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be as Christians walking upon christian OW the apostle setteth down several grounds, driving at christian ends, and eininent Christians whom he desir. moved by christian motives and considera- i erh to be laluted in his name, in token of tions: He bids receive her in the Lord; I his great love and respect towards them, that is, receive her as a real Chrillian for that the Romans might have them in high the Lord's fake, and out of love to Chuit, i account, and withal tertesh down fome en. ard so upon a spiritual account.

comiums on fome of their cominendable ac. IH. Christians should be often minding tions, the more to ender them unto the the obligation that Chriftianity layeth up- i l'omans, and to stir them up to walk anon them, that they may thereby he stirred Iwerable unto that commendation which up to a conícionable discharge of their Paui had given of thein, and to proceed duty, the forgetting whereof occafioneth in their christian course without wearying. much short-coming; therefore he addeth | And first he falutesh Priscilla and her hui. as becomieth saints.

band Aquila, Acts xviii. 2. 18. who now IV. Christian kindness faould not be were returned unto Rome; and of them verbal and complementing, but real, and he says, 1. That they were his helpers in fhould kyth in real deeds and proofs of Christ Jesus; doing what was in their power real affection, and each Christian ought, to carry on the work of the gospel, and fo to the uttermost of his power, to be helpful lending a lift unto Paul, by instructing, in and steadable to oiliers; That ye affist her a private way, others who were ignorant in whatsoever business Mhe bath need of you. of Christ, as we see they did Apollos, Aets

V. It is much to the commendation of xviii. 16. 2. That they laid down their necks a Christian, to be helpful and any way for his life ; that is, hazarded themselves to Ateadable unto other Christians; and such save and guard Paul when the Corinthians kindness ihown to the saints should not be did oppose him, Acts xviii. 6. and conforgotten, but should endear fuch bounti- ftrained him to change his quarters, and ful Christians unto the affections of all o- | lodge with one Justus; or, when that ftir ther Chriftians: Paul will not forget the and emulation was before Gallio, Acts &vi. kindness of Phebe, and he would have the And then addeth, Unto whom not only Romans tender and loving towards her for I give thanks, but also all the churches of that cause; fur foe bath been a succourer of the Gentiles; such kindness ought not to many.

be forgotten. VI. Kindness shown to any faithful and eminent servant of God, as it ought not

OBSERVATIONS. to be forgotten thro' base ingratitude ; so I. Christianity taketh not away civility, God will make it meet sach kind of fa- | humanity, and gentle courteousness, but vourers another day, and that more ways rather helpeth ic forward by making it rud than one. This kindness thown by Phebe in a clear christian channel : it is humanity unto Paul and others, is here recorded of and civility to be sending our respecto her, and has fruit redounding to her, even unto our beloved friends and good-willers, from the Romans; Receive her, &c. for she and Christianity putteth a noble and heabath been a succourer of myself also. venly dye upon this ; thus Paul, in a

most christian manner, has refpects, in fa VERSES 3. 4. Greet Priscilla and Aquila lutations, unto a number of eminent Chrimy helpers in Christ Jefus :

ftians, and gives open proof of the reality (W bo have for my life laid down their own of his love towards, and estimation of such

necks : unto whon not only I give thanks, as had given real proof of the grace of but also all the churches of the Gentiles.) God in them : Salute Priscilla and Aquila.


II. It is a brave thing to see husband God as if they had indeed lost all, when and wife linked together in the band of the he says, they laid down their necks. gospel, and both giving up themselves uoto VII. Kindness shown to us in a strait the service of Christ in the gospel, that by any, to the great endangering and hathey may be boib linked together in the zarding of themselves, should never be foreitimation of the faints, as Aquila and goten, but always remembered with Priscilla were here; Salute squila and thankful hearts, and our hearty thankfulPriscilla. See 2 Tim. iv. 19.

ness thereof should be expressed at all ocIII. Even private Chriftians, keeping casions; Unto whom I give thanks, says Pau!. within the compass of their calling and VIII. As the preservation of the life of ftation, may do much for the promoting a faithful and eminent servant of Christ, is of the work of God in the place where a benefit redounding unto the good and they are, by private instruction, admoni- advantage of the church of Chrift, partition and reproof, and helping finners in to cularly of such who belong to the charge Christ, by commending of Christ, and the of such faithful pastors; so should it be acway of godliness, unto others, in a chri- counted by such :. And these who have stian, prudent manner : thus those two been any way instrumental in this delivery, were helpers in Christ Jesus.

ought to be very sensible of this great faIV. The painfulnels and diligence of vour; for all the churches of the Gentiles Christians in promoting the kingdom of were bound to give thanks unto Aquila Christ, will not be forgotten of the Lord, and Priscilla for their laying down their and should be much thought of by other necks for Paul's fake; But also all the Christians, and will undoubtedly endear churches of the Gentiles : It was thefe who such unto the hearts of the faithful servants properly belonged to Paul's charge. of Christ, who will be glad to see the work of God thriving in the hands of any, VERSES 5. 6. Likewise greet the church and will look upon all such as helpers of. that is in their bouse. Salute wellthem, and lenders of a lift : therefore he


beloved Epenetus, who is the firji-fruits calleth them, my helpers in Christ Jesus. of Achaia unto Christ.

V. True christian love will prompt a Greet Mary, who besiowed much labour on man to hazard limself for the faving of a precious and eminent fervant of Christ, aņd will not let him spare pains, hazard, and trouble to relieve" fuch in their ind. HE faluteth, 2dly, the church which met

at the house of Aquila and Priscilla ; minent danger; and the greater the diffi- and zdly, Epenctus, whom he stileth his culty be, love will break forth the more well-beloved, and who is the first-fruits of vehemen:ly: Priscilla and Aquila for Achaia unto Christ; that is, one who bePaul's life, laid down their own necks. See lieved anongst the first in Achaia, wel1 John iii. 16.

coming the gospel and the offer of Christ, VI. It is not the way to lose our life to with the family of Stephanus, 1 Cor. xvi. be hazarding it for Christ and bis precious 15. 4thly, Mary, a woman who had used servants and interests, but rather a way 10 much labour, and been at much pains and keep it sure, and our reward will be no expences in providing food, rayment, and lets at God's hands than if we had indeed other neceflaries unto Paul and his comlost what we hazarded for the Lord : panions. Prifcilla and Aquila iaid down their necks

OBSERVATIONS. for Paul, and yet they lof not their lives,

1. Tho' the rulers and governors of a and it is here recorded by the Spirit of land, should give but small encouragement

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unto the gospel, and should not suffer the VI. Tho' it be only God's grace that professors thereof to meet publickly in

makes sinners turn to God, yet it is for a public places for the worship of God, nor little to the commendation of such as are give no accommodation thereunto, yet the first in starting to the gate and breaking Lord will find out fome that will straiten the ice unto the rest, in welcoming the themselves to accommodate the church, golpel of Christ over the belly of many and he will find out room one where or difficulties that usually attend the first other : When at this time there was no breaking up of the gospel in a place; and public places allowed unto the church, God fucħ as early embrace the offers of a Mediprovides and finds room for his faithful ator, should have a high room in the eltifriends and followers in a private house; mation of the faithful servants and followthere was a church at the house of Prif ers of Christ: it is said to the commerdacilla and Aquila : And the church at their ticn of Epenetus’that he was the firfi.fruits house.

of Achaia. II. Gracious fouls will be loving to do VII. However the Lord, who is bleffed good unto the cause of Christ

, and helps in himself for ever, is nothing made up by ing forward his intereft all they can, be the income of finners: yet he accounts the they where they will, and the kindness gaining of finners an increase umo him, it which is shown unto the poor church of being the enlarging of his kingdom, and Christ in a time when the hath few friends, tending to the glory and honour of bis will be keeped on record before the Lord: name; the converlion of this Epenerus is It is here recorded that there was a church called a first-fruit. at the house of Aquila and Priscilla, and VIII. Where God beginpeth to do that not only now when they were dwell- good unto lipners, and wins their hearts, ing at Rome, but also when elsewhere, as it is usually a great proof of a further inWe fee; 1 Cor. xvi. 19.

creafe there, and that God has a mind to III. Tho'we be bound to love all that do some more good there ere he go; the smell of grace, and of Christ, intirely; conversion of Epenetus is a firf fruit; and yet there are some whom for more real this says there was more coming. intimateness and familiarity, for more e IX. As women use to be most renderminency in grace, and expression of boun hearted, and most compassionate towards ty and goodwill towards us, we may love the saints, when God takeib them by the more than others, and carry more intimate heart; so the faithful and eminent fervant affection unto; fo Paul calleth Epenelus of Christ may be at that strait pass, as to bis well-beloved.

stand in need of the help and supply even IV. However carnal men think little of of women: Salute Mary, who bestowed the estimation and love of the faithful fer-much labour on us. vants of Christ; yet it is a real ground of X. The Lord taketh notice of the very coinmendation for any to be much in the manner of the saints expressing their kindaffection of fuch, and such should be most nefs and affection towards the neceffitous respected by others: The commendation saints, and of every degree of their kindhe giveth of Epenetus is, that he was his nefs, be it less or more; it is said of Mary, well-beloved.

fhe bestowed much labour on him, and for V. The very time of a soul's conversion this cause, he would have her much thought unto God, and of their embracing of the of by the Romans. gospel, is taken notice of by God, and will be on record by him: It is noted here, VERSE 7. Salute Andronicus and Junia my that Epenetus was the first fruits of Achaia. kinsmen, and my fellow-prisoners, who are

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of note among the apofiles, who also were clofe conjunction with Christ, not only by me

faith, uniting them unto Christ, in a moit N the 5th place,, he saluteth Androni. close, real and spiritual manner, as to their IN

cus and Junia, upon a four fold account; Head, Husband and Root; these Christians 1. That they were bis kinsfolks: 2. His are said to be in Christ.

Allow-prisoners, when he was imprisoned VI. True grace, where-ever it is, will for the ciuse of Christ at Philippi, Acts prompt a man to commend grace, wherexvi. or elsewhere; 3. They are of note a- ever it is, and not stick to do it in such a mong the apostles ; ihat is, much account- manner as may serve to abase themselves, ed of, and very highly esteemed, by the if it may tend to God's glory; thus gracia apostles;, and, 4. They were in Christ be- ous Paul spares not to tell, that Andronia fore him; they were converted to the go- cus and Junia were in Christ before himspel of Chriit, and by faith united to him, felf: Who also were in Christ before me. before himself.

VII. However men of this world delight

in vain and empty titles and stiles, yet the OBSERVATIONS.

titles that serve to hold forth the true and I. True Christianity bapisheth not away divine honour of Christians, are of a fac all natural affection, but rather strengthen- other nature, and taken froin what the eth and purgeth the same; Paul forgetreth men of this world would account baseness, cot his natural acquaintances and kinsfolk, such as their prison-houses and suffering in his falutations: Salute Andronicus and condition, and their believing in Christ, Junius my kinsmen.

and starting foon to the way of believing ; II. As all the followers of Christ muft


fuchi accounts as there he commend. resolve to quit their liberty for the cause eth Andronicus and Junia. of Christ, and to be cast into prisons, like dogs put into a kennel; so whosoever en- VERSES 8. 9. 10. 11. Greet Amplias my dureth any thing of this kind, for a testi- beloved in the Lord.. mony unto the truth, should be highly e- Salute Urbane our helper in Christ, and steemed of by one and other. This An

Stachys my belovedi dronicus and Junia were prisoners for the Salute Apelles approved in Christ. Salute truth, and now Paul will not pass them by, them which are of Ariftobulus' houshold, but will have them accounted of by the Ro- Salute Herodoin my kinsman. Greet thema mans: And fellow-prisoners.

that be of the houshold of Narcissus, which III. It is much to the commendation of

are in the Lord.. Christians, that they are much thought of by the eminent servants of Chrift, alebo HE proceedeth in his falutations, and,

6thly, faluteth Amplias, who was thoughts of them (as usually it cometh to beloved of him, with a true christian love; pass;) it is said of Andronicus and Junia that | 7thly, Urbane, who was a helper in the they are of note among the apostles; and work of the gospel; Sthly, Stachys, fintherefore he faluteth them.

cerely loved by Paul; :9thly, Apelles, who IV, The fooner any have closed a bar- was a real Christian, and approven of gain with Christ, and turned their backs Christ; 10thly, the houshold of Aristobuupon the world, and the vanities thereof, lus; uthly, Herodion his kipsman; and, the greater matter of commendation is it 12thly, those who were of the houshold of for them: 'They were in Christ before me. Narcissus, who were real christian proV. True Christians have a near and feflors,



putteth pot away humanity and oatural af1. Our love towards Christians, ought fection, yet christian love can pick out true : to run in a christian channel, and should | Christians from others, and exprels itself be truly christian, flowing from grace, and towards them: Tho' he will not forget his from love to Christ, and so, running out kinsman Herudion, yet he can pick out towards such as favour of grace and look such of the houshold of Narcisus as were like Christ, in carrying his image of holi- in the Lord, and milken the relt: Grect nefs upon them; thus Amplias is bis belov- them which be of the housec.d of Narcisis, ed in the Lord.

which are in the Lord. II. The help and concurrence that any give for the carrying on of the work of the VERSES 12. 13. 14. 15. Salute Tryphena gospel, and the interest of the kingdom of an! Tryphosa, who lubcur in the Lord Christ, lhould endear them to the hearts Salute the beloved Perfis, which labcured of all the truly godly; and it is no little much in the Lord. tittle of honour (whatever the world chink Salute Rufus chosen in the Lord, and his of it) to be stiled one who is a helper in mother and mine. Christ's work: Urbane is thus honoured

Salute Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Pawith the stile of being a helper in Christ. trobas, Hermes, and the brethren which

III. The intimate familiarity and christi- are with them. an friendship that is among Christians, Salute Philologus, and Julia, Nereus, and fhould not be forgotten; and the more in- bis fifter, and Olympas, and all the faints timate any be with the precious and emi- which are with them. nent servants of Christ, the more should they be accounted of with other Christi. He falureth in the 13th place, Try

I phena and , , IV. It is a noble and high commendati-laboured in the Lord, who were useful on to be a sincere and honeit-hearted Chri- and steadable to the followers of Christ; stian, and one who hath Christ's approba- 14thy, Perlis, a more eminent woman, and tion and testimony, and is a known and an so called one beloved, and one who labourapproven friend to Christ and his cause: ed much in the Lord; 1.5thly, Rufus chefen in Apelles is approved in Christ.

t be Lord, one whom God hath chosen and V. Grace is most free in its choice, and signally endued; 16thly, and his mother, most powerful where it cometh to over- who was also a loving, tender hearted come strong impediments: grace can sass woman into Paul, and as his mother; over the master of a family, and take the 17thly, He nameth other five together; servants and others by the heart, and can Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Patrobas, draw the houshold in to Christ, tho' they and Hermes; 18thly, He faluteth the have no encouragement, but rather mich brethren which are with them, in their

discouragement, from the head of the fa- houfholds or company; 19tbly, He falut· mily: there is here some good Christians eth another company of inferior Christiars, in the houfhold of Ariftobulus, tho' we whom yet he would not forget altogether, hear no word of bimself: Salute them of such as Philologus, Julia (it may be his Aristobulus' houfnoid; and there are some wife,) Nereus, and his fifter, and Olym.good Christians in the house of Narcissus, pas; 2othly, He saluteth the faints that are who was a rich, carnal wretch, and no with them, in their company and fellowfriend to Chriiiabiiy.

fhip. VI. Christian acquaintance, love and

OBSERVITIONS. fansiliarity goeth much by grace; tho'grace

I. The kindness thown unto the messen


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