Introduction to the National Spelling Books, with Easy and Progressive Reading Lessons: For the Use of Primary Schools

Claremont manufacturing Company, Simeon Ide, 1845

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Passatges populars

Pàgina 73 - Cow. THANK you, pretty cow, that made Pleasant milk to soak my bread, Every day, and every night, Warm, and fresh, and sweet, and white. Do not chew the hemlock rank, Growing on the weedy bank ; But the yellow cowslips eat, They will make it very sweet. Where the purple violet grows, Where the bubbling water flows, Where the grass is fresh and fine, Pretty cow, go there and dine.
Pàgina 83 - He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.
Pàgina 83 - He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.
Pàgina 98 - J fain, gladly feign, to dissemble grate, for coals great, large hare, an animal hair, of the head heel, part of the foot heal, to cure here, in this place hear, to hearken hue, color hew, to cut meet, to assemble meat, food mete, to measure...
Pàgina 5 - A word of one syllable is termed a monosyllable, a word of two syllables, a dissyllable; a word of three syllables, a trisyllable; and a word of four or more syllables, a polysyllable.
Pàgina 12 - ... ma me mi mo mu my na ne ni no nu ny pa pe pi po pu py ra re ri ro ru...
Pàgina 100 - ... sin herd, a drove heard, did hear hart, an animal heart, seat of life in, within inn, a public house kill, to destroy life kiln, for burning brick led, did lead lead, metal plum, a fruit plumb, a leaden weight ring, a circle wring, to twist rest, repose wrest, to force wrung, twisted rung, did ring ruff, a ruffle rough, uneven sent, did send cent, a copper coin sum, the whole some, a part sun, a source of light...
Pàgina 69 - As a bird one day went to seek some food for its young ones, a boy who had a gun in his hand, saw it, and shot the poor thing through its head, and down it fell to the ground. The boy then ran to it, and picked it up; and when he saw that it was dead, he was very sorry for what he had done.
Pàgina 64 - And how can you repay them for what they have done for you?
Pàgina 18 - ... sla sle sli slo slu sly qua que qui quo sha she shi sho shu shy spa spe spi spo spu spy sta ste sti sto stu sty...

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