A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration

Devora Pub., 2000 - 253 pàgines
A how-to guide for a creative celebration of candle lighting, blessings, songs, stories, and readings for adults, teenagers and children.

Features "The Maccabees' Megillah" which retells the dramatic conflict between King Antiochus and Mattathias the Priest; the heroism of Judah the Maccabee and Judith; and the martyrdom of Hannah and her seven sons.

Plus 8 biographical readings on great Jewish men and women as they face moments of crisis and find resources for heroic action, including:
-- Fear No Evil: Hanukkah in the Soviet Gulag by the Natan Sharansky
-- The Righteous Gentiles,
-- Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev: A Heroic Lawsuit Against God.

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Profiles in Modern Jewish Courage
Gambling Gift Giving Games and Gelt
Contemporary Jewish Thinkers Reflect on the Relevance of the Festival of Lights

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