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This Part of the Catalogue comprises the Additions made to the
Library since 1826, when the preceding Part was printed; and as the
Catalogue Raisonnée has lately been reprinted under an Alphabetical
Arrangement, the Society has now a Catalogue in that form, of the
whole Collection, as it stands at the present day. The Four Parts
of which this Catalogue consists will shew the state and progress
of the Library at different periods, and from time to time; but
with one disadvantage, that of requiring the examination of Four
Alphabets, or portions of them, in order to ascertain what it
contains. When, however, the name of an Author, or the Title
of a Book is known, the trouble of such a search is but trifling;
and, as it is intended to print a copious INDEX OF SUBJECTS, appli-
cable to all these Alphabets, the greater inconvenience of exa-
mining entire Catalogues for the discovery of Works on particular
subjects will thus be obviated. By means of this Index, which may
be bound up with the Four Parts in one Volume, the principal use
of a Classed Catalogue, that of indicating Works on particular
subjects, will be attained. Its formation will require considerable
Care and Time ; but it is hoped that it will be completed in the
ensuing Spring. When Printed, a Title Page for the Volume
will be distributed alongst with it.

SIGNET LIBRARY, November 1833.

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ABBOT (CHARLES). A Treatise of the Law relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen. Fifth Edition. Edited by J. H. Abbot. 8vo.

Lond. 1827. ABERCROMBIE (John, M. D.) Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers. 8vo. Edin. 1830.

The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. 8vo. Lond. 1833. ABERDEEN (GEORGE EARL OF). An En

quiry into the Principles of Beauty in Grecian Architecture; with an Historical view of the Rise and Progress of the Art in Greece. 8vo.

Lond. 1822. ABJURATION OF POPERY, by Thomas

Abernethy, sometime Jesuit, but now Penitent Sinner. 4to. Edin. 1638. v. RAMSAY, (Rev.

ANDREW). ABRANTES (Duchess D) v. Junot. (MAD) ABSTRACT of the Charters and other Papers

recorded in the Chartulary of Torphichen, from 1581 to 1596. 4to. Edin, 1830.

of the Law Proceedings in the Case of the Manse of Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, involving a Decision highly important to the

Clergy. 8vo. Aberdeen, 1823. ACADEMICAL EDUCATION. Thoughts on

the advancement of Academical Education in England. 8vo. Lond. 1826. ACLAND (Hugh DYKE). The Glorious Re

covery of the Vaudois of their Valleys, from the original, by Henri Arnaud their Commander and Pastor ; with a Compendious History of that

People. 8vo. Lond. 1827. * ACTS (THE) and Life of the Most Victorious

Conqueror Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. Newly corrected. 12mo. Edin. printed by A. Hart, 1620.

(THE) and Life of the Most Famouss Champion Sir William Wallace, Knight. 12mo.

Edin. printed by A. Hart, 1620. * ACTS OF SEDERUNT, relative to the Forms

of Process for the Inner-House, Outer-House, and Bill-Chamber,-for the Teind Court,-for the Jury Court,--for the High Court of Admiralty,—for the Commissaries of Edinburgh, --for the Sheriff Courts,-for the Courts of Burghs. (Bound in one volume.) 8vo.

A Collection of Acts of Sederunt from 1825 to 1833, with the Lord President's Speech relative to Acts of Sederunt. (Bound in one volume.) Svo.

Act of Sederunt, A

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