Feminism and the Periodical Press, 1900-1918, Volum 2

Lucy Delap, Maria DiCenzo, Leila Ryan
Taylor & Francis, 2006 - 556 pàgines
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The Edwardian period experienced a particularly vibrant periodical culture, with phenomenal growth in the numbers of titles published that were either aimed specifically at women, or else saw women as a key section of their readership or contributor group. It was an era of political ferment in which a number of 'progressive' traditions were formulated, shaped or abandoned, including socialism, feminism, modernism, empire politics, trade unionism and welfarism. Organized around some of the central themes of political thought and utopian thinking, this impressive collection gathers together classic articles from key periodicals. The set presents a comprehensive sourcebook of readings on Edwardian/Progressive era feminist thought, exploring the intervention of the radical public intellectuals working in these traditions in North America and the UK from 1900-1918.

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Margaret Wynne Nevinson The Problem of the Illegitimate Child The Vote 30 April 1915
Erma Stocking Should Have Police Women The Grain Growers Guide 29 November 1916
The Grandmothers of 1968 Womans Century March 1918 p 11
Womens Health and Bodies
Exercise for Women Womans Signal 27 August 1896 p 186
Isabelle Beaton Graham Homesteads for Women The Grain Growers Guide 17 November
Phoebe W Couzins Shall the Men Wash Dishes? The Womans Journal 7 July 1900 p 210
The Right to Work The Business Girl February 1912 pp 78
Rose Winslow The Woman Wage Earner The Suffragist 5 December 1914 pp 56
Priscilla E Moulder In Khakidom Modern Woman and Her Work 25 December 1915 pp 154
The Equality of Women The Suffragette 10 January 1913 p 185

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