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State of Weather in December, 1799.

1. 1 2. feet in. S

19.80 47 47 14 2.9 Igloomy, with a fhower S v

41 .9 gloomy E


.9" & A M. clears up P.M.
491 42

9 Hight thiswers

.9 Diglit thower, fun at intervals NW

941 39 41 .8 fun at intervals E

-7 gloomy 8 E

75) 36

3.0 gloomy

•o stoony
941 41

2.9 gloomy
30, 31 41

.9 gloomy

35 9 fun A.M. gloomy P. M.
31 35

3.0 sloomy
29,921 35 37

mitt 15

78 37 39

.O gloomy
651 35 | 37

.O gloomy 171 NE

60 35 36

.O gloomy 18 N

60 30 32

.O fun at intervala 19 NW 30, 427 30

gloomy 20 N

40 28 | 3 -3 (un, little luova N


2.9 Bloomy 231 N

15 29 35 9 gloomy 24 W

al 31 32 9 gloomy, liale snow NW

29,99 31 32 .9 Tuu molt of the day 26 N

93 32 33 .8 gloomy 271

30,11 31 32 28] 19 30 311 NE al 32 | 27

3.1 gloomy Gathered a well-blown role; another bud upon the same ftem.-6. The buds of the honeyfockle turgid and green. Gotiainer floats.-7. Blades of the snow-drop have broke ground.-13. A polyanthus in flower.

N. B. The air, in general, has been so soft, that the small birds have chirped alond their goles. The effects of the gale, noticed in last month, have continued to the end of the present month. But the stagnated ar has taused a gloominels and foggancís; and the effect of its want of motion of the atmosphere has seasly caused a famive in the want of bread, the wind mills being almost contineally at a fand. The water-mills are nearly in the same fituation, the water being almost exhausted, from unusual drains, and long drought.

J. HOLT, Walton, near Licopeed.
METEOROLOGICAL TABLs for January, 1800.
Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.
Barom. Weather

Barom. Weather
in. pts. in Jan. 1800

a. pls. in Jan. 1800.

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D. of
8 o'cl.

11 o'cl. Night.

D. of
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For JANUARY, 1800.


Jan. .. serve as a memento to revive our *****NOTHER year is drooping gratitude to that gracious

gone! and, if our Being, who hath, amid the wreck А

hearts be not devoid of kingdoms, nations, and empires,

of that gratitude to preserved unsullied the liberty, glo***** Thould ever fill the the Almighty which rý. and religion, of our native land.

To prove that this Century is un. breast of a mortal, can we suffer paralleled by any of the preceding the remembrance of the blellings opes, especially as it respects Engwhich we, as individuals, and as land; we need but remark, that it a collected people, have received at has to boast the existence of a New. his beneficent hands, to pass with- ton, a Locke, a Johnson, a Han. out due reflection? Whilst we be- del, a Wren, a Chambers, a Reye hold the other nations of Europe nolds, a Hanway, a Howard, and groaning beneath the mercilefs many other worthies, who have hands of their conquerors, or la- paid the debt of Nature; as well bouring under the horrors of the as numbers who still survive, to devouring sword, whilft bravely pursue the same path, which led encountering an unprincipled and their predeceffors to honour and inveterate foe; Britain remains fame. Blended with these, we tranquil ! bleft with all that a more have to enrol, in the annals of this tal bolds dear, in an equal ad- Century, a number of patriotic ministration of justice and liberty; ftatemen, intrepid and successful a Monarch on her throne, bcloved warriors, and of learmed and pious by his people; equally faithful to divines. his Crcator, as tenderly alliduous But the confideration of the lafor the welfare of his meanett fub• bours of these eminent men, exject; Religion reviving under his clufive of the momentous concerns fimiles; the arts and Scienxes floue in which this nation of ours has rithing; commerce extending her been moft deeply interesied during wings to the remoteft corners of the the period alluded to, would lo globe; and a navy triumphant, very far exceed the limits of a leta throughout the world!

ter, that (with your leave, Mr. Upa I conceive, that it is not only the ban,) it shall form a series of essays ; blessings of the patt year, which whose object fhall be, to comprise demand our confideration; but, within a small compass some of as another Century is now about to the most prominent: occurrences close upon us, it may not be uni- which have transpired during that: profitable to take a retrospect view lapte of time. of the same ; for it has undoubt. Leaving, then, the commenceedly been unequalled, not only in tent of thefe essays to your next the annals of Europe, but of the number, I shall conclude this intros world; and I should suppose that dullion with a few reflexions on the 2 recapitulation of some of the mo- past year. And who of us but has nentous transactions which have leen the superintending providence occurred within that circle of time of the Most High, wonderfully dil may not only be entertaining, but

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