The Michigan Alumnus, Volum 54

Alumni Association of the University of Michigan., 1948
In volumes1-8: the final number consists of the Commencement annual.

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Pāgina 20 - WRITER and that the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management (and if a daily paper, the circulation), etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act of August 24, 1912, as amended by the Act of March 3.
Pāgina 20 - ... owner : and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him.
Pāgina 20 - the Ownership, Management, Circulation, etc., required by the Acts of Congress of August 24, 1912, and March 3, 1933, of THE MUSICAL QUARTERLY, published quarterly at New York, NY, for Oct.
Pāgina 399 - If a subscriber wishes his copy of the paper discontinued at the expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent. Otherwise it is assumed that a continuance of the subscription is desired.
Pāgina 187 - IT used to be that the owners of practically every business were themselves the managers of the business. Today, as far as large businesses are concerned, a profound change has taken place. In the Bell System, for instance, employee management, up from the ranks, and not owner management, is responsible for running the business. This management has been trained for its job in the American ideal of respect for the individual and equal opportunity for each to develop his talents to the fullest. A little...
Pāgina 187 - Of course, management is not infallible; but with its intimate knowledge of all the factors, management is in a better position than anybody else to consider intelligently and act equitably for each of these groups— and in the Bell System there is every incentive for it to wish to do so. Certainly in the Bell System there is no reason either to underpay labor or overcharge customers in order to increase the "private profits of private employers," for its profits are limited by regulation.
Pāgina 187 - On the whole these conditions have been well-met over the years in the Bell System. Admittedly, this has not been and is not an easy problem to solve fairly for all concerned. However, collective bargaining with labor means that labor's point of view is forcibly presented. What the investor must have is determined quite definitely by what is required to attract the needed additional capital, which can only be obtained in competition with other industries. And in our regulated business, management...
Pāgina 242 - No one shall be denied student aid because he is an athlete. (h) Nothing herein shall, however, be construed as a disapproval of indirect aids in the form of benefits reasonably incidental to actual participation in intercollegiate athletics, such as medical attention, meals on sanctioned trips, and during officiallysanctioned practice periods while the institution is not in session, and one meal per day while on the home campus during the season of the sport in which the recipient is engaged.
Pāgina 335 - Activities. (b) Civilian Deans and Professors at the Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.
Pāgina 419 - But I was dissatisfied with my progress. So one day I took stock of myself. "What did I want out of life? Well, my wife and I liked to travel, and do community work . . . and I felt capable of earning a larger income. Above all, I wanted to know that I was doing work my neighbors recognized as important. "So I tried a third career. I became a Mutual Life Field Underwriter. For 10 years now, with time out for the Army, I've devoted myself to building security for the families of my community. Do I...

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