A Selection from the Public and Private Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood: Interspersed with Memoirs of His Life, Volum 1


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Pàgina 54 - disdaining the parade of taking possession of beaten enemies, most gallantly pushed up, with every sail set, to save his old friend and messmate, who was to appearance in a critical situation...
Pàgina 316 - They should not only read, but it requires a careful selection of books ; nor should they ever have access to two at the same time : but when a subject is begun, it should be finished before anything else is undertaken.
Pàgina 166 - Duff of the Mars, and Cooke of the Bellerophon ; I have yet heard of none others. I fear the numbers that have fallen will be found very great, when the returns come to me; but it having blown a gale of wind ever since the Action, I have not yet had it in my power to collect any reports from the Ships.
Pàgina 156 - my plan of attack, as far as a man dare venture to guess at the very uncertain position the enemy may be found in: but it is to place you perfectly at ease respecting my intentions, and to give full scope to your judgment for carrying them into effect. We can, my dear Coll, have no little jealousies. We have only one great object in view, that of annihilating our enemies, and getting a glorious peace for our country.
Pàgina 146 - L, be to bring their powerful fleets and armies to some great point of service — some rash attempt at conquest — they have only been subjecting them to chance of loss, which I do not believe the Corsican would do without the hope of an adequate reward.
Pàgina 230 - I hardly know how we shall be able to support the dignity to which his Majesty has been pleased to raise me. Let others plead for pensions ; I can be rich without money, by endeavouring to be superior to every thing poor.
Pàgina 52 - Josef, received the submission and the swords of the officers of the two ships, while one of his sailors bundled them up with as much composure as he would have made a faggot, though twenty-two sail of their line were still within gun-shot.
Pàgina 162 - Spanish, commanded in chief by Admiral Villeneuve, the Spaniards under the direction of Gravina), wore with their heads to the northward, and formed their line of battle with great closeness and correctness. But as the mode of...
Pàgina 129 - We have been sailing for the last six months with only a sheet of copper between us and eternity.
Pàgina 53 - The correct conduct of every officer and man " in the squadron, on the 14th instant, made it " improper 'to distinguish one more than another, " in my public letter; because I am confident that, " had those who were least in action been in the " situation of the fortunate few, their behaviour " would not have been less meritorious...

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