Imatges de pÓgina

11th July 1828, for consolidating the Enactments contained in certain previous Acts, in pur

suance of 6 Geo. IV, c. 120. 8vo. Edin. 1828. * ACTS OF SEDERUNT. TheJudicature Act,

6 Geo. IV, c. 120, and relative Act of Sederunt, with Notes of Decisions and Forms of Interlocutors. 8vo. Edin, 1828.

of the Lords of Council and Session, from 19th June 1821 to

8th July 1831. Folio. Edin. 1832. ADAM (Rev. Thomas). Private Thoughts on

Religion. With an Introductory Essay by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, A. M. 8vo. Glasgow,

1824. ADAMS (Rev. JAMES). The Pronunciation of the

English Language Vindicated. 8vo. Edin. 1799.

(WILLIAM, D. D.) An Essay in Answer to Hume's Essay on Miracles. 3d Edition.

8vo. Lond. 1767. * ADDAMS (J. LL. D.) Reports of Cases deter

mined in the Ecclesiastical Courts. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1823–5. ADDINGTON (Right Hon.HENRY). v. IRELAND.

Collection of Speeches and Tracts on. Vol. VII. ADDRESS, by the Manager of the Scottish Wi

dows Fund, containing an Account of the So

ciety. 8vo. Edin. 1829. ADVENTURES (THE) of a Young Rifleman in

the French and English Armies, during the War in Spain and Portugal, from 1806 to 1816. 8vo. Lond. 1826.

of Naufragus. Written by Himself. Second Edition. 8vo. Lond. 1828. ADVERTISER. v. EDINBURGH. AFFECTIONS, HUMAN. v. Essay. AFRICAN INSTITUTION. v. REPORTS. AGAPIDA (FRAY ANTONIO). v. IRVING (WASH

INGTON.) * AGNEW (JOHN VANS). Some Important Ques

tions in Scotch Entail Law, briefly considered.

8vo. Edin. 1826. AHAB'S EVIL; containing a Secret History of

the Stuarts. 8vo. Lond. 1720.

AIKIN (ARTHUR). Travels in Upper and Lower

Egypt; translated from the French of Vivant
Denon. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1803. Plates, 4to.

(John, M.D.) A View of the Character and Public Services of the late John Howard. 8co. Lond. 1792.

(Lucy). v. BARBAULD (A. L.) AIKMAN (JAMES). The History of Scotland,

translated from the Latin of George Buchanan; with Notes, and a Continuation to the Union. 4 vols. Svo. Glasgow, 1827.

History of Religious Liberty in England; comprising the History of

the Puritans. 12mo. Edin. 1833. AINSLIE (ROBERT). Reasons for the Hope that

is in Us. 12mo. Edin. 1831. AITON (WILLIAM). General View of the Agri

culture of the County of Ayr. Svo. Glasgow, 1811.

A History of the Rencounter at Drumclog, and Battle at Bothwell Bridge. 8vo. Hamilton, 1821.

An Inquiry into the Pedigree, Descent, and Public Transactions of the Chiefs

of the Hamilton Family. 8vo. Glasgow, 1827. AKERMAN (John Y). A Numismatic Manual,

or Guide to the Study of Greek, Roman, and

English Coins. 12mo. Lond. 1832. ALDERSON (John, M. D.) An Essay on Ap

paritions. New edition, revised. 8vo. Lond.


from India to England, comprehending a Visit to the Burman Empire. 4to. Lond. 1827.

Excellent Intelligence concerning Europe; being the Travels of Mirza Hasa Modeen, in Britain and France. Translated from the original Persian Manuscript. 8vo. Lond. 1827.

Transatlantic Sketches, comprising Visits to the most interesting Scenes of North and South America, and the West Indies. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1833.


God's Covenant Dis

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played, by John Alexander, a converted Jew; with the Reasons of his Conversion. 4to.

Lond. 1689. * ALISON (ARCHIBALD). Principles and Practice

of the Criminal Law of Scotland. 2 vols. 8vo.

Edin. 1832-3. ALLAN (ROBERT). Dictionary of the Ancient

Language of Scotland, with the Etymons.

(No. 1.) 4to. Edin. 1807. ALLEINE (REV. JOSEPH). An Alarm to Uncon

verted Sinners ; with an Introductory Essay by Andrew Thomson, D. D. Second edition. 8vo.

Glasgow, 1824. ALLEN (John). Reply to Dr. Lingard's Vindi

cation of his History of England. 8vo. Lond. 1827.

(LAKE). The History of Portsmouth ; with a description of the Isle of Wight. 12mo.

Lond. 1817. * ALLEN (WILLIAM, D. D.) An American Bio

graphical and Historical Dictionary ; containing an Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the most Eminent Persons in North

America. Second edition. 8vo. Boston, 1832. ALLISON (EDWARD D.) Observations on a

Friendly Association for the Medical Profession.

8vo. Edin. 1826. ALMA MATER; or Seven Years at the Uni

versity of Cambridge. By a Trinity Man. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond. 1827.

A series of Original Pieces. By Students of the University of Glasgow.

12mo. Glasgow, 1828. ALMACK'S. A Novel. Third edition. 3 vols.

Lond. 1827. AMERICA, and the Americans. By a Citizen of

the World. 8vo, Lond. 1833. AMERICAN ANNUAL REGISTER, for the Years 1825-6. 8vo. New York, 1827.

ATLAS. A complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas; being a Guide to the History of North and South America, and the West Indies. Fol. Philadelphia, 1823.

AMERICAN REVIEW. New Series. 8vo.

Vol. 1. 1820. AMES (FISHER). Works, with Notices of his Life.

8vo. Boston, 1809. * AMOS (A). FERRARD (J). A Treatise on

the Law of Fixtures and other Property, partaking both of a Real and Personal Nature. 8vo.

Lond. 1827. ANALYSIS (An) of the Moral and Religious

Sentiments contained in the Writings of Sopho (Lord Kames), and David Hume. 8vo. Edin.

1755. ANCILLON (FREDERIC). Essais de Philosophie,

de Politique, et de Litterature. 4 tom. 8vo.

Paris, 1832. ANDERSON (CHRISTOPHER). The Genius and

Design of the Domestic Constitution, with its untransferrable Obligations and peculiar Advantages. 8vo. Edin. 1826.

Historical Sketches of the Ancient Native Irish and their Descendants. 8vo. Edin. 1828.

(Rev. GEORGE). The Complaint made to the Presbytery of Edinburgh (relative to Lord Kames' Essays on Morality and Natural Religion verified. 8vo. Edin. 1756.

(JAMES, LL. D.) A practical Treatise on Chimneys. Third Edition. 8vo. Edin. 1783.

(JAMES). Miscellaneous Observations on Planting and Training Timber Trees. 8vo. Edin. 1777.

(REV. John). Letter to Walter Stewart of Pardovan. Second and Third editions. 4to. Glasgow, 1717-18.

(John). Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the House of Hamilton ; with Genealogical Memoirs of the several branches of the Family. 4to. Edin. 1825.

(John, W. S.) Prize Essay on the State of Society and Knowledge in the Highlands of Scotland, particularly in the Northern Counties, at the period of the Rebellion 1745. 8vo. Edin. 1827.


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ANDERSON (John). Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra in 1823. 8vo. Edin. 1826.


(WILLIAM). The London Commercial Dictionary, and Sea Port Gazetteer. A

new edition. 8vo. Lond. 1826. ANDREWS (CAPTAIN). Journey from Buenos

Ayres through the Provinces of Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to Potosi. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond.

1827. ANECDOTES OF LORD BYRON, from Authentic

Sources. 12mo. Lond. 1825. ANGELO (HENRY). Reminiscences; with Me

moirs of his late Father and Friends. 8vo. Lond.


other Places on the Tweed. By D. E. 8vo. Kelso, 1828.

of such Patriots of the Family of Fraser as have signalised themselves in the Public Ser

vice of Scotland. Bro. Edin. 1805. ANNALES DU Moyen age, comprenant l'Histoire

des temps qui se sont écoulés depuis la Décadence de l’Empire Roman, jusqu'a la Mort de Charle

magne. 8 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1825. ANNE OF GEIERSTEIN; or the Maiden of

the Mist. By the Author of " Waverley.'

3 vols. 8vo. Edin. 1829. ANNESLEY PEERAGE CASE. Fol. Lond. ANNIVERSARY CALENDAR, Natal Book,

AND UNIVERSAL MIRROR. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond.

1832. ANQUETIL (M.) Histoire Civile et Politique

de la Ville de Reims. 3 tom. 12mo. Reims,


Specimens of Architecture, Monastic, Castellated, and Domestic; with other Vestiges of Antiquity in Great Britain. 7 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1815.


of the Emperor Napoleon. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond.



THE LATE DR. PARR; with a Sketch of his

Life. 12mo. Lond. 1826. APOCRYPHA. A collection of Pamphlets on the

conduct of the Bible Societies relating to the Apocrypha. Bound in 3 vols. 8vo. Edin. 1825-8.

Vol. I. 1. Haldane's Review of the Conduct of the Di

rectors of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Edin. 1825. 2. Haldane's second Review of ditto. Edin.

1826. 3. Statement by the Committee of the Edin

burgh Bible Society. Edin. 1826. 4. Second Statement by ditto. Edin. 1826. 5. Third Statement by ditto. Edin. 1826. 6. Statements of Dissentient Members of the

Committee of the Edinburgh Bible Society.

Edin. 1826. 7. Review of the Statements by the Glasgow

Dissentients. Edin. 1826. 8. Letters in Defence of the British and Fo

reign Bible Society. Edin. 1826. 9. Second Letter in Defence of ditto. Edin. 1826.

Vol. II. 1. View of the Character, Position, and Pro

spects of the Edinburgh Bible Society. By

Anglicanus. Edin. 1827. 2. Anglicanus, the falsehood of his Account of

the Meeting of the Newcastle, North Shields, South Shields, and Sunderland Bible Society,

attested and exposed. Edin. 1827. 3. Thomson's Letter to Lord Bexley. Edin.

1827. 4. John Campbell of Carbrook called to AC

count. By the Rev. Dr. A. Thomson. Edin. 1827.

5. Campbell's Letter to his Friends, in Vindica

tion of his Conduct from the Misstatements

of the Rev. Dr. Thomson. Edin. 1827. 6. Review of the First Letter of Anglicanus.

Edin. 1828. 7. Letter to the Rev. H. Grey on Anglicanus.

By the Rev. Charles Thomson. Edin. 1828. 8. Second Letter to the Rev. H. Grey. By

Do. Edin. 1828. 9. Grey's Letter to the Rev. Dr. Thomson,

with Rev. H. Grey's Explanatory Letter of his Share in the Publication of Anglicanus.

Newcastle, 1828. 10. Haldane's Exposure of the Rev. H. Grey's

Personal Misrepresentations, Doctrinal Heresies, and Important Misstatements, respect

ing the Bible Society. Edin. 1828. 11. Grey's Remarks relative to his Connection

with the Letters of Anglicanus. Edin. 1828. 12. Haldane's Answer to the Rev. H. Grey.

Edin. 1828. 13. Statement of the Claims of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Edin. 1828.

Vol. III. 1. Haldane's Exposure of the Statement recent

ly published by the Edinburgh Correspond

ing Board. Edin. 1828. 2. Haldane's Answer to the Statement of the

Edinburgh Corresponding Board. Edin. 1828. 3. Haldane's Two Letters to the Rev. Andrew

Brandram. Edin. 1828. 4. Anglicanus Scotched. By the Rev. Marcus

Dods. Edin. 1828. 5. The Trust-Worthiness of the Earl Street

Committee examined and disproved. Edin.

1828. 6. The Sin and Danger of circulating the Apo

crypha in connection with the Holy Scriptures.

By the Rev. George Paxton. Edin. 1828. 7. Dods's Remarks on the Bible, in a Letter to

the Edinburgh Corresponding Board. Edin.

1828. 8. The Anti-Apocryphal Beauties of the Edin

burgh Christian Instructor. Edin. 1828.

9. Hiero Mastix. A Satire. Edin. 1828. 10. Reviews in the Case of the Rev. Dr. Thom

son and the Rev. Henry Grey. Edin. 1828. 11. Reports on the Case of the Rev. Dr. Thom

son and the Rev. Henry Grey. Edin. 1828. APOLLO MATHEMATICUS; or the Art of

curing Diseases by the Mathematics, according to the Principles of Dr. Pitcairne. 12mo. 1695.

A modest Examination of a late Pamphlet, entitled Apollo

Mathematicus. 4to. 1696. . APOLLONIUS RHODIUS. Argonauticorum,

Libri quatuor. Cum interpretatione et Notis,

Jo. Shaw, A. M. 2 vols. 4to. Oxon. 1777. APOLOGY for Mr. George Walker's Account of

the Siege of Derry. 4to. 1689. ARBANERE (M.) Tableau des Pyrénées Fran

çaises. 2 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1828. ARBUTHNOT (JAMES). An Historical Account

of Peterhead ; also a Natural History of the Fishes found on the Coasts of Buchan. 8vo.

Aberdeen, 1815. ARCHER (LIEUT. Joseph). Statistical Survey

of the County of Dublin. Svo. Dublin, 1801. ARGELATUS (Philippus). Bibliotheca Scrip

torum Mediolanensium ; seu acta et elogia virorum omnigena eruditione illustrium, qui in Metropoli insubriæ, oppidisque circumjacentibus, orti sunt. Præmittitur, Josephi Antonii Saxii, Historia Literario— Typographica Me

diolanensis. 2 tom. Fol. Mediolani, 1745. ARGYLE (MARQ. OP). A brief Explanation of

the Life, or a Prophecy of the Death of the

Marquis of Argyle. 4to. ARISTENATUS. Love Epistles of Aristæna

tus, translated from the Greek into English

metre. 8vo. Lond. 1771. * ARMSTRONG (R. A.-A. M.) A Gaelic Dic

tionary, in Two Parts; Gaelic and English, English and Gaelic. To which is prefixed a

New Gaelic Grammar. 4to. Lond. 1825. ARNAUD (HENRI). v. ACKLAND (Hugh DYKE). ARNAULD (ANTOINE). Euvres. 42 tom. 4to.

A Paris, 1775–81.

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ARNAULD (ANTOINE). La Perpetuité de la foi

de l'Eglise Catholique touchant l’Euchariste. 6 tom. 4to. A Paris, 1781.

v. LARRIERE (M.) ARROWSMITH (A.) Memoir relative to the

construction of the Map of Scotland. 4to. Lond. 1807.

A New General Atlas, constructed from the latest Authorities. 4to.

Edin. 1817. ARTAUD (A. F.) Machiavel, son Genie et ses

Erreurs. 2 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1833. *ASHBURTON (RICHARD BARRE, LORD). Genea

logical Memoirs of the Royal House of France, forming a Commentary upon the Genealogical Table of that Illustrious House. Folio. Lond.


Miscellany ; edited by Students in the University of Glasgow. 12mo. Glasgow, 1830.

London Literary and Critical Journal. 4to. Vol. 1. Lond. 1828. ATHERSTONE (Edwin). The Fall of Nine

veh ; a Poem. 8vo. Lond. 1828. ATKINSON (JAMES). An Account of the State

of Agriculture and Grazing in New South Wales. 8vo. Lond. 1826.

(S.) v. Political PAMPHLETS. Collection of. Vol. XLVI. ATKYNS (RICHARD). The Original and Growth

of Printing, collected out of History and the

Records of this Kingdom. 4to. Lond. 1664. * ATLAS. A New General Atlas of the Globe,

and Collection of Maps and Charts; constructed from the best Works. 2 vols. Fol. Edin. 1821.


SCOTLAND, Wood. ATTIC FRAGMENTS ; or Characters, Cus

toms, Opinions, and Scenes. By the Author of Modern Athens, &c. 8vo.


Collection of. Vol. XLIV.

ATWOOD (WILLIAM). The Scotch Patriot Un

masked, in Animadversions upon a Seditious Pamphlet, entitled, The reducing Scotland by Arms, and annexing it to England as a Province, considered. 4to.

4to. Lond. 1705.

The superiority and direct Dominion of the Imperial Crown of England over Scotland, the true foundation of a complete

Union, reasserted. 4to. Lond. 1705. AUCKLAND (Right Hon. LORD). v. IRELAND.

Collection of Speeches and Tracts on. Vol.


logical Biography, or an Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America ; accompanied with Descriptions of the Objects represented in the work entitled “ The Birds of America.” 8vo. Edin. 1831.

The Birds of America. Plates. Fol. AUGUIS (P. R.) Les Conseils du Trone, donnés

par Frederic II, dit le Grand, aux Rois et aux

Peuples. 8vo. Paris, 1823. AUGUSTIN (SAINT). Sermons sur les Pseaumes.

Traduits en François. no tom. 8vo. Paris, 1683.

De la Veritable Religion, et des Mæurs de l'Eglise Catholique. Traduits en François. 8vo. Paris, 1690.

La Cité de Dieu. Traduite en François. 2 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1693.

Sermons sur le Nouveau Testament. Traduits en François. 4 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1700.

Traités sur l'Evangile de S. Jean, et son Epistre aux Parthes. Traduits en François. 4 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1700.

Lettres. Traduits en François. 6 tom. 8vo. Paris, 1701.

Les Livres de la Doctrine Chretienne. Traduits en François. 8vo. Paris, 1701.

Deux Traitez, viz. les Livres de l'Ordre, et les Livres du Libre

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