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der the sanction of the Boston Academy of Music;) for the use of Female Seminaries and Music Classes; consisting of Systematic Instructions for forming and training the Voice, and suitable Vocalizing Exercises and Solfeggios, together with a Collection of Songs, for one, two, three, and four Voices. Composed, selected, and arranged, with Piano Forte accompaniments, expressly for this work, by G. J. WEBB, Professor in the Boston Academy of Music. This work has also been prepared, at the earnest request of Teachers of Music in several of the large Female Seminaries, to meet a want which has long existed.

“It is a valuable acquisition to the list of musical publications, particularly as a prominent object of the author appears to be, to extend among that class of persons for whom the work is especially designed, some general, bui systematical, instructions for forming and training the voice.

There are one hundred and fifty-two pages, thirty-nine of which are devoted to exercises for the cultivation of the voice, and the remainder to a collection of beautiful songs." WILLIAM C. BROWN, Editor of Young Ladies' Friend.

Mr. Silas Bruce, Teacher of Music in the Young Ladies' Seminary, Townsend, Mass., after advising the publishers of its introduction into that institution, remarks:

“The book is timely, and the music sweet and flowing; the form and size are good and neat; and indeed if there were nothing save the vocalizing exercises and solfeggios, the value of the work would far exceed the small sum for which it sells.”

The work is designed for young ladies in a course of education in seminaries. It is just such a book as is needed for the purpose for which it was designed, and we cordially recommend it to teachers of Music in Academies and High Schools and to young ladies generally.--Musical Visitor. THE COMMON SCHOOL SONGSTER, (published under the

sanction of the Boston Academy of Music.)" Consisting of Juvenile Songs, for one, two, three or four voices, together with a complete set of Elementary Exercises on the Pestalozzian System : for the use of Schools, &c. By the same author.

" In the preparation of this little volume it has been the leading design to supply a work which can be appropriately used, advantageously, and in connection with the elementary musical instruction of youth, from eight or nine, to fifteen years of age. This work may be regarded as a sequel to the 'Little Songster;' that work having been intended for children under eight or nine.

“One peculiar feature of the present work is the addition of a set of elementary exercises, chiefly from the German of Kubler-and being the same as those found in the 'Boston Academy's Manual,' can therefore be used in connection with that work.

The melodies are many of them by distinguished composers. Those to which no name is attached, were written expressly for this work by the compiler.

“The effort has been to make a useful book, and one adapted to the specific object of the musical cultivation of youth." THE LITTLE SONGSTER, consisting of original Songs for chil

dren, together with directions to Teachers for cultivating the ear and the voice, and exercises for teaching children the first rudiments of singing; for the use of Primary Schools. By the same author. The three preceding works form a progressive series, from the earliest elementary instructions to a knowledge of the higher branches of the science.

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