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JANUARY, 1800.


Doncaster 2 GESSIALEVEN.

Dorchelier Journ. Lloyd's Evening.

Derby, Ex te St. James's Chros

Gloucetter Lendsa Caroa.

Hereford, Hull 2 London Evening

pswich Whitehall Even.

TRELAND 33 Che Son-Star


Leels 2 London Packet

Lewes English Chron.

Liverpcu! 3 Times - Briton

Maid.ione Morning Cheon.

Manchener 3 Morning Herald

Newcastle 3 Public Ledger

Northampton Gazett.& M.Poft

Norwich 2 Courier-Ex.Ma

storii gham Courier de Lond. London Herald

Portsmouth Oracle & Dai. Ad.

Reading Morning Adrert.

Stillery 18 Weekly Papers

SCOTLAND 12 Bath 3, Brittol 5

Sereid 2 Birmingham 2

Sherborne, Surry Blackburn-- Bury

Sirewibury CAMBRIDGE 2

Staffor faire Canterbury 2

Stamfo d 2 Chelmsford

Winchen-r Chester, Coventry

Worcefte. 3 Cumberland

CONTAINING Meteorolog. Diaries for Dec. 1799, and Jan.1800 21 Mr. Belham.-Sterne's Originality defended 32 This Idand peculiarly favoured by Providence 3 Dr. Johnson's Similarity to R. Barton noticed 33 Lydial'sLife illustrated-Sedley and Valliere parfaits of Architect. Innovation, No. XIX. ib. Remarks on Epithets used by Modern Poels ibid. Some Memoranda of Kingswood, Wilifhire 36 Ealy and efiecual Cure for Wens authenticateii 6 Nnlices delivered to Tenants at Will difcuflod 39 Criticism on Novels - impiety of the Stage ibid. Act 28 Ceo.111.c. 52.not fufficiently extensive 43 Bp. Parker of Oxford:nd Ins very learnea Son 7 Rov. T. Moss, the Author of "The Bargar" 41 Profetior Hunt?-2011g Life on to be defired observations on the Infidelity of D'Alenbert 42 Bescription of Garth mil Houfe, Montgimeryth. 9:40 humorou: Selection from the Newspapers 45 A Character of Dr. Jolwoning nihop Hortie 10, Wellh Methodilts remarkably loyai 51jects 46 An additional Supercumerary Pfalm est 12 Tecwo Dr. Berrimans (W. andJ..confounded a Htuts to the Commentaars in the Prophets 13 Oxygen Gas no new Discovery il Clienisty 4 The recent Alterations in Lichsdld Cathedral 13EVIEW or New PUBLICATIONS

49-66 An Hospital for locculation for:be Cow.Pox 18 INDEX INDICATORIUS-Queries answered ib. Banter on the Use of the Metallic Trackors ibid. procedings of the presentSeifion of Parliament67

The Ranthler's Re-visit-to Lutterinere related 1995*LEOT Part.1.4, Antient and Modern 69-72 Curious Description of a'Rustic Annual Dance 2 il interelting Intelligence from London Gazettes 73 Some Account of Mr. Smitli, M.P. for Done al 24 interelting Intelligence from the East Indies 16 Lilburn Church, Northaniptonshire, described 23 A new Monthly Retrospe of Foreign fors 77 Ilustration of a remarkable Passage in Joshua ib. Country News-Fall of Crelmsford Churci: 79 An Etymological Difqui ition on Spain, &c. 26 Kp. of London's liberal Letter to Is. Parker en Effay on the first Introduction of Perriwigs 26 Bp. of Hereford's Leiltr--Domestic News 8. Notices of William Hinnnis aid of his Poems 29 Marriages, Deaths or envinent Persons 82—4: Anachronism respecting Ladym.W.Montague 30 Builof Mortality fro. Dec. 1719 to fun. 1800 ya A Sonnet by Lady Mary-Wartley Montague 3. The Average Prices vi Grain for One Month 92 MoreParticulars respecting Mr. Harte’sWorkes ib. IDaily Variations in the Prices of the Stacks S5 Embellished with Perspective Views of GARTHMILL House, in MOS MOUTHSHIRE ;




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Printed by JOHN NICHOLS, at Cicero's Head, Red-Lion Paffage, Fleet-Areet, London ;

where all Letters to the Editor are desired to be addreffed, Pos T-PAID. 1800.

Diaries for Dec. 1799, and Jan. 1800

. Hygrom state of Weather in December, 1799


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29:8047 47 14 2.9 gloomy, with a fhower 2 SW

231 41 41 .9 gloomy 3

43 .9 kg A M. clears up P.M. NE

461 42

43 .9 Night thowers

601 40 41 .9 Night thower, sun at intervals
94| 39 41

.8 fan at'intervals
98 419

-7 gloony - 751 36

3.0 gloomy 651 40

.O gloomy 94 41 42 2.9 gloomy NE

30, 31 41 42 .9 gloomy 12

이 32 35 .. fun. A.M. gloomy P. M. 131 SSE

3 35 38 3.0 sloomy 141 S 29,901 35 37

mitt is E

39 .0 gloomy 16

37 ..o gloomy 17 NE

..O gloomy 18 N


fun at intervals . ; 19 NW 30,427 30

3-3 stoomy 20 N


30 :3 (un, little fuowa 20 22

31 2.9 gloomy 23 N

151 2931

9 sloomy 24 W

21 31 32

•9 gloomy, little snow 25 NW 29,99 31 32

(un most of the day 26 N

93 32 33

.8 gloomy NW

30,11 31 32 28 29 30 311 NE

ol 32 27

3.1 Igloomy 1. Gathered a well-blown role; another bud upon the same ftem.-6. The buds of the boneysuckle turgid and green. Gotiamer floats.-7. Blades of the snow-drop have broke ground.--13. A polyauthus in flower.

N. B. The air, in general, bas been so soft, that the small birds have chirped aloud their notes. The effects of the gale, noticed in last month, have continued to the end of the present month. But the stagnated air bias caused a gloominels and foggincís; and the effect of its want of motion of the atmosphere has ocarly caused a famine in the want of bread, the wind- mills being almost continually at a fand. The water-mills are nearly in the same fituation, the water being almost exhausted, from unusual drains, and long drought.

J. HOLT, Waltor, near Literpool.
Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.
Barom. Weather

Barom. Weather
in. pts. in Jan. 1800.

in. pts. in Jan. 18co.

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For JANUARY, 1800.


Jan. .. serve as a memento to revive our *****NOTHER year is drooping gratitude to that gracious

gone! and, "if our Being, who hath, amid the wreck A

hearts be not devoid of kingdoms, nations, and empires, “ of that gratitude to preferved unsullied the liberty, glo

the Almighty which rý, and religion, of our native land. ' ***** Thould ever fill the To prove that this Century is un. breast of a mortal, can we suffer paralleled by any of the preceding the rernembrance of the blessings opes, especially as it respects Enge which we, as individuals, and as land; we need but remark, that it a collected people, have received at has to boast the existence of a New. his beneficent hands, to pass with- ton, a Locke, a Johnson, a Han. out due refle&tion? Whilst we be- del, a Wren, a Chambers, a Reye hold the other nations of Europe nolds, a Hanway, a Howard, and groaning beneath the merciless many other worthies, who have hands of th :ir conquerors, or la- paid the debt of Nature; as well. bouring under the horrors of the as numbers who ftill survive, to devouring sword, whilft brayely pursue the same path, which led encountering an unprincipled and iheir predeceffors to honour and inveterate foe; Britain remains fame. Blended with these, we tranquil ! bleft with all that a more have to enrol, in the annals of this tal bolds dear, in an equal ad- Century, a number of patriotic miniftration of justice and liberty; statesmen, intrepid and successful a Monarch on her throne, beloved warriors, and of learned and pious by his people; equally faithful to divines. his Creator, as tenderly affiduous But the confideration of the lafor the welfare of his meanett fub• bours of these eminent men, exje&t; Religion reviving under his clufive of the momentous concerns smiles; the arts and sciences floue in which this nation of ours has rithing; commerce extending her been moft deeply interesied during wings to the remoteft corners of the the period alluded to, would to globe; and a navy triumphant, very far exceed the limits of a letthroughout the world!

ter, that (with your leave, Mr. Una I conceive, that it is not only the ban,) it shall form a series of essays ; blessings of the past year, which whose object fhall be, to comprisé demand our conlideration; but, within a small compass some of as another Century is now about to the most prominent: occurrences close upon us, it may not be uni- which have transpired during that profitable to take a retrospect view lapte of time. of the fame ; for it has undoubt- Leaving, then, the commenceedly been unequalled, not only in maent of thefe eslays to your next the annals of Europe, but of the nunber, I Mall conclude this introb world; and I should suppose that duktion with a few reflexions on the zrecapitulation of some of the mo.. past year. And who of us but has hentous transactions which have leen the superintending providence occurred within that circle of time of the Most High, wonderfully dismay not only be entertaining, but

played 206-14


plaved, in respect to himself as an Mr.URBAN, Lichfield, Jan. 5. individual, and to his countrymen N Vol. LXIX. p. 797, a itrange

IN as a collected body of people. Il question is atked concerning

Britons, the moft favoured peo- one of the lines in Dr. Johnson's ple under the heavens, may truly imitation of Juneral, adopt the language of the Praimili,

Hear Lydia's lifr and Galileo's end.'' and say, "Hippy is the nation that is in our case, blessed are the lands feel ahired the naine Lydia must

That the enquirer should not which have the Lord for their God!" Fer, as under the Almighty's wings Was it likely that Dr. Johnson, in

a press error, is wonderful *. we have been helicred from the petiile ice which walketh in dark- ftaneing the mileties which have nefs, and from the fickucks which awaited diftinguithed intellects

and deftrojeth at Deon-day, though, learning, should have introduced our otences have called for judge pendle toit, even doing thet, he

any female character? Was it nients

, velave experienced nothing Thorld, with the real appellations but mercies at the hands of our: Galileo and Laud, have given to God. Though his promise is only; lunch an extraordinary woman a rothat, our water shall not fail, and Oury bread wall he füre; yet we

manic love-name, of the tribe of have enjoyed the good things of correct editions of The Vanity of

tlie Colias and Chloez? In all the this life, if not in aduence, yet in Human Wishes, the line tands thus, that degree which was recentary for our fituation; and, whilit other. * Hear Lydiue's life and Galileo's end." countries have experienced the de- We are diverted with a grave envaftations of destructive war, we quiry who the gentlewoman was. have peace in our borders, profpe- Of that firft-mentioned author, zity in our lands, and the arm of our thus oddly be-petticoated, a copiGod for our latting defence! And ous account may be leen in vol. II. do not these bleflings demand a tri- P: -45, of Wood's Athena Oxobute of praise? Hard, indeed, mult nienfes. It is there observed, be the heart, that is not impreiled that he not only foiled Christopher with the most lively sensations of Clavius, and the whole college of gratitude, when it' meditatés on mathematicians, but also that Go. these things. 'And, when it con- liah of literature, Scaliger. It is fijers how these general mercies farther obferred in the fame parahave been increased, by the par- graph, that the men of letters on ticular favours bestowed on each the Continent "worthily ranked individual, the obligations to thank- Lydiat with the Lord 'Bacon, of fulness exceed all comprehension. Verulam, and with Mr. Joseph

Let us therefore determine, in the Mede; and confidered the neglect opsuing year, to inanifeft a due he met, and the indigence in which sense of the hellings which we he lived, as the diteract of his have received in that which is past; country. When, in his old age, by rendering that ailegiance to our the civil wars broke out between Sovereign, and that obedience to Charles I. and the Parliament, the Gol, which become iis as Britons perfecutions and personal viclence and Christians. in proportion a5 inflicted upon himn by the army of We are faithful to thefe qur engage- the latter, for his avowed aitachments, we shall enjoy the finiles of ment to a Monarch and Court to our Maker, and be blessed with the wbich he owed fo little, completed tranquillity and prosperity which the long series of his calamities.

are ever attendant on a wile, equi- Too well do they illustrate, in the table, and well-ordered Govern- learned department, that position nen.

T. MOT, F. S.M. which gives the poem its title ne same blunder has been already corrected in our vol. LXVII. P. 9515 and me crious an ccupies of Lydiat are given, ib. p. 1927. ' Epit,


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