Imatges de pàgina


The following is the prayer, which Mr. Saurin generally

used immediately before Sermon.



LORD! Our God and Father ! thou seest us pros

trate in thy presence to render the homage due to thy Majesty, to confess our sins to thee, and to implore thy fa

Had we followed the first emotions of our consciences, we should not have presumed to lift our eyes to heaven, but should have fled from thy sight. We are creatures mean and infirm, a thousand times more unworthy of appearing before thee for our depravity, than for our natural meanness. But, O Lord ! though our sins and miseries depress us, yet thy mercy lifts us up. Thou art a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in goodness; thou hast no pleasure in the death of a sinner ; but that he should repent and live, and thou has given thy Son to the world, that whosoever believeth in him should have everlasting life. So many benefits, so many promises encourage our trembling consciences, and inspire us with the liberty we now take to approach the throne of thy mercy, and to implore the powerful aid of thy grace. We have always need of thine assistance: but now, O Lord, we feel a more than usual want. We are assembled in thy house to learn the doctrines of our salvation, and the rules of our conduct : but, O God! our duty suppasses our strength, we cannot succeed without thy holy Spirit

. Grant a double portion of this to us who preach thy word; grant, after we have understood thine oracles, we may be first affected with the truths they contain, before we propose them to others, and may we anounce them in a manner suitable to their excellence. But suffer us not to labour in vain; dispose our hearers to receive thine orders with submission, and to practise them with punctuality ; so that all of us, being animated with one spirit, and aiming at one end, may sanctify our conduct, and live agreeably to the holiness of our calling. We pray for all these blessings in the name of thy well beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Our Father, &c.

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