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being the Second Adam, and so is called, and so they must still look upon God as the first-born, Pfalm lxxxix. 26. 27. Heb. their Father with a reverent fear; and i. 11. 13. fee Rom viii. 28. 29. 30. we are tho' they cry, yet it is, Abba, Father : made fons and daughters to God, 2 Cor. | We cry, Abba, Father. vi. 18. is brought about by the Spirit of XIV. This freedom and liveliness in God, for by him we are united to Christ, prayer, is a fruit and effect of that Holy and so are said to be born of him, John iii. Spirit whereby believers are united to 6. &c. therefore he is called, the spirit of Christ, seting them on work to the duty, adoption; as also because he witnefseth our | upholding and loosing them from bonds interest in Christ and adoption, as we shall which are upon their spirits, and so enhear in the next verse.

larging their hearts, Psalm li. 11. 12. reXII. Believers being now brought into moving fin, and every other thing which a state of adoption, may have much bold prove discouragements; and, withal, cleatness in their addresses to God, having li- | ing the grounds whereupon they may berty to go to God at any time, and in any hope to come speed; for, says he, We place, and upon any occafion, Psalm ci. 2. have received the spirit of adoption, wherex. 1. and cxxxix. 8. and lay forth all their by we cry, Abba, Father. See Gal. iv. 6. mind and cares before him, 1 Pet. v. 7. XV. Albeit graceless and unrenewed beging every thing they want, John xv. 7. people may pray and seem to have much Psalm xxxviii. 9. and that without comple- life in prayer, by reason of abundance of menting, in downrighe language, though expreffions, and such like; and may seem they could but groan, Pfalm xxxviii. 9. to express much zeal and boldness: yet or chatter, Ifa. xxx. 14. yea, and use im- this freedom and boldness in approaching portunity, Gen. xxxii. 26. being confident to God is peculiar only to such as are his, of an answer, Heb. x. 22. upon the ground and have received the Spirit of adoption, of a promise, Psalm cxix. 25. 28. 58. 65. whereby we (says he)

whereby we (says he) cry, Abba, Father. 76. 116. 169. and God's justice, truth, and XVI. This spirit of adoption doth not faithfulness, Psalm xxxi. 1. XXXV. 24. cxix. work life and vigour, and boldness in ho40. and cxliii. 1. And so, tho' sometimes | ly addressing ourselves to God, in all alike, they be under deadness and indisposedness, in the fame manner and measure, so that thro' being in darkness, and not beholding even the fame believer may have much the promises, which are the spirit and life more deadness, and far less boldness at one of prayer, nor their interest in God as time than at another; but is a free agent, theirs, and through their negligence in and works thus in whom and after what acting their graces, and through neglect of measure he seeth fit; therefore he is said prayer, and other escapes; yet some win to be received: re received the Spirit,--to this holy. boldness, and all may win whereby we cry, Abba, Father. to it, to cry boldly, Abba, Father: We XVII. This holy, humble boldness in cry, Abba, Father.

coming to God as a Father, in our prayer, XIII. This holy and spiritual boldness is a good evidente of our adoption, and in the saints their approachings to God, union with Christ; for this is one of the always ought to be accompanied with a effects which is wrought in such as are holy fear, making the soul watchful left brought home to Christ by the spirit of he ask any thing which is not according to adoption, it makes them cry, Abba ; whereGod's mind, or carry himself any ways by we cry, Abba, Father. unbeseeming the great and glorious God, • XVIII. This privilege of having free considering how great a Majesty he is, and full access to God, by prayer and supand how mean they are and unworthy; 'plication, is not proper to some few believers only, but is common to all without out when and on whom he thinks good; any diltiadtion, be they Jews or Gentiles, an elect child of God may die without chis Greeks or Barbarians; if now they have particular act of affurance; yet icany do received the spirit of adoption, they may win to this, 1 John ii. 3. and iii. 14. 19.24. cry to God in their own language, Abbá, it being Christ's work to bring it alout, or father.


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Jeho xvi. 10. II. 12. Ifa. Isi. 1. 2. 3. and XIX. A backlook unto our former con. that in the depth of the Lord's wisdom, divon, while under the fears occasioned by that he may hereby wean them from the the Spirit's bearing home convictions of world, Luke ii. 29. Pfalm lxxii. 25. 26. our guilt and danger upon our hearts, and 27. 28. er courage them in their apfa tening us into the stocks, fo as we could proaches, fupport them under persecution no way escape, will serve much to illustrate and aMićtions; yea, and all being justificd and commend God's grace in bringing us and in part fanétified, have just riile. unta. out of prison, wherein we were in bon- this grace of adoption, and win to fo n uch dage, lying in fetters of iron; and put us persuasion of God's love, as encourageth into a Itate of freedom and sons, whereby them to flee in to Christ, and rely u on we have access with boldness unto the him; and if they want assurance it is their throne of grace; therefore he says, Ye own fault, through yielding to temptation have not received the spirit of bondage a- and corruprion; whence it cometh to pais, gain to fear; but ye have received the fpi- that as many miss it long, so fome who rit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, have had it miss it again, and cannot keep Fatber.

it, nor improve it, Palm li. 11. 12. The

Lord holds this forth in many promises, From Verse 16th OBSERVE,

and here he says, I be Spirit beareth witI. As it is the Spirit of God which ness with our fpirits, that we are the chil. uniteth fouls to Christ, by working faith dren of God. in them; so it is the fame Spirit which III. This assurance which some of God's cleareth unto believers their interest in children do sometimes meet with, is not a hiin; and among other of his works in the a conje&tural knowledge, grounded on prosouls of believers, this is one, to assure and babilities, and a fallible hope, but ceriain persuade souls of their union with, and in and infallible, sure and fiedfast, Heb. vi terest in Christ, and so prove a Comforter, 19. and so a full assurance, Heb. vi. 11. John xvi. 14. and an earnest or seal, Eph. at other times it may be thort of this, and i. 13. 2 Cor. i. 22. The Spirit beareth an assurance mixed with some doubting, witness.

and yet certain, founded on the promics II. Altho'many that are true believers in of God, Heb. vi. 17. 18. It is an afurChrist have not such assurance of God's ance founded upon a sure witness of the love towards them, and of their interest Spirit of truth, who cannot lie; The Spie in Christ, as others have, so that some may rit beareth witness, &c. be labouring diligently in the use of the IV. Tho' sometimes when the soul is means for allurance; and yet (there being under great temptations, and under much no fcripture excluding such as want affur- darkness, and as it were between lofing ance from the kingdom of heaven, nor re- and wining, the Spirit of the Lord will, by quiring these reflex acts of faith, as of the a secret irradiation, and clear illumination, fame neceflity with the direct afts, relying break in upon the soul, and banish all doubts and resting on Christ,) seeing this testimoand mists, so as the soul shall see clearly ny of the Spirit may be received as a partits interest in Chrift, but yet according to of our reward, and to God is free to let it the word; and sometimes bear in a pro

2. He

mile fo forcibly upon the soul, as doth , VERSE 17. And if children, then heirs; persuade it of an intereit; yet the Lord's Heirs of God, and joint beirs with Christ; inoit ordinary way of clearing up the in- if so be that we fieffer wit's him, that terest of believers, is, by clearing up the we may be also glorified together. promises, general and particular, and bring. seg tilien hoine to the soul, and the foul Nelse con le afiumprion of the argu

N the first part of this verse, to them, and also clearing their case unto ther consciences to be such indeed as thar meut let down in the last words of the 13th promife speakerh to; that is, discovereth verse, whereby lie was presing them to teir graces, and that so clearly and visibly mortification; and addeth fomewhat for conthro the foul, that there is no further ca- firmation, whereby he pointech forih the viling or queftioning of the matter; but tran:cendent excellency of this life which the foul is made to conclude that the pro- they hall get. And 1. he points forth mile is theirs, and that their late is good, the just right and title they have to it, accordin? to the promise: Thus, the Spi- which floweih from their ac option and rit wiinilith with our spirits, that we are southip, If children, then heirs. the children of Gu.

points forth the riches of this inheritance, V. It is no casy mat er for such as are or the nature of it, it is no less than God indeed he children of God to know that i bimself; so that it must be a happy and thy are lo; fo fubtle a fophifter is Satan, a heavenly, complere, and every way fatisand well experienced in the art of brangling factory inheritance, a blessed heirship; buirs the grounds of people's evidences, and so of God. And 3. he points forth the cerfalse and deceitful is the heart, and ready tainty of it, it is an inheritance surely kept, to aflent 10 Saran's lug.elions, and so to that shall not be plundered, and whereof mical and cast at all the graces- of God's the rights shall never be brangled ;- Christ Spirit in their own souls, as counterfeits; and we are in one and the fame charter, yea, no less will hush these doubes, and and, to speak fo, co-partners, co-beirs put an end to these comfortless disputes, with Christ. tzan the Spirit of God: The Spirit bear- In the latter part of the verse,' he points eth witness with oibr spirits..

forth the ordinary way of wining to the VI. Tho'hypocrites may vainly deceive poffeffion of this excellent inheritance, so themselves, and imagine they have an in- as we might not grow secure and lazy; terest in Christ, when there is no such and so forewarneth God's children of the matter; yet it is only true believers who worst, left when they meet with fad dispen. win to this assurance and well ground:

dianions and perfecution, they should questipersuasion: therefore, says he, The Spirit on their fon fhip and their right to the beareth witness with our spirits, that we crown which is comiog; and withal he are the children of God.

fjreaks of this, so as he might encourage VII. This testimony of the Spirit with them to a christian, 'lubmiffive carriage unthe spirits and rightly informed consciences der the cross. by adding motives and speakof his people, is a sure and undoubted evi in arguments, If we suffer with him; that dence of our fonship and adoption, feeing is, if we be con ent to follow the same he is a true witness, John xv. 16. John Steps, which our Master and Forerunner 5. 6. Heb. vi. 17. 18. and unbiased : Seetrode, and suffer for him and righteoul.. Eph. i 13. 14. 2 Cor. i. 21. 22.: The ness fake, then shall we will to ibe pola Spirit beareth witness with our Spirits, leffion: for this is the ordinary way, 2 Tim. that we are the children of God.

lii, 12. and the argument which caducth,


is, that we may also be glorified together; an inheritance which they shall certainly our suffering here shall not mar our pof-possess, and in due time enjoy: Christ the session of glory; yea, so much the more head and they the members are comprewe may rest assured, that if we suffer with hended in one and the fame charter and him, we shall be glorified with him; as also infeftment; they shall be with him, John there may be an argument in these words, xvii. 24. and fit on his throne, Rev. iii. 21. with him; the Captain of our salvation has and so shall not only partake of his glory, irode that same path, and therefore we but also be sure of it, seeing he cannot be may be content to be like our Master, and put out of possession; they are joint heirs to meet with the same measure which be with Christ. had, which may be sufficient for servants. IV. There being a necessity that all the OBSERVATIONS.

heirs of the crown must pass thro' tribula

tion and affliction, by reason of God's wise I. Believers having received the spirit appointment, and the malice of Satan and of adoption, and being made partakers of his adherents, who cannot be content to that privilege, have an undoubted right see the heirs of the crown living in peace, and title unto glory, jure hereditario, they. Acts xiv. 22. 2 Tim. iii. 12. 1 Thes. iii.

4• may lay claim to the same, all of them be- | all that look for and do expect the promiling not only fons, but first-born sons, Heb.ed inheritance, must resolve to pass thro' xii. 2 3. and it is the privilege of the first tribulation and adversity, and to suffer not bern io inherit, and thus are they conform as evil-doers, 1 Per. iv. 15. but for wellto the image of bis Son, verfe 29. therefore doing, 1 Pet. iv. 17. and for righteousness, says he, if children, then heirs; this here. verse 14. and for being the children of ditary right followeth upon, and floweth God, Heb. xi. 25. and so for Christ's fake, from their adoption: See Gal. iii. 29. Eph. Phil. i. 29. A&ts ix. 16. and that rejoicingiii, 6. Tit. iii. 7.

ly, Acts v. 41. and christianly, i Pet. iv. II. This heritage which believers have 16. seeing thus the way is carved out, and unquestionable right unto, is incomparably hereby faith is tried, i Pet. i. 7. James i. excellent, and inexpreflibly glorious, they 3. patience, experience, and hope helped, are heirs unto no mean one, heirs of God, Rom. v. 3.4. their affections loosed off the and God and all that is in him is their heritage earıh, their desires of heaven inflamed, and and portion; a most massy, rich, and com- their prayers sharpened: therefore it is prehensive portion; salvation, Heb. i. 14. added, if we suffer with him. See 1 Tim. ail'the promises, Heb. vi. 17. a kingdom, iv. 10. 2 Tim. i. 12. James ii. 5. and the grace of life, 1 Pet. iii. V. As Jesus Christ, taking on our na7. yea, grace and glory, and every good ture, that he might suffer for us, and fathing; yea, God himself the fountain of tisfy for our debt, lay under some neces. all goodness, he is their portion, Pfal. xvi. fity to endure tribulation and persecution, 5. and lxxiii. 26. and cxix. 57. and cxliii. | Acts iii. 18. and xxvi. 23. Luke xxiv. 46. 5. Jer. x. 16. and li. 19. Lam. iii. 24. and and being the captain of our salvation, was they shall be blessed in full enjoying of made perfect through suffering, Heb. ii. 10. him, • John iii. 2. 1 Thes. iv. 17.: They and being our brother, Heb. ii. 11.. cast a are heirs of God.

copy to us, to follow him patiently thro' III. As this inheritance of believers is all tribulations whatsoever, Heb. xii. 2. transcendently excellent, spiritual and glo- | 1 Pet. iii. 18.; so it may be a great encourious; so it is sure, pericanent, and un- ragement to us, to go thro’ the fadest dischangeable, a crown laid up, 2 Tim. iv. 8. pensations we can meet with chearfully, and incorruptible in itself, i Pec. i. 4. and knowing that Christ has fanctified-that road to us, by his going the same way, and that, iv. 17. which though now it be hardly he is our master, and so his lot may sa known, but hid from the most part, yet tisfy us, Matth. X. 24. 25.; knowing also it fall be revealed, in us, toward, or upthat he has left the lightest end of the on us, and it is so great and exceedingly tree to us to carry; if we suffer, we but excellent, that tho' the sufferings of this. suffer with him: If we suffer with him. world should laft long, (which yet are but.

VI. Tho' the wicked, who are strangers for a short moment, 2 Cor. iv. 17. and there10 God, and to the saving knowledge of fore called, the sufferings of this present his name and ways, do think outward af. time) yer are they nothing in comparison flictions in a worlì, a token of God's hat- of that glory which is to be manifested, red; yea, the godly themselves are ready tho' pow bid with Christ in God, Col. iii. 39 question God's love upon that account, 3. they are not worthy to be compared, and to think they fhall never enjoy the

or laid in the balance with or if comparpromised inheritance, because they have ed, yet they are far fhurt of) that glorý fach a life of aMictions; yet afflictions and which sufferers for Christ shall partake of; tribulations need not darken believers sight "Therefore afflictions should noc be scared of heaven; yea, they may the rather con- at, por shuned. And this the apostle conelude, that they shall certainly enjoy the cludes, after mature deliberation, and pon. crown, if they endure to the end, Rev. iii. dering reasons on both hands; and so lay21. Matth. x. 22. and that if they fuffering his accounts, he now reckoneth, that with him, they shall also be-glorified toge the sufferings of this present time, are not ther; and therefore they ought to fuffer worthy to be compared with the glory which with more patience and good-will, and Mall be revealed in us. . quietly and heartily submit unto tribulation and perlecution,


1. It is good for ministers to be duly VERSE 18. For I reckon, that the suffer. pondering and exactly weighing and con

ings of this present time, are not worthy lidering every truth which they bring forth to be compared with the glory which shall unto people, that so they may be the more be revealed in us.

confident and persuaded of the truth of

thein when they deliver them; and they THE.apostle having made mention of ought so to hold them forth as truths where

crosses and tribulation, as the ordi- of they are persuaded: therefore says Paul, nary way to the actual possession of the I reckon, or (as the word imports) after crown of glory, he insists on it, and be reasoning and debating to and fro; and cause he knew it was hard to get them casting up all accounts, I find this to be brought to a willing submission under it, truth. and to a chearful way of undergoing the II. Tho' God hath thought fit that his fame: therefore, beside the strong motive children shall have an afflicted and sufferand inducements he mentioned in the lasting life of it in a world; yet in the depths verse, he goeth on in prosecution of the of his wifdom and goodness, he hath lo fame purpose, and heapeth up many strong contrived the matter, as that their fuffer. arguments to persuade them to suffer afflicti- ings thall not be of any long endurance ; on chearfully and willingly, unto the end so that if they be in heaviness, necessity só of the chapter.

requiring, for the trial of their faith, In this i8th verse is the third argument, 1 Pet. i. 6. 7. i: is but for a feafon, ibid. which may be conceived thus; There is a or for ten days, Rev. ii. 10. or a moment, great and exceeding weight of glory., 2 Cor. I 2 Cor. iv. 17. or.a night, Psalm xxs. 5.

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