tures given to man, con. iv. 2. cat.

municants neditate affectionately
17. They are cursed for our sakes on his death and sufferings, cet.
since the fall, eat. 29. Religious

174. And receive and feed

Сс 3

grace, cat. 167. The


sons, to the pri

Eucharist. See L
Exaltation of Chr

51. In his res
In his ascensio

Expiation Sin
bot by the

Curious pry:

con. XX. 4. Ecclesiastical

God require

that they
faith in Chi
Which he

tion to inte

Duty to God by the light of nature, Equals, their duties and sins, cał. 131,

upon all the benefits of his death,

the first commandment, cat. 104. equivocation

. Sp
con. xxix. 7.

in doubtful and

In the second, cat. 108. In the
The Decalogue. See Commandments. third, cat. 112. In the fourth, cat.
The Decrees of God, the nature, end,

116. Duties of inferiors to their

justice, sinful

, c.
extent, and properties of them, con.

superiors, com, xxiii. 4. cat, 127.
iii. 1, 2. cat. 12. The decree of What required of superiors, coko
predestination, con. iii. 3, 4. Of xxiii. 2. cat. 129. Duties of equals,
election and reprobation, con. iii.

cat. 131. Duties of the sixth com-
5, 6, 7. cat. 13. How God ex mandment, cat. 135. Of the se siting at the

tat, 54. In h
ecuteth his decrees, cat. 14. How venth, cat, 138. Of the eighth, cat.
the doctrine of decrees is to be 141. Of the ninth, cat. 144. Of the world, cat-
handled, and what use to be made the tenth, cat. 147.
of them, con. iii. 8.

ing into God's decrees forbidden,
cat. 113.

EccŁESIASTICAL powers not to be

Desertion. Wilful desertion unlaw-

opposed upon pretence of Christian
ful, cat. 139. Such as cannot be liberty,
remedied by the church or civil

persons not exempted from obedi-faire, what-
magistrate, is cause sufficient of ence to the civil magistrate, cer.
dissolving the bond of marriage,

xxiii. 4.
con. xxiv, 6:

Effectual calling, what, con. I. Jo cet

Despair sinful, cat. 105. Believers 67. It is of God's free grace, act
always supported from utter de-

from any thing foreseen in man,
spair, con. xvüi. 4. cat. 81.
Devil, all compacts and consulting

and they only, are effectually call.
with him sinful, cat. 105.

sight of
Diligence in our calling a duty, cat.

united to Christ in their effectual

calling, cat. 66.
Dipping in baptism not necessary, Election, out of God's mere free

con. xxviii. 3.
Discontent at the dispensations of

God's providence sinful, cat. 105,
Discontentment with our

but also to the means thereof, con.
own estate sinful, cat. 148.

iii. 6. cat. 13. All the elect, and
Divorce, lawful in case of adultery

after marriage, or of such wilful
desertion as cannot be remedied,
con. xxiv. 5, 6. A publick and
orderly course of proceeding is to

have some common operations of
be observed in it, con. xxiv. 6.

See Sovereignty, Crea-
tures, Sin.
Doubting of being in Christ, may

consist with a true interest in him,
con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 81, 172.

And therefore should not hinder

froni partaking of the Lord's sup-

See Assurance.

per, cat. 172.

Drunkenness forbidden, cat. 139.


tor of the
32. It ju

con. X. 2. cat. 67. All the elect,

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ed, con. X. 1, 4. cat. 68. The elect


Christ ar
zi. 2. cat

God, co

the wor

grace, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. From
all eternity in Christ, ib. Election
not only to eternal life and glory,

they only, are eflectually called
and saved, con. iii. 6. x. 1, 4. cat.
68. Though others may be out.
wardly called by the word, and

cat. 59
in m

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the Spirit, ib. Elect infants

, and
other elect persons who are inca

pable of being called by the word,
how saved, con. x. 3. What use to
be made of the doctrine of election,
con. iv. 8. And how men may be
assured of their eternal election, ib.


Envy sinful, cat. 128, 136, 142, 145,


con. xxi. 1.

Duties required in



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