Dearborn Independent Magazine January 1927-May 1927

Kessinger Publishing, 1 de jul. 2003 - 508 pàgines
This volume contains weekly issues of the Dearborn Independent magazine from January 8, 1927 through May 21, 1927, originally published by the Dearborn Publishing Company, of which Henry Ford was President. It purports to be the chronicler of the neglected truth. Each issue contains an editorials section, briefly told facts section, a dance a week section, and Mr. Ford's page. Sample contents: Mussolini as Arbiter of the Fate of Italy; Use Your Hands to Save Your Head; Why the Anglo-Saxons are the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel; Levacha, a Thief Hunt in Abyssinia; Kipling Has a Grouch; Market Day in the Heart of Africa; Adventure of Beautiful Things; Iron Men of Sport; and much more.

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