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whosoever really do mind and intend | mourning shall be turned into joy, and glory, honour, and immortality, must re- they thall have a blessed, comfortable, solve to continue in well-doing unto the sweet, and every-way desirable life; and a end : and no impediment or distraction | life that shall never have an end : for here, whatsoever will be able so far to discou- eternal life is the reward of such as seek rage the expectations of glory and ever- glory, and immortality, tho' put to much lasting happiness, as to make them faint, patience-using, and suffering : Whatever and give over their course of well-doing : obstruction lie in their way, their noble for it is by patient continuanca in well-do- and spiritual designs shall be attained; and ing that they get life eternal; (and no that they shall not be disappointed of, and backslider shall ever wear the crown, Heb. no adversary shall hold from them, or be x. 39.) for the word in the original tongue able to keep them from. signifieth perseverance, Matth. x. 22. and xxiv. 13. as well as patience, or a sticking

From Verse 8th OBSERVE, by our duty, even under the cross.

I. All mankind shall be ranked in two Vil. However there be no intrinsical ranks at the great day, there shall be no worth in mens seeking of immortal life by more; and all that belong not to the one, well-doing, so as to merit at God's hand thail certainly belong unto the other : for eternal life; yet it hath pleased the Lord, here the apostle puts them in two categofor the declaration of the incomprehen- ries, and whoever are not among the sibleness of his goodness, out of free grace seekers of glory, honour, and immortality, and love, to make such a connection be- |shall be looked on as contentious, and sertwixt seeking of glory, in a confiant vants of unrighteousness: See Matth. xxv. course of well-doing, and the enjoying of II. However the wicked think much everlasting life, that now whosoever thall good of themselves, and cannot be persuaddo the one shall certainly enjoy the other: ed that they are abominable in the eyes of for it is said, that the great Judge, who the Lord, and think little of their fins; will render to every man according to his yet the juft Lord, who judgeth according works, will render to such as seek glory, to truth, takech them up under another honour, and immortality, thro' patient con- notion, and looketh upon their fins as tinuance in well-doing, eternal life. rebellion, and upon themselves as chil.

VIII. Albeit the feekers of God have dren of rebellion and strife, who are still but a forry life of it here-away, what contending againt God, both by word and with the continual onsets of Satan, the op- deed, and displeased with the actions and position that the world maketh, John xvi. ftatures of the Lord. And this is indeed

the restless motions and stirrings of a the very nature of the wicked; they are body of death, Rom. vii. 24. so as they are men thai are never satisfied with any ching still in fear and trembling, Phil. ii. 12. and that God doth, but still carp, fret at, and must always have on their armour, Eph. except against it, and, in a manner, chide vi. 13. and be in a posture of war, ver. 18. against God; for so are they here ftiled, looking for fresh onlets, with a purpose contentious, or men of contentiousness. stoutly to resist and withstand, i Pet. v. 9. III. As carnal men have naturally a and still meeting with sore hearts, at eve great antipathy against light, because it ry occafion almost; yea, and oft troubled discovereth their fins and abominations, with the Lord's hiding of his face and John iii. 20. and a prejudice against truth, frowning upon them, or for other holy or the law of the Lord, whatever way reends withdrawing himself, Psal. xxx. 7. vealed, because it giveth check unto their yet there is a time coming when their ! abominable ways; fo do they hereby vent


their rebellious spirit, and declare what should imagine that God approveih of temper they are of, when they prove re- their courses, because of ourward profpefractory and disobedient to the light of pa- rity and blessings, which God bestoweth ture, or of the word, whereby truth is upon them; yet in end they shall find manifested and declared, and are unwil- the Lord to look upon them in another ling to be led and guided thereby; but posture, in indignation and wrath, ready are given to wrangling, and contradicting to be avenged on them for all their inithe truth: for thus are they said to be quities : and this is the sure portion of all disobedient to the truth. And this is that seek not glory, honour, and immorjoined with the former, viz. their being tality; and this they may expect who serve contentious, to shew, that by their disobe- unrighteousness, when the great day of dience they evidenced their contentious the Lord cometh: for God, that will give spirit; by their finning against the light of to every man according to his works, will their own consciences, and their runing render to such, wrath and indignation. over all banks, contrary to all reason, they show by what a rebellious spirit they are VERSES 9. 10. 11. Tribulation and anacted.

guish upon every foul of man that doth IV. Wicked folk, possessed with a spi- evil

, of the Jew first, and also of the rit of rebellion and contumacy, (as all of Gentile, them are) as no reason can bind them, But glory, honour, and

honour, and peace, to every man nor no truth have sway upon their actions that worketh good, to the Jew first, and and carriage; so they will not think it

also to the Gentile. enough to cross their own conscience, in For there is no respect of persons with God. leaving undone, what the light they have directeth them to do, but also will give S if all this had not been sufficient themselves to commit all wickedness with to have convinced them of the greediness, Eph. iv. 19. as willing servants truth of what he was saying, anent the unto fin: therefore it is added, they were reward that should be given, both to such obedient unto unrighteousness.

as had great things before their eyes, and V. Albeit there be many among the to such as were contentious, the apostle wicked who suppose themselves to be in a cometh over it again ; and, first, theweth, good condition, because tho' they be not that such as were contentious, whom here lo zealous and forward for heaven as they he calleth doers of evil, should meet with see some, yet they are not so graceless and tribulation (or pinching trouble and afflicprofane as many are; yet whoever they tion, for the word in the original is a gebe that are not seeking glory, honour, neral, comprehending any affliction or and immortality, in a constant course of trouble that presseth, or pincheth) and well-doing, are slaves to fin and unrigh- anguiß; wherebythe would fignify, that ieousness. And this is indeed the state of they should be fo pinched and straitened a! the unregenerate; and such that do with God's hand upon their heads, as they Dot propose heaven to themselves to be should not know what hand to turn to : altained, they are the baselt slaves in the And this affliction and anguish should not world; llaves to fin and corruption: for only seize upon their bodies, but upon this is given as another mark of them, their souls; and that of every one, be they tbat they serve unrighteousness; there is Jew or Gentile, without exception; yea, no midst betwixt the two: See Rom. vi. 16. the Jew should be so far from being

VI. Albeit the wicked should run on in exeemed, that they should rather get the their wickedness without controul, and first stroke. And, upon the other hand,





such as are well-doers, of what rank or God's wrath fhall kindle against them condition foever they be, they should have they fhall not escape, but thall be reduced glory, and honour, and peace, And the lo such straits, and so fore oppreffed on all ground of all this is given, verse with, for hands, as they shall not know what haud #be Lord respecteth no man's perfor, to turn them to; they (hall be utterly

non-plus’d when anguish ball seize upon From Verse grh OBSERVE,

them. 1. So strong is the delufion under which V. Tho' among the wicked there bę poor souls are keeped captive, that they fome who have not wrought so much inicannot easily be gotten convinced of any quity as others, and who upon this score hazard or danger into which they are, by may imagine exemption, and promise good reason of their sins, but are ready to bless to themselves; yet fools fhall find that it chemselves in their finful courses ; for is another thing to have to do with God once telling those people, that indignation than with man; for God's justice striketh and wrath was the sure portion of all evil impartially against all and every evil-doer, doers, will not suffice, but the apostle must whether his evil deeds have been few or come over it again, and say, that tribulation many; if he be one of these, he shall meer and anguish shall be upon every foul of man with indignation and wrath; for, says the that doth evil.

apostle, indignation and wrath shall be upII. Albeit men love not to dwell upon

on every foul that doth evil. the thoughts of God's anger as their due,

VI. It is the con tant exercise and emnor tremble at the threatnings, but tush ployment of the wicked to be perpetrating at God's displeafure; yet his anger fhall wickedness; and they think it not enough have sad effects upon the ungodly, and

to be putting their hands to an ill inrn, thereby will they be made moft fenfible of but they must continue in that work, unGod's indignation, as their due : therefore til they have finished and perfected the doth, the apostle add, tribulation and an

wicked work which they have begun : for guish, as efftes of the Lord's indignation they are here called doers, or workers out, and wrath,

finishers, and perfecters of wickedness : · III. Tho' now the wicked enjoy prosperi- They fet about it accurately, and with ty, notwithstanding that they be walking great care and diligence, continuing still, itill according to their own imaginations, unuill they think to perfect the work. and running a random in their wicked VII. As the foul is mainly active in plorcourses; yet ere all be done they shall | ing and contriving wickedness, and userh meet with fore afilićtion, that shall press the body as its instrument; so the just Lord them fore, and break them; and this all will execute his judgment upon it: and the wicked fhall meet with, foon or late: tho' all the punilhment that men can inand they may expect to be other ways hem- fliet can only reach the body, yet God med in, when the wrath of God, like a

can reach the soul and spirit of man, as milstone,' shall be pressing them down to easily as the body ; and it is the height of the bottomless pit; for tribulation, or sore mifery when God's wrath is poured upon pressing and griping affliction, thall be the the foul: therefore says he, Indignation portion of the wicked.

and wrath, and tribulation and anguish shall IV. Wicked men may now feed them- be upon the soul : And this is made the last felves with the vain imaginations and and fadest stroke, which God will inflict at thoughts of escaping God's hand, and get- the great day. ing from under the reach of his justice, VIII. Privileges confered upon a people but it shall be found otherways, when I who abuse them, and become, notwith


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standing, practitioners of wickedness, will carrieth a great respect to them, and in uce be fo far from exeeming them, and se- end fhall advance tbem to great dignity cal curing them from the hand of justice, and preferment, when they shall be openE10 that, on the contrary, they will make their ly acknowledged by him, and brought in<sj' frokes the fadder; and such may be sure to his glorious habitation, as vessels of ho

not to escape, escape who will : for it is to nour, and put in poffession of the crown of
the Jew, (a privileged people) if an evil glory, and set upon the throne with Jesus
doer, forft ; justice fhail, as it were, begin Christ; for they shall have honour also.
at them.

IV. Albeit the children of God have fad
IŠ. Such upon whom it hath pleased times of affliction and trouble, from the
God not to touchsafe so much favour as world, and corruption within themselves,

upon others, nor to honour with so many still keeping them in hot-water, and in Cu privileges as others, here-away, will ne. exercise; yet in Christ they have peace,

vertheless be judged and sentenced at John xvi. 33. even then; and right to that the great day, according to their evil peace of God which pasjeth all undersianddeeds : God's dispensing towards them in ling, Phil. iv. 7.; and being justified, they this world, will not prove a sconce in the have peace with God, Rom. v. 1. in Christ day of wrath; for then the Gentiles (a peo- who is their peace, Eph. ii. 14. And, pie not so privileged as the Jews) will meet moreover, the Lord, who is called the with tribulation and anguish, if they be God of peace, Rom. xy. 33. and xvi. 20. found evil-doers, in the day of reckoning. Phil. iv. 9. 1 Theff. v. 23. Heb. xiii. 20.

will bless them with peace, Psal. xxix. 11. From Verse roth OBSERVE, and make their peace as a river, Isa. xlviii. 1. As the punishment is great which 18. and however it go with them for a God will inflict upon the wicked, and can while, yet their end thall be peace, Prab.

not be foon expressed, but many words xxxvii. 37. and when they shall lay down ich must be used to set it out; so, upon the their heads in peace, they shall be put in

other hand, is the reward great and un- posseslion of peace, yea, perfect peace, speakable, which the Lord will bestow up- for they shall be far beyond the reach of on his own ; and fo great is it, that it trouble from Satan, corruption, and the · cannot be expressed in one word, but the world, because they fall enter into peace, apostle maketh use of three, to set it out.

Isa. lvii. 2.

Peace is added.
II. Howbeit the godly be put to many

V. Albeit the godly have still a body of hardships, and have oft fad dispensations death within them, wherethrough they (i to rencounter with, so long as they are oft tranfgress God's law, and do that which

here away: yet they are not much to be they like not, and any good they do is pitied, seeing there is no less than glory but maim, and not perfect; yet the Lord provided for them, even that by which looketh upon them as doers, workers, God is itiled, being called the God of glo- practitioners of good, and negotiators there19, Acts ii. 7. and by which they become about. And this is a true mark of a god

portioners with Christ Jesus, John xvii. 22. ly man, that he is one whose work and oc1. ' They shall shine in splendour, in majesty, cupation is about good, tho' he can never and in excellency, and that for ever; and win to be perfect in it: and all such who therefore it is said to be eternal, 2 Tim. ii. are making conscience of this trade, may 10. dot fadeing, 1 Pet. v. 4.

be sure to enjoy honour and peace : All III. Tho' the godly be oftentimes low which the apostie teacheth here, while he in the eltimation of the men of this world, says, that glory, honour, and peuce ihall be and in little or no account; yet the Lord to every one that doth good.


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VI. Tho' the Lord bestow upon his as to their reward or punishment in the day own, many privileges, favours, and good of reckoning, for there is no respect of perthings, even on this side of time; yet that fons with God : See Col iii. 25. will be so far from being all which they will receive, that it will prove an inlet to VERSES 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. For as many more ; for glory, &c. is to the well-doing as have somed without law, shall also Jew first.

perilh without law: and as many as VÍ. Tho'a privileged people, or a peo- have finned in the law, shall be judged ple enjoying more of the ordinances of God by the law: than others, and fo lying nearer him, have (For not the hearers of the law are just be. a fair advantage; yet it is not to such only, fore God, but the doers of the law shall to whom the Lord bestoweth glory, &c.

be justified. for the Gentiles also, if well-doers, as well | For when the Gentiles, which have not the as the Jews, are made partakers thereof : law, do by nature the things contained And also to the Gentile.

in the law, these, having not the law,

are a law unto themselves : From Verse uith OBSERVE, Which show the work of the law written in 1. It is very ordinary for folks to ima- their hearts, their conscience also bearing gine, that God will cast an eye upon them, witness, and their thoughts the mean and carry a respect unto them because of while accusing, or else excusing one anany privilege, gift, or endowment, or tem- other.) poral blessing, or the like, which they in the day when God shall judge the secrets have beyond others; and that he will thew of men by Felies Chrift, according to my favour unto them in the day of reckoning gospel. because of these: for here the apostle says, that God respecteth no man's person, THI

no man's person, THE apofile having hown, how just

and Lord is that God would render to every man accord- ment, and how impartially he will proceed ing to his works: once will not serve the turn. in judgment against all perfons, of all qua

II. The Lord Jehovah is not one that lities and conditions, in the day of judgmuch regardeth external alvantages, or ment, he cleareth and confirmeth it a little whatever carnal men use to dote on; he is farther in these verses, both as to the not swayed by these in any of his actions | Jews, and to the Gentiles; and, wir hal, toward the children of men; he is not as looseth what objections to the contrary man, nor feeth not as he doth; he is no might be made by either Jew or Gentile': respecter of persons.

and therefore he sheweth, that in the day 111. The right confideration of this, that when God Mull judge the secrets of men bg God is not moved with folks outward ad- Jesus Christ, verse 16th, (which must be vantages and enjoyments, may sufficiently conjoined to verse 12th, the rest being convince folk, that in judgment the Lord couched in by way of a parenthefis, that will not consider whether the man be rich so the sentence may be complete) neither or poor, noble or ignoble, wise or foolish, Jew nor Gentile thall be exeemed; but if Jew, barbarian or Grecian, unless it be to they fall be found finners, however 0aggravate his guilt, or take notice of any therways their condicion be unlike, in that such externals, but 'will distribute righie the Jews have the law of Mofes written, ously, according to justice: therefore is wherein the mind of the Lord is clearly this given as a reason why there shall be unfolded to thein, and their duties distinctly no difference betwixt Jew and Genuile, laid out; and the Gentiles are without any


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